Item name
Esoteric Remnant of Greed
Rhodium Encrusted Cephalic Clay
Rhodium Encrusted Crural Clay
A Corrupted Drop of Focused Sunlight
A Drop of Sunlight
A Pristine Drop of Focused Sunlight
A Purified Drop of Focused Sunlight
A Timeworn Armguard Mold
A Timeworn Boot Mold
A Timeworn Bracer Mold
A Timeworn Chestguard Mold
A Timeworn Glove Mold
A Timeworn Leggings Mold
A Timeworn Skullcap Mold
Abhorrent Brimstone of Charring
Absolving Guard
Absor's Gauntlets of Might
Academic's Cap of the Arcanists
Academic's Gloves of the Arcanists
Academic's Pants of the Arcanists
Academic's Robe of the Arcanists
Academic's Sleeves of the Arcanists
Academic's Slippers of the Arcanists
Academic's Wristband of the Arcanists
Accursed Earhoop of Pain
Acolyte's Mentation Cloak
Acolyte's Mind-Sight Eye
Acrimony, Morthira's Corruption
Actinic Light Cloak
Active Flame Mask
Adelstone Earring
Adorned Mask of the Hatchling
Adorned Shield of Potency
Adornment of the Sapphire Gaze
Advisor's Citrine Band
Aegis of Immortality
Aegis of Superior Divinity
Aegis of the Amber Moon
Aegis of the Dragorn Elders
Aegis of the Fallen
Aelly's Chain Sleeves
Aelly's Earring
Agate of Transfusion
Aged Silver Splinted Cloak
Ageless Cape
Ageless Cloak
Ageless Lantern
Ageless Mantle
Airy Ribbon of Indifference
Al'Kabor's Pestle
Algid Bag of Frozen Tears
Ali-Ani, the Eyes of Mayong
Allin's Mace
Alloy-Coated Back Protector
Allu'Gre, Guardian of the Righteous
Alluring Amethyst Amulet
Althea's Black Pearl Choker
Althea's Cinching Cord
Ambleshift's Amazing Automated Amalgamator
Amice of Black Dawn
Amice of Ill-Will
Amice of the Tranquil
Amice of Wurine Regeneration
Amiculua Fortitias
Amiculua Humas
Amiculua Magio
Amiculua Memorias
Amiculua Noceis
Amiculua Scribia
Amiculua Serpentia
Amiculua Umbraculo
Amiculua Unguisis
Amiculua Vis
Amis, Individual's Sacrifice
Amoger the Jarring
Amorphous Velazul's Boots
Amorphous Velazul's Breastplate
Amorphous Velazul's Gauntlets
Amorphous Velazul's Helm
Amorphous Velazul's Leggings
Amorphous Velazul's Sleeves
Amorphous Velazul's Wristguard
Amulet of Icy Swells
Amulet of the Dark Origin
Amulet of the Dreamcatcher
Amulet of the Encore
Amulet of Unified Vision
An Impure Drop of Focused Sunlight
Anashti's Dancing Feathers
Anashti's Feathers of Protection
Anashti's Lightest Feathers
Ancient Champion's Belt
Ancient Cudgel of Slaughter
Ancient Dragon's Eggshell Fragment
Ancient Dragon's Tear Necklace
Ancient Earstud of Continuation
Ancient Feline Leggings
Ancient Hardened Boots
Ancient Hardened Bracer
Ancient Hardened Breastplate
Ancient Hardened Gauntlets
Ancient Hardened Greaves
Ancient Hardened Helm
Ancient Hardened Vambraces
Ancient Husk Armwraps
Ancient Husk Boots
Ancient Husk Cowl
Ancient Husk Gloves
Ancient Husk Leggings
Ancient Husk Tunic
Ancient Husk Wristguard
Ancient Molded Mask
Ancient Royal Froststeel Bracer
Ancient Scale Link Vest
Ancient Scaled Boots
Ancient Scaled Coat
Ancient Scaled Coif
Ancient Scaled Gauntlets
Ancient Scaled Leggings
Ancient Scaled Sleeves
Ancient Scaled Wristguard
Ancient Sebilisian Coin
Ancient Shadowspine Rune
Ancient Sigil-Runed Censer
Ancient Soother's RIng
Ancient Tarnished Pendant
Ancient Velvet Gloves
Ancient Velvet Hat
Ancient Velvet Pantaloons
Ancient Velvet Robe
Ancient Velvet Sleeves
Ancient Velvet Slippers
Ancient Velvet Wristband
Aneuk Dagger of Eye Gouging
Animio Negris
Anonymous Shroud
Ansel`Ereth, Shattered Rosary of the Keeper
Anthemion Wardstaff
Anulia Auguriis
Anulia Gelu
Anulia Kaerus
Anulia Lingium
Anulia Praetoria
Anulia Texius
Anulia Vicarum
Apothic Ring of Evil Elements
Apparition-Skin Pauldrons
Apt Disguise of Tormenting Reach
Arachnid Model XII's Protective Hull
Aragus Tactics
Arc, Incisor
Arc-Barbed Cape
Arc-Barbed Earring
Arc-Barbed Gorget
Arc-Barbed Pauldrons
Arc-Barbed Ring
Arcane Actuator
Arcane Library Paperweight
Arcane Runed Dragonsash
Arcane Wavebender Prism
Arcekor, the Instigator
Archon Epaulets
Archstave of Terris Thule
Arcus Eminus
Areial's Fiery Stud
Argath Defender's Sword
Aristo's Earring of Insight
Aristo's Metal Armguards
Arkasluk, Tallon's Pride
Armband of Writhing Shadow
Armguards of Flowing Ether
Armguards of Insidious Corruption
Armguards of Repentance
Armguards of Suppressed Ether
Armguards of the Vampire Hunter
Arwyn's Greatbow of Valor
Ashen Blade of the Slayer
Ashtar's Silken Sash
Aspect of the Enraged Drake
Assistant Researcher's Symbol
Atathus`s Battlelancer Boots
Atathus`s Battlelancer Coat
Atathus`s Battlelancer Coif
Atathus`s Battlelancer Gauntlets
Atathus`s Battlelancer Leggings
Atathus`s Battlelancer Sleeves
Atathus`s Battlelancer Wristguard
Atathus`s Warfire Boots
Atathus`s Warfire Bracer
Atathus`s Warfire Breastplate
Atathus`s Warfire Gauntlets
Atathus`s Warfire Greaves
Atathus`s Warfire Helm
Atathus`s Warfire Vambraces
Attendant's Collar
Aurio Silensio
Aurora Shard of the Ancients
Aurora, the Heartwood Blade
Autarchian Hoop
Auto-Aiming Steamcoiled Recurvinator
Axe of Relentless Assault
Axe of the Fungal Bloom
Aylinvar, Longbow of the Sol`Dal
Ayonae's Crimson Shawl
Azure Breeches of the Diplomat
Azure Cowl of the Diplomat
Azure Gloves of the Diplomat
Azure Ring of the Spiritualist
Azure Robe of the Diplomat
Azure Sleeves of the Diplomat
Azure Slippers of the Diplomat
Azure Wristcuffs of the Diplomat
Backplate of Blessed Resilience
Backup Plan
Badge of the Skylance Guard
Baelfire Gem
Balaclava of the Messenger
Bale and Brimstone
Balefire Brand
Ball of Sunlight
Band of Broken Vows
Band of Burning Nightmares
Band of Cilithik's Fangs
Band of Corrupted Blood
Band of Creation
Band of Destructive Force
Band of Encased Lava
Band of Endless Fire
Band of Ice
Band of Living Clay
Band of Past Lives
Band of Perpetual Stealth
Band of Scorching Power
Band of Seething Rage
Band of Shattered Stone
Band of Solidarity
Band of the Forgotten
Band of the Foyerguard
Band of the Victor
Band of the Wildspirits
Band of Unquenched Bloodlust
Band of Unrequited Love
Band of Vile Putrescence
Banded Crystalline Earring
Baneful Eye Buckler
Bangle of Soundless Weeping
Barbarian Spiritist`s Hammer - TBM
Baronth, Defender of Law
Baros, Scimitar of Vallon Zek
Basilisk Hide Grips
Baton of Trapped Souls
Batskull Fetish
Battered Silver Runed War Shield
Battery-Powered Choker
Battle Avatar's Rib
Battle Avatar's Shard
Battle Prod
Battle Soother's Belt
Battle Soother's Cloak
Battle Soother's Guard
Battle Soother's Signet
Battle Staff of Torment
Battle Torn Cloak
Battle-Hardened Amulet
Battlesteel Loop
Battletested Shield of Poise
Battleworn Helm
Battleworn Symbol of Rage
Bauble of Broken Dreams
Bauble of Hatred
Bauble of Planar Influence
Bauble of Prismatic Flame
Bauble of the Priesthood
Bazu Bone Collar
Bazu Claw Hammer
Bazu Seal of Baleful Breezes
Bazu Seal of Baleful Celerity
Bazu Seal of Baleful Continuance
Bazu Seal of Favorable Celerity
Bazu Seal of Healing
Bazu Seal of Poison
Bazu Stone
Beacon of Lost Souls
Beaded Hoop of Demise
Beast Bone Blade
Beast Fur Shawl
Beast King's Claws
Beast King's Cloak
Beast King's Earring
Beast-hide Protective Shoulders
Beauty of the Maiden
Befallen Noble's Aegis
Beguiler's Decayed Cape
Beguiler's Teardrop
Beguiling Red Jasper Ring
Bell Chime of Dissonance
Belt of Contempt
Belt of Living Rage
Belt of Pruning
Belt of Reaching Flame
Belt of the Black Dragon
Belt of the Faithful Guard
Belt of the Guardian
Belt of the Reaper
Belt of the Shieldwarden
Belt of the Stagnant
Belt of the Templar
Belt of the Vengeful Orphan
Belt of Vindictive Perseverance
Benevolent Mender's Mantle
Bent Hour Hand
Beritoza's Bangle of Bixielording
Berserkers Ring
Bestia Responsa
Betrayer's Inscribed Band
Beveled Quartz Faceguard
Bifold Focus of the Evil Eye
Bile Etched Obsidian Choker - TBM
Bile Etched Ritual Dagger
Binding Bauble
Bindings of the Anarchist
Bindings of the Flametouched
Bit of Fright
Black Banded Ring of Evisceration
Black Dirk of Shrouded Fate
Black Leather Bracer of Agony
Black Revenge
Black Scaled Cloak
Black Shroud of Pennance
Black Web Mantle
Blackened Band of Oscura
Blackened Branches
Blackened Sandals
Blackscale Buckler
Blackstone Encrusted Belt
Blade Deflector Guardbrace
Blade of Far Sight
Blade of Forgotten Faith
Blade of Living Clay
Blade of Natural Turmoil
Blade of Pure Light
Blade of the Cursed
Blade of Vesagran
Blade of Witless Abandon
Blade Warstone
Bladed Fang Mantle
Bladed Hand of Xorbb
Bladed Silver Pendant of Zek
Bladestopper 2013
Bladetwisting Backplate
Bladewhisper Chain Boots of Journeys
Bladewhisper Chain Cap of Journeys
Bladewhisper Chain Gloves of Journeys
Bladewhisper Chain Legguards of Journeys
Bladewhisper Chain Sleeves of Journeys
Bladewhisper Chain Vest of Journeys
Bladewhisper Chain Wristband of Journeys
Blastertron Mechano-Pylon Mk. I
Blessed Blood Ash Spear
Blessed Scepter of Prexus
Blessed Spiritstaff of the Heyokah
Blessing of Shifting Smoke
Blessing of Solusek Ro
Blight, Hammer of the Scourge 2013
Blightbringer's Armband of the Grave
Blightbringer's Bracer of the Grave
Blightbringer's Cap of the Grave
Blightbringer's Handguards of the Grave
Blightbringer's Pants of the Grave
Blightbringer's Sandals of the Grave
Blightbringer's Tunic of the Grave
Blighted Teardrop Necklace
Blood Bead Talon Cord
Blood Drinker's Bone Fragment
Blood Drinker's Fang
Blood Fire - TBM
Blood Flame, Blade of Corruption
Blood Quenched Visor of Animosity
Blood-Chiller Shawl
Blood-Crystal Stone of Rebellion
Blood-fueled Ragestone (150/175)
Blood-fueled Ragestone (175/150)
Blood-Hardened Shawl
Blood-Infused Iron Stud
Blood-Polished Hammer
Blood-Soaked Champions Scroll
Bloodborn Bauble
Bloodclot Charm
Bloodfire, the Vanquishing
Bloodied Crook of Wrath
Bloodied Skull Crusher
Bloodied Stone of Might
Bloodletter, Katar of the Sisters
Bloodrage Carcanet
Bloodrime Pauldrons
Bloodspirit Veil
Bloodstained Ak-Daal Blade
Bloodstained Channeler's Cord
Bloodstained Pauldrons of the Fallen
Bloodstained Shoulders
Bloodstained Silverweave Wristband
Bloodstar Pendant - TBM
Bloodthirst Cloak of Sorrow
Bloodwood Bow
Bloody Symbol of the Initiate
Bloody Wraps
Blosseron of the Crystalheart
Blue Coral Stud
Blue Flame Necklace
Blued Steelforce Longbow
Bodenweave Cloak
Bolstered Belt of Boromas
Bond of Scale
Bone Caster's Drape
Bone Mask of Lucid Acrimony
Bone Razor
Bone Signet of the Destroyer
Bone Staff of Wickedness
Bone-Clasped Girdle
Bonebraided Hoop
Bonechime Earring
Bonemask of Loss
Boneshard Earstud
Bonesnap Earring
Bonespike Earring
Book of Law
Book-Keep of Erud's Apprentice
Boots of Captive Screams
Boots of Flowing Ether
Boots of Night's Bane
Boots of Slaughter
Boots of Stolen Peace
Boots of Superior Divinity
Boots of Suppressed Ether
Boots of the Fallen Saint
Boots of the Vampire Hunter
Boots of Vesagran
Borilbeard, the Eyepatch
Bosco's Baffling Belt
Bosque Imbued Scarf
Box of Everburning Flame
Brace of Woven Fire
Bracer of Flowing Ether
Bracer of Night's Bane
Bracer of Superior Divinity
Bracer of Suppressed Ether
Bracer of Vesagran
Braided Kirin Mane
Brain of Cazic-Thule
Brambles Shard of the Ancients
Bramblethorn Pauldrons
Breastplate of Night's Bane
Breastplate of Superior Divinity
Breastplate of Vesagran
Breastplate of Wailing Hatred
Breeches of Eternal Eloquence
Brekt's Fanatical Cloak
Brekt's Girdle
Brell's Shadow
Brell's Warmth
Brenda's Lavender Cinch
Brewer's Mesh Cloak - TBM
Bridle of the Flying Imperial Sokokar
Brightflame, Pride of the Lifebringer
Brilliant Band of the Underfoot
Brilliant Crusher of Intermittent Flame
Brilliant Diamond Encrusted Sash
Brilliant Flame Edged Cleaver
Brilliant Ring of Empty Oaths
Brilliant Sorcerer's Anelace
Brilliant Sphere of Understanding
Britalic's Earring
Brithrax's Rock of Crushing
Broadbanded Belt
Broadbelt of the Snowblaze
Broodsworn Shield
Brumal Fists of Whirling Sleet
Brutal Frostbite of the Valley Master
Bubbling Flask of Impure Mana
Buckled Belt of the Commandant
Buckler of Corruption
Buckler of Defeated Champions
Buckler of Pleasant Dreams
Buckler of the Roaring Lion
Buckler of the Selfish Martyr
Buckler of Unliving
Bulging Bloody Stone
Bulwark of Bravery
Bulwark of Corruption
Bulwark of Lost Souls
Bulwark of Stability
Bulwark of Stained Glass
Bulwark of the Eternally Devout
Bulwark of the Firebringer
Burden of Dresolik
Burden of Mortality
Burden of Truth
Burned Remains of Shyleen
Burning Ash of the Lake
Burning Band of the Heavens
Burning Brand of War
Burning Drape of Wildfire
Burning Heart of Sothgar
Burning Mace of Judgement
Burning Neckguard of the Titan
Burning Steel Broadblade
Burning Tree Leaf
Buzzing Bixie Choker
Byrnstud, the Frayed Bone
Calcified Rage
Calyssta's Jeweled Cincture
Cape of Ardent Hope
Cape of Broken Sanity
Cape of Catastrophe
Cape of Clouds
Cape of Control
Cape of Cremation
Cape of Crud
Cape of Dragon Scales
Cape of Fear
Cape of Life's Domain
Cape of Serenity
Cape of the Lavaborn
Cape of the Swarm
Cape of the Unworthy
Cape of Windsongs
Captured Essence of Ethernere
Captured Flame
Captured Puresoul Charm
Careworn Case
Carillon Box of Lost Songs
Carmenius Facultus
Carmine Loop of Loathing
Carrier's Protective Facade
Carrion Mantle
Carved Blood Ice Choker
Carved Bone of the Nighthowler
Carved Rod of Loathing
Cascading Living Crystal Web
Cassarah, Iron Will of brell
Cassindra's Cloak
Cassindra's Ring
Castle Guardians' Foehammer
Catabolic Essence
Celestial Labrys
Celestial Rotwarder
Cellgaze, the Red Eye of Darkness
Cerulean Cloak
Cerulean Girdle of Yore
Cerulean Power Fragment
Chain Gorget of the Scaleborn
Chain Helm of Insanity
Chain of Dragon Kin
Chain of Talon's Charm
Chain of the Kindred Scale
Chain-Powered Longcutter
Chains of Anguish
Chains of the Forsaken
Chamber Etching Spike
Champion's Sword of Eternal Power
Champions Band of Magma
Chandrok's Mask of Warfare
Chandrok's Robe of Darkness
Chanter's Appeal
Chaos-Imbued Leather Boots
Chaos-Imbued Leather Bracer
Chaos-Imbued Leather Gloves
Chaos-Imbued Leather Leggings
Chaos-Imbued Leather Skullcap
Chaos-Imbued Leather Sleeves
Chaos-Imbued Leather Tunic
Chaotic Bloodthirst Band
Chaotic Ritual Cowl
Chapterhouse Standard
Charm of Insight
Charred Darkwood Bow
Charred Pendant
Charred Spaulders
Chattering Nymph Rod
Chimeric Stinger Earring
Chip of Misery
Chipped Shard of the Icy Guardian
Chipped Talisman of Peace
Chiseled Skullbone Ring
Chitin-Joint Bow
Choker of Civilization
Choker of Gasping Breaths
Choker of Imprisoned Visions
Choker of Moonlit Tranquility
Choker of One Hundred Diamonds
Choker of Sel'Tak
Choker of the Arbiter
Choker of the Sullied Palace
Choker of Unspoken Lies
Choking Gorget
Chord of Lethar's Sinew
Christine's Engagement Ring
Chronal Stone
Chronicle of the Trials
Chrysalite Shield of Amiability
Chunk of Solidified Marrow
Cinch of the Deepest Waters
Cinched Cord of Suffering
Cincture of Eternal Banality
Cincture of the Hidden Moon
Cinderskin Buckler
Cioled Bauble of Broken Gears
Circle of Decay
Circle of Dread
Circle of Serenity
Circle of the Kar'Zok
Circle of the Three
Circlet of the Ebon Evoker
Circular Magmatic Disc
Clarifying Guard
Clauvi Anulium
Claw of the Di'Zok
Claw of the Kerrath
Claw-Blessed Cloak
Claw-Sigiled Waistloop
Claws of the Destroyer
Clay-Soiled Shroud
Claydigger's Shovel
Claymore of the Dragon Warrior
Clayworker's Drape Armor
Cleansing Steam Satchel
Clergyman's Stone of Purity
Cliknar Battle Talisman
Cliknar Claw Necklace
Cliknar Impaler
Clipi Stella
Clipped Griffon Wings
Cloak of Darkest Night
Cloak of Deepshadow
Cloak of Immaculate Purity
Cloak of Nightmarish Visions
Cloak of Regretful Transgressions
Cloak of Scale Spines
Cloak of Scales - TBM
Cloak of Shorn Dragonscales
Cloak of Solteris
Cloak of the Challenger
Cloak of the Corrupted Curate
Cloak of the Draconic Legion
Cloak of the Fearsome - TBM
Cloak of the Invasion
Cloak of the Lawkeeper
Cloak of the Scarlet Legion
Cloak of the Steam Shear
Cloak of the Sun God
Cloak of the Thrice-Born
Cloak of Wailing Woes
Clockwork Medic's Defibrillator
Clouded Ring of Restoration
Coalesced Drop of Focused Thought
Coalesced Loop of Brittle Silt
Coded Log Sheet
Coffin Fragment
Coilsteam Mechanomantle
Coin of Brell
Coin of the Ancient Empires
Cold Iron Shield
Cold Steel Axe
Cold Steel Wingblade
Coldrage Hateblade
Coldspire of Channeling
Collar of Dimensional Control
Collar of the Crimson Hands Conscript
Collar of the Entangled Beast
Collar of the Forsaken
Collar of the Vicarious Torchbearer
Collio Fortitias
Collio Humas
Collio Scribia
Collio Serpentia
Collio Umbraculo
Collio Unguisis
Collio Vis
Commanding Gaze
Compact Cryptic Cipher
Companion's Symbol of Defiance
Compelling Ring of Creation
Compressed Copper Stud
Conch of the Tides
Conductor's Suede Gloves
Congealed Blood of Redfang
Consecrated Ball of Silver
Contorted Battle Mask
Coraline Earring of Alliance
Coraline Earring of Calm
Coraline Faceplate
Coraline Mask
Coraline Necklace
Corathus Cloak of Ire
Cord of Anamnesis
Cord of Dark Bindings
Cord of Dried Flesh
Cord of Fickle Formation
Cord of the Unseen
Coriaceous Drape
Corpse Hook
Corroded Ear-Hoop
Corrupted Orb of Living Ice
Corrupted Soul Piercer
Corrupted Spectral Shoulderguards
Coruscite Band of Vigilence
Councilor's Mantle
Councilor's Sapphire Loop
Cowl of Dark Providence
Cowl of Phenomenal Power
Cowl of the High Priest
Crab Point
Cracked Belfry Wristcuff
Cracked Bone Pauldrons
Cracked Shard of Power
Cracked Shield of Discipline
Crafted Talisman of Fates
Creation's Destruction
Crecent Staff of the Shissar
Crescent Band of Wrath
Crescent Courier's Earring
Crescent of Malign Fantasy
Crescent of the Other Side
Crescent Palemoon
Crescent-Bladed Halberd
Crest of the Darkpaw
Crest of the Faithful Fallen
Crimson Drakesblood Earring
Crimson Mask of Triumph
Crimson Throat Gem
Cristanos' Kiss
Crown of King Tranix
Crown of the Vampire Hunter
Cruel Mechanic's Shawl
Crumbling Facade of the Fool
Crumbling Metal Links
Crusher of the Crimson Dawn
Crushing Demolisher
Crusty Club of Emollious
Cryostasis Fragment
Cryostasis Fragment Ring
Crypt Robber's Visor
Cryptic Timetable
Cryptwood Tonfa
Cryptwood Truncheon
Crys Dator, Wand of Indentured
Crystal Amulet of the Seer
Crystal Breastplate
Crystal Dagger
Crystal Gauntlets
Crystal Globe of Spirits
Crystal Hilted Shinai
Crystal Linked Gauntlets
Crystal Mail
Crystal Mail Sleeves
Crystal of Soulmoon's Eve
Crystal Pendant of Force
Crystal Shard of Tenacity
Crystal Silk Robe
Crystal-Linked Cloak
Crystal-Spiked Shouldermail
Crystalforged Tower Shield
Crystallia, Sword of the Rift
Crystalline Shoulder Pads of Gelid Winds
Crystallized Ball of Cosgrove Clay
Crystallized Blood Ring
Crystallized Glass Staff
Crystallized Quarreler
Crystallized Shadow Belt
Crystallized Teardrop of Vule
Cryston, Staff of the Rift
Cudgel of Forgetful Sacrifice
Cudgel of Unified Vision
Cuirass of the Fallen Saint
Cunning Opera Mask of the Baritone
Curatia Facius
Cured Flesh Sash of Boromas
Curio of Scintillation
Cursed Crystal of the Valley
Curved Blade of the Destructor
Cutlass of the Emboldened
Cynin's Mask
Dabner's Shield of Insight
Dagger of Blazing Fires
Dagger of Evil Summons
Dagger of Insanity
Dagger of Spectral Disruption
Daggerscale Visor
Dakiros, Claws of Screaming Death
Dale Dweller's Cloak
Damp Fungal Cape
Dancer's Drape
Dancer's Mask of Celebration
Dancer's Sash
Dancer's Veil
Dancing Steam Ring of Grannus
Dark Drape
Dark Feral Ravagers
Dark Heart of Vishimtar
Dark Nargilor Shard of Divination
Dark Redeemer's Bludgeon
Dark Runed Belt
Dark Shield of the Scholar
Dark Tunic of the Enslavers
Dark Visor of Necrotic Essence
Dark Water Cloak
Dark-Ender, Hood of the Somnium Executioner
Dark-Ringed Cape
Dark-Touched Mantle
Darkbrood Mask - TBM
Darkdream Doomhammer
Darkened Cobalt Breastplate
Darkened Deepwater Breastplate
Darkened Elder Spiritist's Breastplate
Darkened Jaundiced Bone Breastplate
Darkened Mana Robe
Darkened Singing Steel Breastplate
Darkened Trakanon's Claw
Darkened Trakanon's Femur
Darkened Trakanon's Malleus
Darkened Trakanon's Tooth
Darkened Tunic of Wrath
Darkening Heartsaw
Darkfell Fingerbone Necklace
Darkheart Earring
Darkheart the Unstable
Darkmagic Amice
Darkness' Chill
Darkthorn, Bow of Deadly Rain
Darkwater Armguards
Darkwater Boots
Darkwater Bracer
Darkwater Gloves
Darkwater Helm
Darkwater Leggings
Darkwater Pauldrons
Darkwater Tunic
Darter Stone
DawnFire, Morning Star of Light - TBM
Dawnseeker's Boots of the Defender
Dawnseeker's Chestpiece of the Defender
Dawnseeker's Coif of the Defender
Dawnseeker's Leggings of the Defender
Dawnseeker's Mitts of the Defender
Dawnseeker's Sleeves of the Defender
Dawnseeker's Wristguard of the Defender
Daybreak, Bringer of Light
Dazzling Belt of Plundered Amethyst
Dead Eye Lover's Band
Dead Eye of the Leech
Deadeye Matrix
Deadgem Earring
Deadtide Plate Arms
Death Scarab Shield
Death Studded Metal Belt
Death's Head Mace
Deathwhisper Shard of the Ancients
Decaying Oculus Ring
Decaying Ritual Totem
Decaying Sorcerer's Mask
Decorative Ecclesiastical Skullcrusher
Decree, Blade of Justice
Decrepit Cloth Cincture
Decrepit Veil
Deep Deathcap
Deep-Hewn Crystal Bulwark
Deepscar Painsmasher
Deepsea Ice Stud
Defender's Brilliant Grey Targe
Deft Dancer's Cape of Beauty
Delicate Bronzed Torq
Delicate Guise of Grief
Delzor, Royal Sledge
Demagogue's Crutch
Denon's Failed Inspiration
Dense Gem of Collapsed Dreams
Deroth, Enforcer
Devious Felblade
Diamond Feather Mask
Diamond Ring of Planar Health
Diamond Stud of Purpose
Diamond Wedding Band
Diary of Jealous Loathing
Din, Breaker of Harmonies
Dirt Stained Band of Twisted Roots
Dirt Stained Shroud
Disc of the Dragon Kind
Discord Glow Rune
Discord Rider Shield
Discordant Bracer of Betrayal
Discordant Cap of Betrayal
Discordant Leggings of Betrayal
Discordant Robe of Betrayal
Discordant Sandals of Betrayal
Discordant Sleeves of Betrayal
Discordant Soulstealer's Collar
Discordling Honor Badge
Discordling War Mask
Discordraught Cloak
Disease Dragon's Buckler
Diseased Ring of the Reincarnate
Dislodged Diamond of Blood
Dissonant Pitch Gemstone
Distorted Coeval Incandessence
Distorted Coeval Luminessence
Distorted Face Mask
Distorted Primeval Incandessence
Distorted Primeval Luminessence
Diva's Mask of Eternal Beauty
Diverting Ensouled Shoulders
Divine Resplendence
Divinity Shard of the Ancients
Doll of the Nameless Child
Domain Hunter's Knife
Dometrius, the Master's Burden
Donal's Teacup of Mourning
Doomstone Band of Seeing
Double Trouble
Draconic Faceguard of the True-Blooded
Dragon Bone Bracelet
Dragon Bone Sliver
Dragon Eggshell-Shard Earring
Dragon Nursery Ring
Dragon Scale-Bladed Mace
Dragon Tail Belt
Dragon's Honor
Dragon's Tear
Dragonbone Beads
Dragonbone Mask of Zeixshi-Kar
Dragonforged Earring of Charity
Dragonhook Flay Axe
Dragonling Claw Pendant
Dragonrider Chain Gloves
Dragonrider Plate Helm
Dragonscar Facemask
Dragonshade Mask
Dragonskull of Relic
Dragontamer Sleeves
Dragoon's Crusher
Draining Ire of the Glen Liege
Drak, Blade of Scale
Drake Scale Tambourine
Drake Scaled Bracer
Drake-Hide Waistwrap
Drakeling's Mark of Allegiance
Drakestone of the Unborn
Drakin Songbook
Dral, Edge of Life
Drape of Darkness
Drape of Dragons
Drape of Lordly Stature
Drape of the Merciless Slaver
Drape of the Midnight Hour
Drape of the Unseen
Drape of Winds
Draton`ra`s Blackbone Cap
Draton`ra`s Blackbone Gloves
Draton`ra`s Blackbone Pants
Draton`ra`s Blackbone Robe
Draton`ra`s Blackbone Sandals
Draton`ra`s Blackbone Sleeves
Draton`ra`s Blackbone Wristband
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Boots
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Coat
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Coif
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Gauntlets
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Leggings
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Sleeves
Draton`ra`s Deadkeeper Wristguard
Draton`ra`s Shadowskin Boots
Draton`ra`s Shadowskin Bracer
Draton`ra`s Shadowskin Breastplate
Draton`ra`s Shadowskin Gauntlets
Draton`ra`s Shadowskin Greaves
Draton`ra`s Shadowskin Helm
Draton`ra`s Shadowskin Vambraces
Dread Armguards
Dread Boots
Dread Bracer
Dread Gloves
Dread Helm
Dread Infused Armguards
Dread Infused Boots
Dread Infused Bracer
Dread Infused Gloves
Dread Infused Helm
Dread Infused Leggings
Dread Infused Tunic
Dread Leggings
Dread Touched Armguards
Dread Touched Boots
Dread Touched Bracer
Dread Touched Gloves
Dread Touched Helm
Dread Touched Leggings
Dread Touched Tunic
Dread Tunic
Dread Washed Armguards
Dread Washed Boots
Dread Washed Bracer
Dread Washed Gloves
Dread Washed Helm
Dread Washed Leggings
Dread Washed Tunic
Dread, Prince's Anger
Dreadful Carcanet of the Archgod
Dreadful Chain Arms of Corruption
Dreadiron Knuckels
Dreadiron Shield
Dreadskin Cape
Dreadspike, Talon of the Gorgon
Dreamer's Cloak
Dreamforce Mantle
Dreamforged Buckler
Dreamforged Shield
Dreamscape Cutlass
Dreamshadow Blade
Dreamshadow Greataxe
Dreamshadow Mace
Dreamstaff of Reverie
Drelan, the Spires of Sagacity
Dresovir Shard, Ro's Fiery Tower
Dried Chips of Everliving Clay
Drogan Warlord's Pauldron
Drop of Accursed Blood
Drop of Doubt
Drop of Living Steel
Droplet of Light
Droplet of the Frozen Lake
Drum of Ethereal Thunder
Durable Chitin Pauldrons
Durable Miner's Shoulderpads
Durable Pauldrons
Durew's Mace of Inverse Logic
Duskbringer's Plate Armguards of the Hateful
Duskbringer's Plate Boots of the Hateful
Duskbringer's Plate Chestguard of the Hateful
Duskbringer's Plate Gloves of the Hateful
Duskbringer's Plate Helm of the Hateful
Duskbringer's Plate Legguards of the Hateful
Duskbringer's Plate Wristguard of the Hateful
Duskstone of the Deserts
Duskstone of the Forests
Duskstone of the Marshes
Duskstone of the Mountains
Duskstone of the Oceans
Duskstone of the Reefs
Duskstone of the Sand Flats
Duskstone of the Tundra
Duskstone of the White Cliffs
Dusted Belfry Bracer
Dusty Deathrot Shroud
Dyn`leth's Elegant Belt
Dyn`leth's Spy Glass
Dysrension, Spear of the Archgod
Dzarn's Axe of Pillaging
Dzarn's Cord of Velocity
Eagle's Claw
Earmark of the Pumpkin Patch
Earring of Bashing - TBM
Earring of Contemplation
Earring of Dark Conflict
Earring of Dragon's Fire
Earring of Dragonkin
Earring of Faithful Glory
Earring of Frozen Poison
Earring of Mayong's Faithful
Earring of Mental Incursion
Earring of Morbus
Earring of Pain Deliverance
Earring of Preserved Restraint
Earring of Reverie
Earring of Shattered Light
Earring of Temporal Solstice a
Earring of the Ageless
Earring of the August
Earring of the Blood Warden
Earring of the Brush Fire
Earring of the Carnophage
Earring of the Depths
Earring of the Howling Moon
Earring of the Tidesworn
Earring of Watchful Shadows
Earring of Wrathful Shade
Earstud of a Mother's Love
Earstud of Darkest Shadow
Earstud of Oily Retribution
Earthbound Cinch
Earthgem Band
Ebonheart of Lethar the Black
Ebony Spherule of Focus
Echo of the First Schism
Echo of the Void
Echo Trinket
Eclectic Dreamblade
Edge of Oblivion
Edge of the Void
Edict of Battle
Effigy of the Great One
Elaborate Drachnid-Forged Bands
Elaborate Iron Idol of Contention
Elaborate Pyrite Mask
Elddar Moonlocket
Elder Source of Creation
Electrified Bauble of Rigor
Elegant Armwraps of Oseka
Elegant Footwraps of Oseka
Elegant Handwraps of Oseka
Elegant Headdress of Oseka
Elegant Lavaforged Gorget
Elegant Legwraps of Oseka
Elegant Stole of Oseka
Elegant Wristwraps of Oseka
Elegist's Bloodstone Eyepatch
Elegist's Boots of the Hushed
Element of Kunark
Elfield's Belt of Many Pouches
Elidroth's Battle Helmet
Elidroth's Katana
Ellyra's Dagger of Revenge
Ellyra's Necklace of Wonder
Embattled Chitin Spaulders
Ember-forged Waistguard
Embershank, the Malady
Emblazoned Belt of Boromas
Emblem of Brell
Emblem of Lost Vows
Emblem of the Crystalwing
Emblem of the Gatekeeper
Emblem of the Hive
Embossed Chitin-Plated Gauntlets
Embroidered Drachnid Silk Sleeves
Embroidered Sash of the Icecaller
Embroidered Silverweave Cord of Conflict
Embroidered Wool Band of Poetry
Emerald Loop of Salvation
Emerald Tinged Court Sash
Emeraldglaze Bangle
Emollious' Shield of Shedding
En'Ceri, Ward of Sound
En'Theru, Ender of Crimes
Enchanted Faceplate of Smoke
Enchanted Firethrower of Speed
Endless Wineskin
Enforcer's Obsidian Pauldrons
Engineer's Ring
Engraved Froststeel Visor
Engraved Petrified Figurine
Enigmatic Remnant of Desire
Enigmatic Remnant of Devotion
Enigmatic Remnant of Fear
Enigmatic Remnant of Greed
Enigmatic Remnant of Knowledge
Enigmatic Remnant of Survival
Enigmatic Remnant of Truth
Enigmatic Researcher's Neckguard
Enkindling Pike
Ensign of Brell Serilis
Entrancing Silk Veil
Entropic Nightshade Boots
Entropic Nightshade Leggings
Enveloping Chromascale Cloak
Envenomed Ritualistic Dagger
Eom Draues, Longbow of Torment
Eon Forged Plate Boots
Eon Forged Plate Bracer
Eon Forged Plate Breastplate
Eon Forged Plate Gauntlets
Eon Forged Plate Greaves
Eon Forged Plate Helm
Eon Forged Plate Vambraces
Eon Hardened Leather Armwraps
Eon Hardened Leather Boots
Eon Hardened Leather Cowl
Eon Hardened Leather Gloves
Eon Hardened Leather Leggings
Eon Hardened Leather Tunic
Eon Hardened Leather Wristguard
Eon Linked Chain Boots
Eon Linked Chain Coat
Eon Linked Chain Coif
Eon Linked Chain Gauntlets
Eon Linked Chain Leggings
Eon Linked Chain Sleeves
Eon Linked Chain Wristguard
Eon Woven Cloth Cap
Eon Woven Cloth Gloves
Eon Woven Cloth Pants
Eon Woven Cloth Robe
Eon Woven Cloth Sandals
Eon Woven Cloth Sleeves
Eon Woven Cloth Wristband
Epaulets of Wayward Dreams
Erilynne Ornamentation
Erilynne, the Master's Mistress
Eri`Shrah, Visage of Darkness
Erud's Ensorcelled Cane
Ervaj's Neckguard
Esoteric Remnant of Desire
Esoteric Remnant of Devotion
Esoteric Remnant of Fear
Esoteric Remnant of Knowledge
Esoteric Remnant of Survival
Esoteric Remnant of Truth
Essence of Speed
Etched Axe of Judgement
Etched Bloodmetal Band
Etched Broken Skull Ring
Etched Clay Ornament
Etched Mace of the Hive-Mind
Etched Obsidian Shard
Etched Pearl of Ever-Ice
Etched Rune of Renewal
Etched Silver Stud
Etched Zraxthril Leggings
Eternal Gaze Mask
Eternal Shard of the Ancients
Eternity Edge Band
Ethereal Choker
Ethereal Dreamspear
Ethereal Guard of the Scrykin
Ethic, Scepter of Law
Eulogy, the Bloodthirsty Blade
Euphony of the Chapterhouse Chapel
Everflame Torch of Ashengate
Everliving Bramble Arms
Everliving Bramble Boots
Everliving Bramble Cap
Everliving Bramble Gloves
Everliving Bramble Leggings
Everliving Bramble Tunic
Everliving Bramble Wristcuff
Everspring Cap of the Tangled Briars
Everspring Jerkin of the Tangled Briars
Everspring Mitts of the Tangled Briars
Everspring Pants of the Tangled Briars
Everspring Sleeves of the Tangled Briars
Everspring Slippers of the Tangled Briars
Everspring Wristband of the Tangled Briars
Evoker's Veil
Expansive Belt of Awe
Extended Tessitura Choker
Exxten Stone Ring
Eye of Cazic-Thule
Eye of Fear
Eye of Frost
Eye of Illdaera
Eye of Lxanvom
Eye of Putrid Sight
Eye of Rikkukin
Eye of the Archmage
Eye of the Beast
Eye of the Lycanthrope
Eye of the Warden
Eye of Vishimtar
Eye of Yar`Lir
Eyepatch of the Bandit
Eyes of the Prime Healer
Eylcall, Tear of Scorned
Fabled Amulet of Crystal Dreams
Fabled Azaliil's Ring of Analogies
Fabled Band of Elder Understanding
Fabled Bands of Earthen Energy
Fabled Bejeweled Dagger of Summoning
Fabled Blackflame Sphere
Fabled Blade of the Tempest
Fabled Boots of the Warmaster
Fabled Bow of Contortion
Fabled Cape of Flames
Fabled Circular Crystalline Formation
Fabled Cloak of Combustion
Fabled Cloak of Flames
Fabled Coif of Flowing Time
Fabled Cord of the Pyre
Fabled Dragon Hero Bracer
Fabled Earring of Corporeal Essence
Fabled Earring of Unseen Horrors
Fabled Exquisite Phoenix Feather Mantle
Fabled Fire Crested Rune
Fabled Fire Marked Rune
Fabled Flame Idol of Ro
Fabled Flowing Moss Mantle
Fabled Gem Encrusted Axe
Fabled Girdle of Earthen Stability
Fabled Girdle of the Tactician
Fabled Globe of Mystical Protection
Fabled Gloves of the Unseen
Fabled Great Mask of Flame
Fabled Helm of Flowing Time
Fabled Immaculate Vest of the Fire Tyrant
Fabled Intricately Etched Seashell
Fabled Jaundiced Bone Greaves
Fabled Leaf-jointed Cloak
Fabled Mantle of Pure Spirit
Fabled Mask of the Insightfu
Fabled Necklace of Reflected Flames
Fabled Pendant of the Triumphant Victor
Fabled Phoenix Claw Talisman
Fabled Red Eyed Mask of Rage
Fabled Ring of Evasion
Fabled Runed Bolster Belt
Fabled Runewarded Belt
Fabled Sable Shoes of Flame
Fabled Shawl of Awakenings
Fabled Shield of Mental Fortitude
Fabled Tactician's Shield
Fabled Talisman of Tainted Energy
Fabled Tethered Air Cape
Fabled Torque of the Wyrmlord
Fabled Vest of Phoenix Feathers
Fabled Veteran's Battle Charm
Fabled Visor of Endless Sight
Fabled Visor of the Berserker
Fabled Warmaster's Recurved Longbow
Fabled Wristband of the Rathe
Fabled Xephyrus, Wand of the Flowing Wind
Fabulous Mask
Facade of Eternal Servitude
Face of the Failed Creation
Face of the Scorned Maiden
Face of Unfeeling
Facemask of Cleansing
Faceplate of Blinding Arrogance
Faceted Shard of Living Ice
Faceted Sunshard
Facia Fatuom
Facia Ingens
Facia Lepiorus
Facia Nitori
Facia Ortiatum
Facia Quietus
Facia Vitala
Faculta Primia
Faded Sash of Hypocrisy
Fairy Tale Longbow
Faithbringer's Armguards of Conviction
Faithbringer's Boots of Conviction
Faithbringer's Breastplate of Conviction
Faithbringer's Cap of Conviction
Faithbringer's Gloves of Conviction
Faithbringer's Leggings of Conviction
Faithbringer's Wristband of Conviction
Fallen Corporal's Engagement Band
Fallen Lord's Cloak
Fallen Minstrel's Mask
Fallen Scout's Garnet Ring
Fallen Wanderer's Token
Fanatic's Badge of Passing
Fanatical Earring of Pain Suppression
Fanciful Dreamguard
Fanciful Magus Plumage
Fang of Kessdona
Fang Of The Fallen God
Fang of the Third Vampire
Fantastical Guardian Shield
Farrum Ventus
Farseeker's Plate Armbands of Harmony
Farseeker's Plate Boots of Harmony
Farseeker's Plate Chestguard of Harmony
Farseeker's Plate Gloves of Harmony
Farseeker's Plate Helm of Harmony
Farseeker's Plate Legguards of Harmony
Farseeker's Plate Wristguard of Harmony
Favored Marble Orb of the Dig
Fear Fruit Seed
Fear of the Monarch
Fear Shard Pauldrons
Fear, Visage of the Faceless
Fearsome Shield - TBM
Feartattered Drake Fang Earring
Feartwisted Mace
Feather of the Lady
Feathered Cloak of the Lady
Fell Dragon Scale Shield
Ferrous Dreamshield
Festinata Lemmai
Fetish of Strife
Fetish of Unlife
Feverpitch Martel
Fibrous Blindfold of Resentful Frenzy
Fiercehand Cap of the Focused
Fiercehand Gloves of the Focused
Fiercehand Leggings of the Focused
Fiercehand Shroud of the Focused
Fiercehand Sleeves of the Focused
Fiercehand Tabis of the Focused
Fiercehand Wristband of the Focused
Fiery Dirk of Sacrifice
Filigreed Starburst Stud
Findlewill's Lucky Necklace
Fine Silk Sash
Finely Crafted Velium Ring
Finely Threaded Shawl
Fingerbone Necklace
Fingerloop of Prismatic Rage
Fippy's Conquering Shield
Fire Eye Diamond Stud
Fire Fury Cloak
Fire-breather's Goggles
Fire-Runed Icepearl
Fired Glass Bracelet
Firedancers Hoop of Power
Fireflight Charm
Firegem of Thex
Firekissed Hoop of the Titan
Firelight Earring
Firetooth Necklace of the Below
Firstborne, Brell's Equal
Fistwraps of Celestial Discipline
Fjorlask, War Maul of Shadows
Flaking Ring of Emollious
Flame Emblazoned Spaulders
Flame Etched Dagger
Flame-Crystal Ornament
Flamebone Earring
Flamelink Mantle
Flamewind, the Keeper's Light
Flashing Prismatic Knucklewraps
Flashstriker's Great Mace
Flautist's Sorrow
Flawless Agranite Shard Pendant
Flayed Flesh Handwraps
Flesh Scourge
Fleshburner of Boromas
Fleshmelter, Lethar's Maul
Fleshwrap Cloak of Discord
Flickering Cloak of Embers
Flowing Blacklight Sash
Flowing Clay Carver
Flowing Fabric of Understanding
Flowing Magma Soulstone
Flyleaf Earring
Focus of Black Rage
Focus of Primal Elements
Focus of Whirling Sands
Fogpearl Belt
Fogpearl Cape
Fogpearl Earring
Fogpearl Gorget
Fogpearl Ring
Fold, Shield of Sound
Footpad's Mask
Forbidden Chord
Forcible Axe of the Ward
Foreboding Shawl of Obscurity
Foreigner's Belt
Forged Silver Fang
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Boots
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Gloves
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Pantaloons
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Skullcap
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Sleeves
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Tunic
Forgotten Artist's Mesh Wristwraps
Fortitias Lumbius
Fortuitum Vitae
Fractured Champion's Ring
Fractured Coeval Incandessence
Fractured Coeval Luminessence
Fractured Primeval Incandessence
Fractured Primeval Luminessence
Fragile Shard of Focus
Fragment of Corrupted Ice
Fragment of Dreams
Fragment of Nobility
Fragment of Terror
Fragment of the Underheart
Frigid Pike of Isolation
Fringed Cloak of Service
Fringed Mask of the Night
Frost Inlaid Lute of Boreal Wind
Frost Runed Blade of the Wraithguard
Frost-Carved Granite Statue
Frost-Etched Ruby of Vitality
Frost-Scarred Giant Hide Bracer
Frostbite Orb
Frosted Cuirass of Enlightenment
Frosted Sash of Frozen Thought
Frosted Wrap of the Calm Spirit
Frosthewn Brawl Stick
Frosthewn Greathammer
Frosthewn Greatmace
Frosthewn Longspear
Frosthewn Shortbow
Frosthewn Truncheon
Frostweave Band
Frostwoven Platinum Band
Frozen Coldrage Stud
Frozen Diamond of Purification
Frozen Heart of the Snow Spider Queen
Frozen Shadow Visor
Frozen Totem
Fuchsia Visor of the Devout Timekeeper
Fumigator's Alacrity
Furio Aurio
Fused Bone Collar
Fypsalm, the Last Note
Fyrlight, the Stone Bloom
Galeth's Girding
Galeth's Greatlance
Galna`Vrel, Radiant Orb of Pure Worship
Ganak's Scaled Belt
Gar'Theru, Bringer of Rewards
Garal`Thel, Ring of the Betrayer
Gardener's Bixie-Pollen Mask
Gardener's Thicket Club
Garish Faceplate of the Silent Storyteller
Gatekeeper's Locket
Gaudy Demonhide Buckler
Gaudy Girdle of Aimless Brawn
Gaudy Ruby Encrusted Band
Gauntlets of Fiery Might
Gauntlets of Fiery Might 2013
Gauntlets of Malicious Intent
Gauntlets of Night's Bane
Gauntlets of Superior Divinity
Gauntlets of the Fallen Saint
Gauntlets of Vesagran
Gavel of the August
Gaze of the Gladiator
Gazing Gouzah Eye
Gear-Linked Cloak
Gearlock Steel Curvebow
Gem of Concentrated Terror
Gem of Feral Shielding
Gem of Unnatural Regrowth
Gem-Encrusted Shoulder Guards
Ghostly Whisper Earring
Ghostrider's Bridle
Gilded Hammer of Ro's Light
Gilded Prodigal Harrier
Giovin the Smoldering
Gird of Steelscale
Girdle of Bellows
Girdle of Clear Vision
Girdle of Solusek Ro
Girdle of Stone Strength
Girdle of Strength
Girdle of Subtle Power
Girdle of the Fleet
Girdle of the Great Wyrm
Girdle of the Weaponmaster
Girdle of the Zun'Muram
Girdle of Unending Strife
Girplan Hammer of Carnage
Gladiator's Bastion
Gladiator's Plate Boots of War
Gladiator's Plate Bracer of War
Gladiator's Plate Chestguard of War
Gladiator's Plate Gloves of War
Gladiator's Plate Helm of War
Gladiator's Plate Legguards of War
Gladiator's Plate Sleeves of War
Glaive of Intermittent Flame
Glaring Visage of the Ruler
Glass Orb of Consonance
Gleaming Cliknar Eye
Gleaming Cliknar Pincer
Gleaming Pageant Spaulders
Gleaming Steel Spaulders
Glib Guilded Goldentorc
Glimflash Gem
Glimmerflow Cape
Glimmerice, Tserrina's Forgotten Ardor
Glimmering Cloak
Glimmering Earring
Glimmering Fire Opal Band
Glinting Incendiary Band
Glinting Onyx of Might
Glistening Moonstone Band
Glittering Gem of Focus
Glittering Gutripper
Glittering Jewel of Perfection
Glittering Pauldrons of Godlike Harmony
Globe of Discordant Energy
Globe of Voltage
Gloomscale Mask
Gloomstudded Loop
Glory Abound
Glory, Badge of Resplendence
Glossy Earthen Loop
Gloves of Coalesced Flame
Gloves of Flowing Ether
Gloves of Penitence
Gloves of Suppressed Ether
Gloves of Wicked Ambition
Glowing Alaran Periapt
Glowing Amethyst Shard
Glowing Bronze Key
Glowing Cliknar Antenna
Glowing Crystalweave Shawl
Glowing Drape of Illdaera
Glowing Earring of Purified Ice
Glowing Entropic Rune
Glowing Essence of Decay
Glowing Essence of the Citadel
Glowing Facemask of Mending
Glowing Obsidian Rune
Glowing Orb of Rage
Glowing Orb of Temporal Stasis
Glowing Prismatic Rune
Glowing Ring of the Pristine Moon
Glowing Runes of Kunark
Glowing Shadowspine Rune
Glowing Stone of Expulsion
Glowing Tangible Dream Fragment
Glowing Terrormote
Glyphed Boots of Conflict
Glyphed Bracer of Conflict
Glyphed Gauntlets of Conflict
Glyphed Helm of Conflict
Glyphed Vambraces of Conflict
Glyphwielder's Gloves of the Summoner
Glyphwielder's Hat of the Summoner
Glyphwielder's Leggings of the Summoner
Glyphwielder's Sleeves of the Summoner
Glyphwielder's Slippers of the Summoner
Glyphwielder's Tunic of the Summoner
Glyphwielder's Wristband of the Summoner
Gnarlibramble's Heart
Gnomework Model XVII's Experimental Chestguard
Gnomework Model XVII's Experimental Plate Backing
Gnomish Engineer's Gearloop
Goblin Frost Totem
Goblin Scout's Loop
God Ender
God's Eye Amulet
Godblood Droplet
Gold Plated Koshigatana 2013
Gold-Plated Lyre of the Suitor
Gold-Trimmed Cummerbund of Sorrow
Golden Amulet of the Elddar
Golden Bowl of Thex
Golden Dragonlinked Chestguard
Golden Idol of Destruction
Golden Mask of the Sunrise
Golden Mothdust Necklace
Golem Stone Face Guard
Golem-Construct's Enormous Bracelet
Golem-Lord's Earring of Control
Goral Teeth Necklace
Gore-Splattered Shoulders
Goresteel Spaulders
Gorget of Ancestral Loss
Gorget of Attention
Gorget of Corruption
Gorget of Interlinked Hours
Gorget of Suffocation
Gorget of the Bottomless
Gorget of the Centaur
Goru's Girdle of the Deceased
Goru's Trinket of Fidelity
Gossamer Ribbon of Bloodlust
Gouzahstring Naperion Bow
Granite Sceptre of Cruelty
Granite Shoulderpads of Zealotry
Grannus' Grumblecruncher
Grannus' Steamcleaner
Graycloud Gem of Health
Greasy Steam-Pauldrons
Great Axe of Twin Flames
Great Hammer of the Burrowing Beast
Greatbow of the Waves
Greater Alaran Periapt
Greater Essence of Decay
Greater Essence of the Citadel
Greater Runes of Kunark
Greater Shadowspine Rune
Greater Tangible Dream Fragment
Greater Terrormote
Greathammer of the Currents
Greatmaul of the Prismatic Flight
Greatstaff of the Domain
Greatsword of Mortification
Greaves of Night's Bane
Greaves of Superior Divinity
Greaves of the Dark Ritualist
Greaves of the Fallen Saint
Greaves of the Tunat'Muram
Greaves of the Vampire Hunter
Greaves of Vesagran
Green Dragonscale Earring
Grelian Chestwarmer
Grelian Earring of Uncertainty
Grelian Goblin Greaves
Grelleth's Royal Mask
Grelleth's Royal Seal
Grelleth's Scepter
Grim Scale of Brawny Bits
Grittooth, Lizard Slayer
Grlax's Belt
Grotesque Bazu Head Fetish
Grotesque Girdle - TBM
Grounds Stomper's Necklace
Growth Covered Martel
Grudgestone of Anger
Guard of the Shield Maiden
Guard of the Strategos
Guardian Skullcap
Guardian's Greater Gorget
Guise of Seething Satisfaction
Guise of the Tuffet-Sitter
Gurwic Torque
Gut Ripper of the Creation
Gyro Core : Gloves
Gyro Core: Arms
Gyro Core: Chest
Gyro Core: Head
Gyro Core: Legs
Gyro Core: Wrist
Gyro-core: Feet
Gyroscopic Combat Assistant Mk. I
Haelgord's Talisman
Half Face of Decay
Half Face of Life
Hallowed Bloodclaw of Shadows
Halo of the Enlightened - TBM
Hammer of Cleansing
Hammer of Delusions
Hammer of Dragon's Might
Hammer of Rancorous Thoughts
Hammer of Shadows
Hammer Of the Deep
Hammer of the Last Clutch
Hammered Band
Hand of Xaric
Hands of Flame
Hands of the Destroyer
Handwraps of the Crystalline Fortress
Hanvar's Hoop
Haraibou of Screaming Souls
Harde3ned Jell of the Queen
Hardened Coalstone of Purity
Hardened Shackle of the Beast
Hardened Skin Band
Harith's Ornament
Harken, Proof
Harmonic Hive Choker
Harmony of the Soul
Harnessed Flame of the Creator
Harpstring Hair Choker
Hatchet of the Final Assault
Hatchet's Rusted Brass Locket
Hatemaul of Wretched Paineel
Hathor, Scythe of Punishment
Haunting Ruby Amulet
Head of the First Creation
Head of the Putrid Drake
Head Scryer's Sash of Timegazing
Headband of Heightened Cognizance
Headdress of Dark Rituals
Heart Claw
Heart of the First Battle Staff
Heart of the First Hand Axe
Heart of the First Hatchet Knife
Heart of the First Katar
Heart of the First Lance
Heart of the First Mace
Heart of the First War Axe
Heart of the Hadal
Heart of the Underfoot Battle Staff
Heart of the Underfoot Hand Axe
Heart of the Underfoot Hatchet Knife
Heart of the Underfoot Katar
Heart of the Underfoot Lance
Heart of the Underfoot Mace
Heart of the Underfoot War Axe
Heartfire Pendant
Heartflame, Guide of the Sol`Dal
Heartwood Blade
Heated Grekenscale Cape
Heatstone of Memory
Heidrun, Hammer of the Lifeforge
Helm of Flowing Ether
Helm of Night's Bane
Helm of Superior Divinity
Helm of Suppressed Ether
Helm of the Fallen Saint
Helm of the Hadal
Helm of Vesagran
Heor`Otor the Frozen Waste
Hephae, Restorer of First's Laurels
Herb-Wrapped Silk Sash
Heroe's Band
Hexxt Chitinbreaker's Lessonteacher
Hexxt Shredder's Mace
Heyokah Shard of the Ancients
Hierophant`s Crook 2013
High Bokon Mangling Staff
High Lance of Draconic Mastery
High Lorekeeper Necklace of Office
High-Volume Servant Transceiver
Highblade of the Wyvern Lord
Highkeepers Haven
Hive Custodian's Blade
Hollow Tyranont Tooth
Hollowed Dragon Tusk
Holmguard Pauldrons
Holy Heart of the First Mace
Holy Heart of the Underfoot Mace
Holy Rod of the Xulous
Hood of the Relic Born
Hoop of Coalesced Imagination
Hoop of Elemental Mastery
Hoop of Eternal Life
Hoop of Necropotence
Hoop of Seething Rage
Hoop of the Dark Hunter
Hoop of the Nest Defender
Hoop of Untamed Creation
Hoop of Waning Power
Hoplon of the Tactician
Horned Broo Mask
Horned Necrotic Mask
Hornscale Blade
Horrorsilk Mantle
Hotof's Gem
House Clock Pendulum Bob
Humis Umerium
Humming Finsternacht Rune
Humming Fleshwrought Rune
Huntsman's Bloodcharm Necklace
Husk Bone Ring
Hydraulic Crushblade
Hydraulic Hammer of Smashing
Hyrhymn, Loop of Moral Fortitude
Ice Enameled Gorget of Battle
Icebelt - TBM
Iceblind Shiv
Icefury's Stalwart Girdle
Iceweave Cloak of Blackest Night
Iceweave Sash of Lost Faith
Iceweave Shawl of the Elements
Ichor-Stained Shoulderpads
Ichortal, Ruby of Fear
Icon of the Silent Assassin
Icy Dirk of Meditation
Icy Ring of Boreal Essence
Icy Torque of Distrust
Idol of Brell Serilis
Idol of Kangur Vafta Veor
Ikaav Neck Brace
Iksar Commander's Belt
Illdaera's Tear
Illegible Diary of Lorekeeper Baeldon
Illsalin Battle Gloves
Illusionary Cloak
Ilsin's Cloak
Ilsin's Mantle
Image of Innoruuk
Imbued Shoulderguards of the Chronomancer
Immaculate Idol of Cazic Thule
Immaculate Sphere of Clay
Immaculous, Bore of Purity
Imp Eye Earring
Imp Fang Hoop
Imperial Messenger
Impermeable Veil of Al`Kabor
Imposing Law of Xorbb
Impromptu Body Protector
Imrahil's Claidhmore of Raging Fury
Imta's Ring
Incandescent Shard
Incantators Hammer
Incursio, Bow of the Iron Storm
Indicolite Twin-Buckled Girdle
Indigo Frostcloak
Indurate Chitin Buckler
Industrial Tinkered Drillbore
Infernal Staff of Fiery Fate
Infested Death Shroud
Infinite Protective Vapor Orb
Inlaid Band of Dominance
Inlaid Terros Cloth Drape
Innoculated Guardbraces
Innoruuk's Dark Blessing
Innoruuk's Shard of the Ancients
Insidionite Shortsword
Insidious Corruption
Insidious Hooded Cloak
Inspiration of Cassindra
Inspiration of Denon
Inspiration of Ervaj
Inspiration of Jonthan
Inspiration of Rizlona
Interlinked Gorget of the First Born
Interrogator's Pestle
Intricate Engineer's Locket
Intricately Carved Greatsword
Inventor's Jagged Ring
Invocation of Death's Shadow
Invocation of Eternity
Invocation of Night
Invocation of the Last Dawn
Ira Facius
Iridescent Pearl of Icy Precision
Iridescent Shield of War
Iridium Encrusted Brachial Clay
Iridium Encrusted Carpal Clay
Iridium Encrusted Cephalic Clay
Iridium Encrusted Crural Clay
Iridium Encrusted Phalangeal Clay
Iridium Encrusted Tarsal Clay
Iridium Encrusted Thoracic Clay
Iris Blade
Iron Boots of Tempered Wrath
Iron Mask of Precision
Ironwood Wand
Ixt Tail-Hair Cloak
Iylevar, Spined Cloak of the Earthshaper
Izuliard, Bastardsword of Fear Itself
Jade Ring of War
Jade Water Beach Sandals
Jagged Alloy Repeato-Shiv
Jagged Astral Ring
Jagged Blood Iron Ring
Jagged Bone-Handled Ice Reaver
Jagged Bronze Belt
Jagged Earring of Potency
Jagged Glowing Prism
Jagged Ring of the Bloodeye
Jahar's Burning Hoop
Jansan's Armband of Artistry
Jansan's Shield of Crafting
Jayruk's Vest
Jerard, the Doll of Silent Confessions
Jewel of Resolute Obedience
Jewel of the Frost
Jewel of the Lost Priest
Jeweled Band of Self Control
Jingling Alloy Loop
Judge's Veil
Kar'Zok Claw Talisman
Kar'Zok Scale Belt
Katar of Bound Elements
Katar of the Temple
Katargo, Star of Abrogation
Katta's Signet
Keen's Fang
Keeper's Teardrop
Keikolin`s Forcephase Cap
Keikolin`s Forcephase Gloves
Keikolin`s Forcephase Pants
Keikolin`s Forcephase Robe
Keikolin`s Forcephase Sandals
Keikolin`s Forcephase Sleeves
Keikolin`s Forcephase Wristband
Keikolin`s Mindhaze Cap
Keikolin`s Mindhaze Gloves
Keikolin`s Mindhaze Pants
Keikolin`s Mindhaze Robe
Keikolin`s Mindhaze Sandals
Keikolin`s Mindhaze Sleeves
Keikolin`s Mindhaze Wristband
Keikolin`s Runestruck Cap
Keikolin`s Runestruck Gloves
Keikolin`s Runestruck Pants
Keikolin`s Runestruck Robe
Keikolin`s Runestruck Sandals
Keikolin`s Runestruck Sleeves
Keikolin`s Runestruck Wristband
Kelin's Seven Stringed Lute
Kelin's Seven Stringed Lute - TBM
Kellak's Electrified Ring of Voracity
Kelp-Covered Hammer
Kerchief of the Fear-Monger
Kertrasia's Promise
Key of Memory
Keymaster's Amice
Khati Sha's Favorite Brush
Kidney-Removing Autoshank
Kilt of Divine Protection
Kilt of the Kromrif
Kindjal of Martyrdom
King's Hide Pauldrons
King's Hide Shield
King's Key
King's Vengeful Scowl
Kira's Slippers
Kiranus' Tiara
Kiriski's Girdle of Faith
Knen Worry Stone
Knight's Heart of the First War Axe
Knight's Heart of the Underfoot Hand Axe
Knight's Underfoot War Axe
Knotted Plague Strand Choker
Knotted Rope Sash
Knowledge, Weight of Erud's Dreams
Kotul's Cloak of Filth
Kotul's Spellblood Earring
Kral`Sek, Nature's Brutality
Kranigan's Fiery Hammer
Kranigan's Fist
Kranigan's Pulverizer
Krattk the Lion Tamer
Kreljnok's Shard of the Ancients
Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power
Kretv Krakxt Signet
Krinza, Sarnak Bite
Kris of Failed Creation
Krisz's Ring
Krithgor Ribshard
Krithgorian Royal Crest
Ksathrax's Toxiferous Ring
Kyrenvale, the Sol`Dal's Hammer
Kyv Eye of Marksmanship
Laarthik's Veil
Ladrys Bloom
Lady of Life's Memento
Lake-Cooled Greatsword
Lambent Earring of Melded Iron
Lamna Felicis
Lampyrid Longbow
Lampyrid Stiletto
Lana's Crystal Shield
Lance of Solteris
Lance of the Bloodfiend
Lance of the Fallen Shiliskin
Lance of the Icestorm
lance of the ward
Large Phosphene Cluster
Last Blood
Last Blood of the Advisor
Last Blood of the Arcanist
Last Blood of the Archer
Last Blood of the Assassin
Last Blood of the Battlemage
Last Blood of the Beastlord
Last Blood of the Berserker
Last Blood of the Champion
Last Blood of the Chancellor
Last Blood of the Cryomancer
Last Blood of the Cutpurse
Last Blood of the Duelist
Last Blood of the Elder
Last Blood of the Foot Soldier
Last Blood of the Healer
Last Blood of the Magus
Last Blood of the Oracle
Last Blood of the Plague Bringer
Last Blood of the Pyromancer
Last Blood of the Seafarer
Last Blood of the Thaumaturge
Last Blood of the Traveler
Last Blood of the Wanderer
Last Blood of the Warchief
Last Blood of the Warmonger
Last Treble Buckler
Lava Chasm Hopeful Band
Lava-Scarred Faceplate
Law, Ring of the Somnium's Dark Covenant
Lawkeeper's Bulwark
Lawkeeper's Earring
Lawkeeper's Gorget
Layered Gorget of Tenacity
Leaf Bobble
Leaguewalker Leggings
Leather Girdle of Girded Loins
Leather Sleeves of the Cursed Lich
Leatherfoot Mantle
Leatherfoot Sandals - TBM
Leering Coldstone Mask
Left Eye of Sul
Left Eye of the Third Vampire
Leg of Diabolic Writs
Leggings of Flowing Ether
Leggings of Suppressed Ether
Leh, Sash of Oratory
Lelro's Collar of the Beasts
Lenarsk's Embossed Leather Pouch
Lenquelle's Longbow
Lesser Alaran Periapt
Lesser Essence of Decay
Lesser Essence of the Citadel
Lesser Runes of Kunark
Lesser Tangible Dream Fragment
Lesser Terrormote
Letum Anulium
Leypse Piercer
Librarian's Signet Ring
Libre Vitalia
Lichen Draped Stud
Lichenweave Cord
Lieutenant's Ornamental Blade
Life Ring
Lifekeeper of the Lady
Light-Touched Necklace
Lightning Blackened Chain Boots
Lightning Blackened Chain Bracer
Lightning Blackened Chain Coif
Lightning Blackened Chain Gloves
Lightning Blackened Chain Greaves
Lightning Blackened Chain Links
Lightning Blackened Chain Vambraces
Lightning Prism of Swordplay
Lightning Singed Mantle
Lightscale Hoop, Gift of the Mermaids
Likato Fistwraps
Lilac, Cruel Manipulator
Lilth's Ethereal Pendant
Linked Belfry Bracelet
Linked Cloak of Bladeturning
Links of Cruelty
Lionskin Frock
Liquid Rage
Lithe Gem of Effortless Plasticity
Livewood Mask
Living Crystal Beads
Living Crystal Ring
Living Crystal Shard
Living Lichen Mask
Living Steel Bauble
Lizard Spine Coercer
Loathsome Cap of Dead Waters
Lochmaul Band
Locket of Dancing Shadow
Locket of the Darkwalker
Locus Anulium
Lone Walker's Cloak
Longbow of Intermittent Flame
Longsword of the Fanatic Legion
Loop of Cruel Ingenuity
Loop of Entropic Hues
Loop of Infinite Shadow
Loop of Lingering Decay
Loop of Living Rock
Loop of Nature's Call
Loop of Squandered Wealth
Loop of the Clerk
Loop of the Mephit
Lord Tephys' Keepsake
Lord Tephys' Warhammer
Lorekeeper's Veil
Loyalist Coat of Icemail
Loyalist Dedication Earring
Lucid Globe of Phantasmic Power
Lucky Gouzah Foot
Luclinite Stud
Lumba Calybsa
Lumbia Humas
Lumbia Magio
Lumbia Memorias
Lumbia Noceis
Lumbia Scribia
Lumbia Serpentia
Luminescent Ring of Benevolence
Luminous Dreampiercer
Luminous Froststeel Warclub
Luminous Stormcloud Cloak
Lunar Horns
Luxurious Satin Slippers
Lyssa's Darkwood Piccolo - TBM
Mace of Dire Straits
Mace of Grim Tidings
Mace of Imagination
Mace of Morell Thule
Mace of the Dead
Mace of Tortured Nightmares
Maculatumite, Hemlock's Poison Band
Magi's Mallet of Purest Energy
Magio Collium
Magma Lacquer
Magma Seared Band
Magma-Studded Earguard
Magma-Wrought Painloop
Magmaband of Cestus Dei
Magna Fulgia
Magnificent Opal Brooch
Mail of the Vampire Hunter
Majestic Cloak of the Mistresses
Majestic Dreamclaws
Makyah's Axe
Malarian Blood Pearl Hoop
Malarian Egg Sack
Malarian Flesh Girdle
Malarian Plaguebringer
Malarian Spittle Pendant
Maleg's Claws
Malformed Veil of the Firstborn
Manaflow Veil of the Convorteum
Mantle of Chaotic Harmony
Mantle of Corruption
Mantle of Grand Plans
Mantle of Power
Mantle of Ro's Revenge
Mantle of the Cursed Abode
Mantle of the Heart
Mantle of the Wyrmguard
Marble-Soled Boots
Marbled Chitin Hoop
Mark of Ashengate
Mark of Frostcrypt
Mark of the Beasts
Mark of the Brood Warden
Mark of the Dragon Slayer
Mark of the Grave Finder
Mark of the Last Wing
Mark of the Tides
Mark of Vergalid
Marrow's Song - TBM
Martel of Unwavering Resolve
Mask of Dark Horror
Mask of Dark Tidings
Mask of Feral Scorn
Mask of Forbidden Rites
Mask of Lament
Mask of Oseka
Mask of Pixtt
Mask of Raining Tears
Mask of Reckless Flame
Mask of Reverie
Mask of the Ancients
Mask of the Beasts
Mask of the Carnifex
Mask of the Crackling Energy
Mask of the Cyclops
Mask of the Dreammaster
Mask of the Forsaken
Mask of the Mad Musician
Mask of the Nimble Mind
Mask of the Phantasm
Mask of the Praetorum
Mask of the Second Born
Mask of the Undying
Mask of Time Gazing
Mask of Tunare's Chosen
Mask of Ulrich
Massive Crystal-Flecked Faceplate
Masterwork Spaulders
Mastruq Hide Cloak
Maul of Dire Intent
Maul of Plates
Mayong's Buckled Girdle
Mayong's Masquerade Mask
Mayong's Sanguine Cloak
Medallion of the Praetorum
Median Alaran Periapt
Median Essence of Decay
Median Essence of the Citadel
Median Runes of Kunark
Median Tangible Dream Fragmen
Median Tangible Dream Fragment
Median Terrormote
Melted Key
Memento of the Toxxulian Schism
Memorias Collium
Memory of Sound
Mephit's Tear
Mephit-Hide Cowl
Merciless Enslaver's Britches
Merciless Visage of Discord
Meros, Trident of Divided Loyalties
Metallic Remnant of Deconstruction
Metallic Spark-Shawl
Meteor's Mantle
Midasa's Dragon Slayer
Midnight Star
Midnight Sunshard
Mighty Cloak of Flames 2013
Millennial Runestone
Milratus, the Heart's Fang
Mind of the Third Vampire
Mindbender's Sash
Mindreaper Club
Mindreaver's Armguards of Coercion
Mindreaver's Bracer of Coercion
Mindreaver's Handguards of Coercion
Mindreaver's Leggings of Coercion
Mindreaver's Shoes of Coercion
Mindreaver's Skullcap of Coercion
Mindreaver's Vest of Coercion
Mindstain Bow of Onerous Accuracy
Mindtatters Cloak
Minor Alaran Periapt
Minor Essence of Decay
Minor Essence of the Citadel
Minor Runes of Kunark
Minor Tangible Dream Fragment
Minor Terrormote
Mirelance of the Shadows
Misleading Visage
Mistwalker's Collar
Mistwalker's Scale
Mithril Greaves
Mithril Vambraces
Mitts of the Vampire Hunter
Modest Armwraps of Ildaera
Modest Footwraps of Ildaera
Modest Handwraps of Ildaera
Modest Headdress of Ildaera
Modest Legwraps of Ildaera
Modest Stole of Ildaera
Modest Wristwraps of Ildaera
Molded Agate Trinket
Molded Amulet of Inspiration
Moldered Prayer Beads
Molting of the Lava Worm
Monnion of the Self
Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind
Moon's Glave
Moon-Phase Piercing
Moonbeam Clasp
Moonblade of the Bloodcrazed
Moonfire Sash
Moonstone Choker
Moonstone Compass
Moonstone Mind Scepter
Moonstone Trinket of Reflection
Morbomancer's Mantle
Mordaur's Spiked Pauldrons
Morden's Lucky Knife
Moss Lined Cloak
Moss-Entwined Necklace
Mossy Tundra Stone
Mottled Black Dragonscale
Mounted Prismatic Focus-Gem
Mournful Axe of Trapped Souls
Mud Encrusted Spaulders of Solitude
Mud-Crusted Hoop
Muramite Chain Armguards of Battle
Muramite Cruelty Medal
Muramite Plate Boots of War
Muramite Plate Bracer of War
Muramite Plate Sleeves of War
Muramite Ring of Influence
Murkglider Skin Cloak
Myrmidon's Guard
Mysaphar`s Silverfanged Boots
Mysaphar`s Silverfanged Coat
Mysaphar`s Silverfanged Coif
Mysaphar`s Silverfanged Gauntlets
Mysaphar`s Silverfanged Leggings
Mysaphar`s Silverfanged Sleeves
Mysaphar`s Silverfanged Wristguard
Mysaphar`s Spiritmind Boots
Mysaphar`s Spiritmind Bracer
Mysaphar`s Spiritmind Breastplate
Mysaphar`s Spiritmind Gauntlets
Mysaphar`s Spiritmind Greaves
Mysaphar`s Spiritmind Helm
Mysaphar`s Spiritmind Vambraces
Mysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Boots
Mysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Bracer
Mysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Breastplate
Mysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Gauntlets
Mysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Greaves
Mysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Helm
Mysaphar`s Thoughtbringer Vambraces
M`ntongo, the Ever-Watching Aegis
Nalem the Sting
Narcissist's Ballroom Mask
Nargilor-Encrusted Ring
Nargilor-Imbued Silk Mitts
Naythox's Keeper of Order
Neckband of the Bold
Neckguard of Earthen Geomancy
Neckguard of Lingering Grace
Neckguard of the Proud
Neckguard of the Reincarnate
Necklace of Accord
Necklace of Dread
Necklace of Grimspirit Beads
Necklace of Pale Light
Necklace of Sandstorms
Necklace of Stability
Necklace of the Cycle
Necklace of the High Moon
Necklace of the Steadfast Spirit
Neglection Flayer
Netherborn Sash
New Amulet of the Dreadgazer
New Amulet of the Storm
New Ancient Fire Etched Flamberge
New Ancient Pirate's Eyepatch
New Ancient Wurm Hide Robe
New Axe of Resistance
New Baton of Flame
New Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety
New Belt of the Destroyer
New Blackstar, Mace of Night
New Blydreln's Bane
New Boots of the Dead Dream
New Boots of the Destroyer
New Bow of the Destroyer
New Bracelet of the Deep Sea
New Cekenar's Claw
New Chestplate of Fiery Might
New Circlet of Summer
New Cloak of Thorns
New Crown of Resiliance
New Dawncaller, Blade of the Morning
New Dragon Skin Bracelet
New Dragonspine Rapier
New Earring of the Icecaster
New Ebony Headband
New Facesmasher
New Frostwrath
New Gaudralek, Sword of the Sky
New Girdle of Dark Power
New Great Spear of Dawn
New Greaves of the Deep Sea
New Hand of the Master
New Helm of the Deep Sea
New Helmet of the Crawler
New Katana of Pain
New Kreizenn's Flame
New Mask of Fall
New Mask of Terror
New Medal of Deep Thought
New Meljeldin, Bane of Giants
New Mithril Boots
New Mithril Gauntlets
New Mithril Helm
New Net of the Deep Sea
New Nevederia's Claw
New Onyx Chain Leggings
New Onyx Gauntlets
New Orb of the Crimson Bull
New Orb of the Deep Sea
New Reaper's Ring
New Rocksmasher
New Shawl of Perception
New Shield of Midnight
New Shield of The Dawn
New Shining Metallic Pantaloons
New Shiny Metallic Gloves
New Shiny Metallic Sleeves
New Silver Bracelet of Rage
New Silver Chains
New Silver Dagger of Destruction
New Silver Disk
New Silver Whip of Rage
New Siren Song, Dagger of the Sea
New Sky Watcher's Monocle
New Sledge of Smashing
New Spinning Orb of Confusion
New Sprinkler of the Spirits
New Staff of the Silent Star
New Thunderstone
New Trident of the Deep Sea
New Tvenken's Slippers of Silence
New Vambraces of Discontent
New Verlekarnorm's Horn of Disaster
New Vyemm's Fang
New Whitestone Shield
New Windraider's Belt
New Wurm Claw Pauldrons
Nexiont Shell Shield
Ngreth's Crystal Ring
Ngreth's Pauldrons of Pain
Nightbane Shard of the Ancients
Nightbane, Sword of the Valiant
Nightfear's Halo
Nightguard Girdle
Nightmare Guise
Nightmarish Boots of Conflict
Nightshade Shard of the Ancients
Nightshade, Blade of Entropy
Nightside Gem Earring
Nightsong Ornament
Nihilium Scepter
Niteshaid's Earring of Undying Love
Nocei Collium
Nocturnus, Rod of the Sleepless
Nondescript Shoulder Wrap
Noose of Dreadful Endings
Normando's Boots of Insanity
Normando's Earring of Insanity
Notched Blade of Bloodletting
Notched Sandstone of Health
Notebook Page
Notebook Page
Nurtha's Leggings of Focus
Nurtha's Shoulderpads of Concentration
Nyseng the Deep-Born
Obexa Animus
Obexa Magicae
Obexa Primia
Obscure Remnant of Desire
Obscure Remnant of Devotion
Obscure Remnant of Fear
Obscure Remnant of Greed
Obscure Remnant of Knowledge
Obscure Remnant of Survival
Obscure Remnant of Truth
Obsidian Cummerbund
Obsidian Eye Pendant
Obsidian Pauldrons
Obsidian Scale Cape
Ocean-Formed Greatblade
Oculus of Persuasion
Oculus of Yar`Lir
Oddtune, the Chaotic Minstrel
Officer's Ornamental Gladius
Ogier, Greatblade of Thule
Oil-Resistant Facemask
Olethros, Runestaff of Calamity
Oliniser, the Immaculate Band of Light
Ooze Ward
Orb of Darkness
Orb of Forbidden Laughter
Orb of Ladrys
Orb of Striking
Orb of Timeless Night
Order, Emerald Sash of the Towerguard
Ore of the Nest
Ornate Dreamstopper
Ornate Gorget of Equivocal Protection
Ornate Hunting Spear
Ornate Mask of Fallen Dreams
Os Avus
Oseka's Truth
Osh`vir`s Dreamponder Boots
Osh`vir`s Dreamponder Bracer
Osh`vir`s Dreamponder Breastplate
Osh`vir`s Dreamponder Gauntlets
Osh`vir`s Dreamponder Greaves
Osh`vir`s Dreamponder Helm
Osh`vir`s Dreamponder Vambraces
Osh`vir`s Whisperwind Armwraps
Osh`vir`s Whisperwind Boots
Osh`vir`s Whisperwind Cowl
Osh`vir`s Whisperwind Gloves
Osh`vir`s Whisperwind Leggings
Osh`vir`s Whisperwind Tunic
Osh`vir`s Whisperwind Wristguard
Ossein of Limitless Time
Ossuary of the Beast
Ostentatious Armwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Footwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Handwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Headdress of Ryken
Ostentatious Legwraps of Ryken
Ostentatious Stole of Ryken
Ostentatious Wristwraps of Ryken
Overtone Earstone
Oxide Fire Ruby Ring
Pack of Woven Nightmares
Painbook of Mysteries
Paineel's Crest, Ring of the Heretic
Pale Blue Ribbon
Pale Luclinite Torq
Palladium Encrusted Brachial Clay
Palladium Encrusted Carpal Clay
Palladium Encrusted Cephalic Clay
Palladium Encrusted Crural Clay
Palladium Encrusted Phalangeal Clay
Palladium Encrusted Tarsal Clay
Palladium Encrusted Thoracic Clay
Pallid Billowing Defiler
Patorav's Amulet
Patorav's Walking Stick
Pauldrons of Cazic-Thule's Defender
Pauldrons of Endless War
Pauldrons of Ferocity - TBM
Pauldrons of Legendary Conquest
Pauldrons of Power - TBM
Pauldrons of Punishment
Pauldrons of Putrescence
Pauldrons of the Burning Prince
Pauldrons of the Fallen Crusader
Pauldrons of the Legion
Pauldrons of the Marionette
Pauldrons of Tribulation
Peacekeeper's Pauldrons
Peacock Feather of the Lady
Pearl of the Diabo
Pearlescent Earring
Pearlescent Ring of Tides
Pearls of Recklessness
Peerless Platinum Band
Pellucid Naazerite Rod
Pendant of Darkened Frenzy
Pendant of Insurgency
Pendant of Kolos
Pendant of Mental Clarity
Pendant of Reflection
Pendant of Reverie
Permafrost Gem
Permafrost Ring
Perpetual Boon Mantle of Retort
Perpetually Spinning Gear
Perspicuous Remnant of Desire
Perspicuous Remnant of Devotion
Perspicuous Remnant of Fear
Perspicuous Remnant of Greed
Perspicuous Remnant of Knowledge
Perspicuous Remnant of Survival
Perspicuous Remnant of Truth
Persuasive Glimmering Serpent
Petrified Bone Girdle
Petrified Drachnid Egg
Petrified Girplan Heart
Petrified Mushroom Stalk
Phased Coeval Incandessence
Phased Coeval Luminessence
Phased Coveal Incandessence
Phased Coveal Luminessence
Phased Primeval Incandessence
Phased Primeval Luminessence
Phathom's Bracer of Vigor
Phathom's Longsword of the Veil
Phoenix Feather Earring
Phyro Ring of Pain
Picus Inaurem
Piercing Clarity
Piercing Gaze of the Somnium Watcher
Piercing Ring of the Torturer
Piercing Wrath of the Grounds
Pike of the Vampire God
Pitchfork of the Town Rebels
Pitted Shoulderpads of Stone
Plagueborn Cape
Plaguemonger's Shoulder Guards
Planebender's Ring
Plate Boots of the Lich King
Plated Belt of the Hate Fueled Champion
Plated Halberd
Plated Heater
Platinum Dragonlinked Greaves
Platinum Drakelord's Signet
Pli Teka, Lance of Pure Pain
Plundered Blue Steelforce Wingblade
Pneumatic Powerblade
Poignant Pestulator
Poisoned Shawl
Poker of Calming
Polar Guise of Brilliant Radiance
Polished Band of the Vindicator
Polished Bone Ornament
Polished Chitin Fragment
Polished Chitin War Horn
Polished Clasp of the Trials
Polished Diamond Prism
Polished Earring of Animosity
Polished Ebon Bow
Polished Fang-Guard
Polished Marble of Tenacity
Polished Mithril Torque
Polished Pauldrons of Pearlescent Ice
Polished Platinum Links
Polished Sunsword
Polished Tsetsian Thorax
Polished Verdant Blade
Poncho of the Core Traveler
Porous Stonegirdle of Recovery
Porthio's Belt of Shadows
Porthio's Ring of Shadows
Power Shard of the Ancients
Power-Infused Steamcleaver
Praedatora Facius
Praetor's Ledalus Stud
Prayers of Life 2013
Preener's Kidgloves
Prestigious Sash of Drudgery
Prick of Fear
Prickly Earring
Pride, Wave of Resplendence
Primal Element Bracer
Primal Element Robe
Primal Shard of the Ancients
Primed Fragment of Fearlinked Zeal
Prism of Captured Energy
Prismaridescent Essence - Arms
Prismaridescent Essence - Chest
Prismaridescent Essence - Foot
Prismaridescent Essence - Hand
Prismaridescent Essence - Head
Prismaridescent Essence - Legs
Prismaridescent Essence - Wrist
Prismatic Crystal Fragment
Prismatic Dragon Blade
Prismatic Faycite
Prismatic Greatspear of Bloodshed
Prismatic Rune of the Fallen
Pristine Granite Stone
Pristine Witheran Hide Drum
Probiscus Hook Earring
Prophetic Cestus
Protective Gorget of the Deep
Prototype Decoder
Puja's Ring of Fire
Pulsating Beacon of Fire
Pulsating Pauldrons
Pulsating Runed Pebble
Pulsing Draconic Wurmstone
Punctured Faceguard
Punisher's Cloak
Purest Insecurity
Purified Silverstone of Warding
Putrid Box of Fear
Putryl, Jagged Hoop of Heresy
Queen's Prime Minion Saddle
Queen's Stud
Quellon's Belt
Quintessence of Shadow
Qulas' Fiery Katar of Insanity
Radiant Mace
Radically Robust Ring of Emollious
Radvar's Rod of Disruption
Raelo's Diamond Ring
Rage of the Widow
Ragestone Adorned Amulet
Ragestone Adorned Earhoop
Ragestone Adorned Ring
Ragewoven Pauldrons
Ragged Felt Cloak - TBM
Ragged Ruby Veil
Ragged Steel Pauldrons
Rallosian Bloodstone Earring
Rallosian Warlord Shield
Rancid Bloodseeking Shoulders
Rasven's Knotted Cord
Rathiss' Mudunugu Shield
Rathiss' Sarnak Scale Cloak
Raw Deathseeker's Armguards
Raw Deathseeker's Boots
Raw Deathseeker's Gloves
Raw Deathseeker's Helmet
Raw Deathseeker's Leggings
Raw Deathseeker's Tunic
Raw Deathseeker's Wristguard
Raxtki the Skitterer Render
Razor of the Underfoot
Razor-Edged Shield of War
Razor-Sharp Speedblade
Razorblade of Scale
Reactive Cloak
Reaper's Ward
Rebuttal, Ender of Arguments
Red Crystal Bracer
Red Dragon Scale
Red Dragon Scales 2013
Red Dragonscale Armor
Reenforcing Collar
Reflective Gem of Communication
Reflective Platinum Leggings
Regenerator's Earring
Reinforced Helmet of Cold Shadows
Reklav, Darkened Girdle of the Shadowward
Reliquary of Radiant Dreams
Remains of a Well Victim
Remove Unspent RPP
Repository of Courage
Repugnant Undead Shiliskin Mask
Resiard, Crest of the Arcward
Resin-coated Belt
Resin-coated Gorget
Resonance Ring
Resounding, Mask of Echoes
Resplendent Cleaver
Resplendent Guiding Light
Resplendent Leather Aegis
Rhodium Encrusted Brachial Clay
Rhodium Encrusted Carpal Clay
Rhodium Encrusted Phalangeal Clay
Rhodium Encrusted Tarsal Clay
Rhodium Encrusted Thoracic Clay
Ribbon of Bleached Shark Teeth
Ribbon of the Severed
Riftseeker Heart
Riftstalker's Band
Right Eye of Sul
Right Eye of the Third Vampire
Rigid Binders
Rigid Crimson Shoulders
Rigid Ring of Prowess
Ring of Black Flame
Ring of Blaze
Ring of Breeding Corruption
Ring of Cold Dark Waters
Ring of Deterrence
Ring of Disdain
Ring of Falling
Ring of Flowing Mana
Ring of Forbearance
Ring of Gohedgu
Ring of Great Disparitage
Ring of Inverse Perplexion
Ring of Molten Alloy
Ring of Organic Darkness
Ring of Persecution
Ring of Polished Rage
Ring of Pooled Energy
Ring of Pure Light
Ring of Pureblood - TBM
Ring of Rapture
Ring of Revenge
Ring of Scalding Steam
Ring of Tamed Glory
Ring of Teeth
Ring of the Battle Avatar
Ring of the Beast
Ring of the Chosen One
Ring of the Dead Fish
Ring of the Dreamslayer
Ring of the Ophidian
Ring of the Ripping Claw
Ring of the Royal Guard
Ring of Truth
Ring of Unsung Legends
Ripoli, the Warrior's Havoc
Ritual Blade of the Tides
Ritual Visor of Darkness
Ritualchanter's Armguards of the Ancestors
Ritualchanter's Boots of the Ancestors
Ritualchanter's Cap of the Ancestors
Ritualchanter's Leggings of the Ancestors
Ritualchanter's Mitts of the Ancestors
Ritualchanter's Tunic of the Ancestors
Ritualchanter's Wristband of the Ancestors
Rival Gladiator's Heart
Riven Krithgor Battle Shield
Robe of Eternal Eloquence
Robe of Phenomenal Power
Robe of the Driving Rains
Rod of Battle
Rod of Dark Rites
Rod of Shaded Wrath
Rod of the Ruined
Rosary of Chipped Bone
Rosary of the Silent Song
Rosestem Whip
Rosette of the Restless Dead
Rosi Auriun
Rotbow of the High Bokon
Rotdog Trainer's Belt
Rotting Goblin Idol
Rotting Talons
Rottrued Containment Ring
Rottrued Training Spur
Rottrued's Backup Sticker
Rottrued's Ear
Rottrued's Enforcer
Rottrued's Maul
Rottrued's Spaulders
Rough Jute Cloak
Roughcut Band of Rage
Roughcut Ragestone
Round Shield of Cleansing
Royal Adjudicator's Order Keeper
Royal Advisor's Sash
Royal Emblem
Royal Executioner's Belt
Royal Executioner's Ornamental Bastardsword
Royal Guardian's Chilling Visor
Royal Guardian's Vermillion Saber
Royal Healer's Sash
Royal Jewel of Protection
Royal Scepter of Thex
Royal Scout's Vermillion Saber
Royal Thex Katar
Royal Thex Mallet
Royal Vicar's Ornamental Buckler
Royal Visage of Coagulation
Royal Visage of Dissolution
RPP Correction
Ruinous Baton
Rune Etched Wedding Band
Rune of Astral Celerity
Rune of Futile Resolutions
Rune of Grim Portents
Rune of Incursion
Rune of Living Lightning
Rune of the Bloodhunt
Rune of the Unspoken
Rune-Etched Granite Fragment
Rune-Etched Ring
Rune-Etched Stone
Rune-Etched Vampire Fang
Rune-Etched Wrap
Runed Band of Determination
Runed Belt of Boromas
Runed Cold Iron Warhammer
Runed Flesh Shield of Boromas
Runed Gauntlets of the Void
Runed Lance of the Midnight Sky
Runed Mask of the Creep
Runed Metal Belt
Runed Necklace of Living Bone
Runed Ring of Broken Skull
Runed Sabertooth Femur
Runed Sash of the Wraithguard
Runed Shroud of Debilitation
Runemuse Hatchet
Runewing Halberd
Runic Bloodstained Maul
Runic Sword of the Servant
Rusted Icon of Cazic Thule
Rustic Divine Shoulders
Rustiron Mask
Rustiron Pauldrons
Rustiron Ring
Rusty Gate Key
Sabertooth Shoulderguards
Sable Mantle
Sacred Engraved Hoop
Sacred Ophidian Keepsake
Sample of Unpredictable Liquids
Sanctified Battle Soother's Hoop
Sanctified Hammer of Wrath
Sanctum Key
Sand Dollar Shield
Sand-Blasted Shoulderguards of the Sanctum
Sand-Molded Leather Bracer
Sansea, the Barbed Dirk
Sapphire Drape of Prexus' Children
Sapphire of Frozen Thought
Sarith Emblazoned Shield
Sarous, Loop of the Spirit's Solstice
Sash of Dragon Kind
Sash of Frigidity
Sash of Living Darkness
Sash of Primal Domain
Sash of Seven Scales
Sash of Silent Steps
Sash of the Pox-Blessed
Sash of the Selfless Individual
Sash of Tidal Domain
Sash of Waking Dreams
Savage Lord's Totem
Savagesoul Cap of the Wilds
Savagesoul Gloves of the Wilds
Savagesoul Jerkin of the Wilds
Savagesoul Legguards of the Wilds
Savagesoul Sandals of the Wilds
Savagesoul Sleeves of the Wilds
Savagesoul Wristband of the Wilds
Scale Loop of Loyalty
Scale Loop of Tenacity
Scalebone, Memoire of Tynn
Scaled Guise
Scaled Ring of Emollious
Scaleflinger of Emollious
Scaleguardian's Guise
Scalewalker's Shield
Scarlet Harbinger's Cloak
Scarlet Legion Command Stone
Scarlet-Lined Bloodsash
Scarred Shield of the Stalwart
Scepter of Creation
Scepter of Oseka
Scepter of the Dark
Scepter of the War Priest
Scepter of Totality
Scholars Foresight
Scimitar of Elysian Dreams
Scimitar Of The Damned
Scimitar of the Mistwalker
Scintillating Cape of the Garden Grove
Scintillating Obsidianite Rune
Sclerotic Chronodagger
Scorched Chitin Faceguard
Scorched Froststeel Ring
Scorched Green Metal Visor
Scorched Wand of Rage
Scourge Drape of the Maelfic
Scowling Mask
Scrap Iron Ring of Perfected Precision
Scribis Umerium
Scryer Ytta's Shard
Scryer's Loop
Scryer's Sash
Scuffed Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack
Scuffed Journeyman's Rucksack
Scuffed Traveler's Rucksack
Scuffed Weapon Crate of the Mercenary
Sculpted Ring of Elements
Scyllus' Belt
Sea Gem, Adornment of the Companion
Seal: Mastery of All
Seashell Belt
Seaside Drape
Seasound Earring
Sekrivitax, Kris of the Sol`Dal
Sekv, Blade of Glacial Fury
Self-Retracting Gearplate Mk. I
Selo`s Drums of the March 2013
Seltan, Blade of Beloth
Selvari, Reflection of Beauty
Sensitizing Thought Orb
Septic Skewer
Serpent Essence
Serpentis Umerium
Serrated Ear Spike
Serrated Flamberge of Hatred
Serric's Blood-Encrusted Anorak
Serric's Virulent Augmentation
Serviceman's Honor
Severed Eye of the Amygdalan
Severed Guardian Antenna
Shade, Prince's Pride
Shade-Wreathed Earring
Shadewing Mantle
Shadow Heart Sash
Shadow Rage Spaulders
Shadow-Splinted Cloak
Shadowborne Cloak
Shadowed Soulblade
Shadowed Spaulders
Shadowed Visor of the Recluse
Shadowlife Stud Earring
Shadowmane-Hide Cloak
Shadowrent Cloak
Shadowtone Cloak
Shaped Sapphire Ice Sculpture
Shaped Turquoise Fragment
Shard of Anguish
Shard of Authority
Shard of Celerity
Shard of Frozen Mist
Shard of Nargilor Magic
Shardspike Adorned Cloak
Sharktooth Necklace of Tides
Sharp Palladium Band
Sharpened Scale of Emollious
Sharpened Steamworker's Screwdriver
Sharpened Talons of the Lycanthrope
Sharpening Stone of the Sky
Shattered Bone Stud
Shattered Chitin Sliver
Shattered Clay Fragment
Shattered Mask of Ancestral Rage
Shawl of Apparitions
Shawl of Arcane Alacrity
Shawl of Discordant Incantations
Shawl of Hushed Voices
Shawl of Protection - TBM
Shawl of Redemption
Shawl of the Voice
Sheerhook, Snag of the Depths
Shemagh of Sagacity
Shield of Abstruse Power
Shield of Eternal Chaos
Shield of Fire and Fury
Shield of Immaculate Light
Shield of Pure Discord
Shield of Rainbow Hues - TBM
Shield of Solteris
Shield of the Dark Waters
Shield of the Deepwater Knights
Shield of the Domain
Shield of the Lightning Lord
Shield of the Planar Assassin
Shield of the Unrelenting Sun
Shifting Sphere of Veiled Ascension
Shiliskin Megamagic Totem
Shiliskin Water Heater
Shimmering Gossamer Cape
Shimmering Hoop of Light
Shimmering Pearlescent Earstud
Shimmering Quill of the Lady
Shimmering Sand-Polished Girdle
Shimmering Veil of Frozen Mana
Shine, Fallen Star
Shine, Prince's Pride
Shining Guard of the Underfoot
Shining Pearl of the Quarreler
Shining Savior's Rampart
Shining Symbol of Influence
Shiny Runed Metallic Cape
Shortblade of Prismatic Destruction
Shoulder Pads of the Unspoken
Shoulderguard of Grandeur
Shoulderguards of Ineptitude
Shoulderpads of the Firewalker
Shoulderpads of Warfare
Shoulderplate of the Sleeping Guardian
Shred of Anxiety
Shredder Chain Cloak
Shriveled Leather Shroud
Shroud of Eternal Agony
Shroud of Insanity
Shroud of Mist
Shroud of the Legion
Shroud of the Library Guardian
Shroud of the Moonlight Curse
Shroud of the Surging Storm
Shroud of the True Believer
Shrunken Head
Shrunken Skull
Shrunken Skull Charm
Sibuncu Horn
Sicarria Auctus
Sickly Glowing Earring
Sigil of Dark Rituals
Sigil of Pain
Signet of Calming Flow
Signet of Fear
Signet of the Great Blasphemy
Silent Veil
Silhouette, The Mutineer's Sword
Silk-Lined Hood
Silk-Lined Mantle
Silken Boots of the Magus
Silken Midnight Sash
Silodel's Shroud of the Corpsemaker
Silver Earring of Ephemeral Healing
Silver-Etched Coin
Silver-Wrapped Turquoise Earring
Silvered Earstud of the Sanguine
Silverlight Drape
Silverwing Earring
Silvery Trinket
Simple Cloth Facewrap
Simple Knotted Cord
Simple Sash of Surreptitiousness
Sinew-Wrapped Ballista
Singing Spaulders
Sinister Staff of the Dim
Sionachie's Soup Spoon
Siphongaze, Visage of the Dreamleech
Sister's Handkerchief
Sister's Opulent Backstabber
Sister's Tear-Stained Shawl
Sisters' Family Signet
Six Note Blade
Skalil, Broadsword of Silent Turmoil
Skinflayer of Boromas
Skinner's Belt
Skirsong, the Imbalanced Conscience
Skull of the Magi Armor
Skull of Vishimtar
Skullstone of Last Breath
Skyiron Rod
Slain Noble's Ring
Slashed Leather Belt of Frostbite
Slaveworn Splint
Slayer's Skullband
Sledge of the Indagatorum
Sleeper's Embrace
Sleetcaller's Mask of Icy Precision
Sleetstorm Leggings
Sleeves of Malefic Rapture
Slice of Dread
Slick Oil-Ring of Protection
Sliver of Darkness
Sliver of Emollious
Sliver of Madness
Small Phosphene Cluster
Smiling Porcelain Mask
Smoldered Gem of Battle
Smoldering Faceguard of the Fallen
Smoldering Jagged Longsword
Snakecharmed Earring
Soft Linen Waistwrap
Soldier's Stone of Purity
Soleris Bracer
Solid Stone of the Iron Fist
Solidified Shadow Spine Magical Taint
Solteris Arms
Solteris Boots
Solteris BP
Solteris Bracer
Solteris Gloves
Solteris Hat
Solteris Legs
Solteris Spell
Solution of Unfreezing Ice
Somnolescent Doomshingle
Somnolescent Wand
Soot Blackened Hoop
Soother's Mask
Sorcerer's Silken Cloak
Sorrowmourn Stone
Sorrowsong Sash
Sothgar's Ghostly Mantle
Soul Leech, Dark Sword of Blood
Soulcatcher Earhoop
Soulguard, Battleaxe of the Learned
Soulsavior's Blued Steelforce Crusher
Soulseeker, Death's Sigh
Sparking Short Sword of Magma
Spaulders of Dooming Exile
Spaulders of Tainted Beauty
Spaulders of the Ancient Warder
Spaulders of the Topiary
Spaulders of Vibrant Succor
Spawnmaster's Missive
Speaker of the Scale
Spear of the Lost Aeon
Spellbound Earloop
Spent Dreambolt
Spent RPP
Spider-Silk Cloak
Spiderfang Ring
Spike Covered Loop
Spike of Lasting Vapor
Spike, Emperor's End
Spiked Bracelet of the Betrayer
Spiked Brimstone Warhammer
Spiked Cudgel of Rage
Spiked Dragongut Shoulderpads
Spiked Faceguard of Rage
Spikeshell, Wave of Solutions
Spined Crystal Band
Spined Dragon Claws
Spireward, Guard of the Alendine
Spirit Totem Etched Leggings
Spiritcaller Shard of the Ancients
Spiritcaller Totem of the Feral
Spiritsender's Amberpike
Spittu, Vexing Face Mask of Obstinance
Spore Covered Stud
Sporic Bindings of the Deep Gloom
Sprouting Bo Staff of Ton Po
Staff of Clarification
Staff of Earthen Retribution
Staff of Elemental Essence
Staff of Elemental Transfiguration
Staff of Eternal Eloquence
Staff of Everliving Brambles
Staff of Final Rites
Staff of Glaring Divinity
Staff of Living Brambles
Staff of Phenomenal Power
Staff of Prismatic Power
Staff of Screaming Souls
Staff of the Broodlands
Staff of the Burning Vampire
Staff of the Confidant
Staff of the Dragoon
Staff of the Earthcrafter
Staff of the First Light
Staff of the Hamahiru
Staff of the Invaders
Staff of the Mist Dragon
Staff of the Tenth World
Staff of Undead Legions
Staff of Unforgivable Folly
Stained Performance Armguards
Stalwart Aversion Mask
Stamato, Felshard of Entropy
Star of Divine Tribulation
Star of Xorbb
Stare of Decay
Stare of the Endless Plain
Starrla's Cloudy Pink Scepter of Veeshan
Stately Armwraps of Ladrys
Stately Footwraps of Ladrys
Stately Handwraps of Ladrys
Stately Headdress of Ladrys
Stately Legwraps of Ladrys
Stately Stole of Ladrys
Stately Wristwraps of Ladrys
Statuae Clipium
Stave of the Limper
Steam-Honed Impaler
Steam-Mechanic's Faceguard
Steam-Powered Cogblaster
Steam-Powered Disc of Command
Steam-Valve Girdle
Steamgineer's Trinket of Station
Steaming Mitts of Grannus
Steamwork Engineer's Waistband
Steamwork Welder's Multitool
Steel Rod
Steel Visage of Boundless Sight
Steel Visor of Determination
Steel Visor of Malice
Steel, Prince's Guard
Steel-Studded Leather Armwraps
Steel-Studded Leather Gloves
Steel-Studded Leather Leggings
Steel-Studded Leather Tunic
Steel-Studded Leather Wristguard
Steel-Threaded Satin Gloves
Steel-Threaded Satin Pantaloons
Steel-Threaded Satin Sleeves
Steel-Threaded Satin Wristband
Steel-Welded Plate Bracer
Steel-Welded Plate Breastplate
Steel-Welded Plate Gauntlets
Steel-Welded Plate Greaves
Steel-Welded Plate Vambraces
Steel-Welded Ringmail Coat
Steel-Welded Ringmail Gauntlets
Steel-Welded Ringmail Leggings
Steel-Welded Ringmail Sleeves
Steel-Welded Ringmail Wristguard
Sticky Spaulder
Stinging Spaulders
Stitched Golden Pantloop
Stone of Dark Tidings
Stone of Focused Rage
Stone of Horrid Transformation
Stone of Planar Protection
Stone of the Xulous
Stone of Vampiric Shadows
Stonehewn Radiant Band
Stoneoak Tower Shield
Stormbolt, Recurve of the Heavens
Stormeye Band
Stra'Hazir the Great Destroyer
Stretched Dragonback Bracer
Strongboom Aegis of Might
Strongboom Shoulderspikes
Strongest Link
Stud of Chilling Precision
Studded Engineer's Workgrips
Sturdy Chitin Girdle
Sturdy Mail Cape
Sturdy Strap of the Dreary
Suffersphere, Soul of the Wraith
Summoner's Rune Belt
Sun Tempered Lunar Blade
Sundering Sword of the Fallen Hero
Sunstone Wand
Supple Felt Wristwraps
Supple Slippers of the Stargazer
Supple White Leggings
Supple White Tunic
Swiftcleave, the Flesh Carver
Swiftstrike Epaulettes
Swirling Orb of Obscurity
Swirling Ring of Cleansing Steam
Sycophant's Carved Loop
Symbol of Double Forte
Symbol of Energico
Symbol of Expressivo
Symbol of Kolos
Symbol of Legato
Symbol of Mezzoforte
Symbol of Pianissimo
Symbol of Presto
Symbol of the House
Symbol of the Master
Symbol of the Overlord
Symbol of Vivace
Synostis, Martel of Ruination
Syrsrek, Spike of the Spiritward
Tactician's Obsidian Scimitar
Tainted Moonstone Shard
Tainted Sun Forged Hoop
Tainted Undershore Rock
Talisman of Emollious
Talisman of Encircled Minds
Talisman of the Bloodsworn
Tallow-smeared Locket
Tamer's Trinket
Tanned Leather Throatguard
Tan`lor's Earring
Tarachi, Spellblade of Pandemonium
Tarant's Battle Belt
Tarantella - TBM
Targalon, Dragon Slayer
Targe of the Hive Hunter
Tarnished Captain's Wedding Ring
Tarnished Garnet Earring
Taromani Eye
Tatooed Hide of the Beast
Tatterdrake Totem
Tattered Belt of Rage
Tattered Cloak
Tattered Cryptrobber's Cloak
Tattered Drape of the Unknown
Tear of Deepest Regrets
Tear of Kessdona
Tear of Ro
Tear-Soaked Lanyard
Tears of the Phoenix
Tega`Ser, Withered Choker of the Seeker
Telear's Patch
Telescopic Eye-Goggles
Tellurian Joint of Potential
Tempered Band of Elements
Tempered Flameborn Loop
Tempered Steamwound Pummeler
Tempest Linked Bracer
Temple Protector's Ring of Purity
Tenndxx's Charm
Terakathis, Arbiter of the Dead
Terror Condenser of the Faceless
Terrorguard, Aegis of Pain
The Chalice of Life
The Dagger Pernicious
The End of Suffering
The Executioner's Crimson Trophy
The Fabled Orb of the Sun
The Gardener's Ring
The Incorruptible
The Keen Edge of Discord
The People's Burden
The Perfect Stout
The Shattering Maw
The Tainted Maw
Thelara`Tel, Icon of the Eternally Faithful
Thersith's Dragon Scale Cloak
Thersith's Dragonstrike
Thexian Girdle of Purified Hatred
Thick Basilisk Hide Shield
Thick Gorget of Coordination
Thick Ice Studded Collar
Thick Studded Collar
Thick Woolen Shoulderpads
Thicket Tinder Pauldrons
Third Eye Shield
Thorny Vine Shoulderpads
Thoughtless Bauble
Thox Tatrua, Ulak of the Quick Death
Thralogon, Blade of the Deific Defender
Three Octave Shawl
Thrice-Layered Shoulderguards
Thrice-Woven Girdle of Immensity
Thrum, Bow of the Stars
Thrymm the Annihilator
Thulian Stalwart Shield
Thunder, Mace of Conviction
Thundercrash Girdle
Tiara of the Deathscreamers
Ticka, Greatblade of the Ravager
Tidalpearl Earring
Tidecaster Mooncharm
Tidecaster's Shell
Tidesworn Eye
Time's Sundering
Timestealer's Gorget
Timestealer's Mantle
Timestealer's Mask
Timeworn Codex
Timeworn Pain
Tiny Phosphene Cluster
Tiny Tinkermusic Box-o-Matic
Tita's Incapacitating Cincture
Toba`o the Fearless
Token of the Conjoined Spirit
Tolvak, the Dirk of Madness
Tome of New Beginnings
Tome of Resolution
Tomes of the Four
Tongue of Insanity
Tongue of the Tunat'muram
Tongue of the Zun`Muram
Tooth of the Smiling Bellikos
Torn Drape of Betrayal
Torn Sash of the Overminion
Torn Shawl of the Ice Priests
Torq of the Rigid Spine
Totem of Burning Dread
Totem of Corruption
Totem of Inner Tranquility
Totem of Pyrilonis
Totem of the Chimera
Totem of the High Bokon
Totem of the Scholar
Tower Champion's Bow
Tower Champion's Fork
Tower Champion's Shield
Tower Key
Tracker's Choker of Tranquility
Traitor's Eye
Transcended Fistwraps of Immortality
Transcended Shard of the Ancients
Transcendent Boneleaf Earring
Transient Bow of Solar Winds
Translucent Feral Essence
Trappers Spaulders
Treasure Hunter`s Satchel 2013
Treasurer's Tarnished Signet
Tremulous Key
Trenchant Visage of Hardened Clay
Trepidus Evocator
Tri-Spined War Cudgel
Tribal Helm of the Drone
Trinket of Ro's Folly
Trinket of the Last Ally
Tris' Embroidered Felt Cloak
Triskixx the Sweeper
Triumphant Mask - TBM
Trophy of the Scapegoat
Truesight Hammer
Trumpet of the Dragon Goddess
Trusty Length of Rope
Tserrina's Symbol
Tsetsian Plague Saber
Tsetsian Plague Skin Shawl
Tunare's Tear
Tunat'Muram's Bloodied Greaves
Tunat'Muram's Chainmail of Pain
Tunic of Flowing Ether
Tunic of Suppressed Ether
Turo's Assassin Ring
Turo's Shadow Cloak
Twelve Tone Earstone - TBM
Twereus' Cloak of Sufferance
Twin's Beast Totem
Twinfang, the Immortal's Bane
Twisted Beryl Earring
Twisted Drake Totem
Twisted Harp String
Twisted Ring of Deconstruction
Twisted Staff of Temporal Paradox
Tyranont Articulation Ring
Tyranont Charged Spike
Tyranont Crystal Shard
Tyranont Heart
T`Pal's Leather Armguards
Udengar's Thornmesh of War
Ukun Rawhide Belt
Ukun Skin Shawl
Umbraculis Lumbius
Umbral Plate Faceguard
Umbral-Hooded Shawl
Umbralforge Shield
Umbrashield of Refracted Sorrow
Umeria Fortitas
Umeria Lumbius
Umeria Magius
Umeria Memorias
Umeria Noceis
Umeria Vis
Unbeliever's Shrunken Skull
Uncut Ruby of Purity
Undead Shiliskin Hide Boots
Undertaker's Spade
Underythmic Gourd
Unending Slumber
Unguisio Lumbius
Unguisio Umerium
Unharnessed Soul Gem
Unmarred Quarry Guardian Cloak
Unneksteel Cloak
Unneksteel Dagger
Unneksteel Gorget
Unneksteel Greataxe
Unneksteel Pinion Gear
Unneksteel Sword
Unneksteel Waistband
Unspoken Deliverance
Unspoken Eye
Vacklun's Cloak
Vae`Aender, Stitch's Bow
Vairos, the Savior's Aegis
Vale Lord's Crystal
Vale Lord's Sieging Eye
Valik's Cape of Flight
Valik's Flail of Might
Valik's Partisan of Pain
Valik's Stone of Accuracy
Valorium Belt of Devotion
Vambraces of Eternal Twilight
Vambraces of Night's Bane
Vambraces of Superior Divinity
Vambraces of the Fallen Saint
Vambraces of Vesagran
Vander's Bane
Vangl's Bauble
Vasella's Bloodstained Bracelet
Vasella's Shadowy Cape
Vasella's Shield of Darkness
Veil of Dark Rites
Veil of Dervish Defense
Veil of Draconic Study
Veil of Reflective Crystal
Veil of the Dreamraider
Veil of the Snow Spider
Veil of Vertigo
Velishan's Favor
Velium Veil
Velza, Dragon's Spine
Venesh`s Evergreen Boots
Venesh`s Evergreen Coat
Venesh`s Evergreen Coif
Venesh`s Evergreen Gauntlets
Venesh`s Evergreen Leggings
Venesh`s Evergreen Sleeves
Venesh`s Evergreen Wristguard
Venesh`s Purevine Armwraps
Venesh`s Purevine Boots
Venesh`s Purevine Cowl
Venesh`s Purevine Gloves
Venesh`s Purevine Leggings
Venesh`s Purevine Tunic
Venesh`s Purevine Wristguard
Venesh`s Wildcry Armwraps
Venesh`s Wildcry Boots
Venesh`s Wildcry Cowl
Venesh`s Wildcry Gloves
Venesh`s Wildcry Leggings
Venesh`s Wildcry Tunic
Venesh`s Wildcry Wristguard
Vengeful Shard of the Ancients
Vengeful Taelosian Blood Axe
Venomous Fang of the Seer
Venomous Skiver
Verdant Claws of the Soul
Verdant Coiled Blade
Verdant Curved Blade
Verdant Heartpiercer
Verdant Mace of the Vicar
Verdant Neckcracker
Verdant Serpentine Bow
Verdant Shield of the Shissar
Verdant Spear of the Shissar
Verecund's Crescent of Light
Vergalid's Blood Mace of Dismemberment
Vergalid's Infectious Cloak
Vergalid's Leggings of Corruption
Vermiculated Drape
Vermilion Batfur Cape
Vermilion Batfur Sash
Vermilion Orb of Clairvoyance
Vermin Model IV's Diseased Bauble
Vermin Model IV's Diseased Harness
Vernus, Axe of Shattered Dreams
Version XI Serial Translatron
Vesagran Shard of the Ancients
Vestment of the Far Horizon
Vexed Mallet of Dwarven Artistry
Vhal`Sera Skull Earring
Vial of Caustic Fluid
Vibrant Vapor Ring of Grannus
Victor's Bloody Pauldrons
Vile Torturer's Earring
Vilwind, the Silent Step
Vine Covered Spike
Vinewood Gorget
Vinewood Ring
Vinewood Shoulderpads
Viridian Power Ring
Virulent Band of Therias
Visage of Brekt
Visage of Hatred
Visage of the Grand Engineer
Visor of Distorted Vision
Visor of the Stone Scowl
Vitai Solacium
Vitali Claw
Vitrik War Shield
Vius Xiall, Hammer of Dawn
Vol Tekar, Edge of Light
Volatile Blackflame Stiletto
Vreklen, Spire of Arcane Extraction
Vule's Eye
Vule's Frozen Heart
Vule's Wristcuff
Vyers' Engraved Ring
Vyers' Sigil
Vyers' Stud
Waistguard of Fanatic Devotion
Waistplate of Fire and Ice
Wand of Twisted Fate
Wand of Uncertain Dreams
Wand of Vicious Cruelty
Wand of Wanton Disease
War-Torn Badge of Scale
War-touched Pauldrons of Zek
Warbeads of the Magus
Warbelt of the Coldain Lords
Warbound Leggings
Ward of the Gatekeeper
Warfists of the Reincarnate
Warmonger's Heart of the First Hand Axe
Warped Coeval Incandessence
Warped Coeval Luminessence
Warped Emerald Ring of Insanity
Warped Primeval Incandessence
Warped Primeval Luminessence
Warspear of Vexation
Watcher's Ring
Water Ward Earring
Waterlogged Cloth of the Lonely Depths
Wavecasters Ceremonial Staff
Wavekiller Ring
Wavering Water Pearl
Wavestruck Maul
Weathered Advisor's Cloak
Weepsea, Solidified Tear of Prexus
Weight of Divinity
Weight of Duty
Weight of the Dark Denizen
Whipcord Belt
Whirring Archaen Rune
Whirring Clockwork Rune
Whispering Armguard of Shadows
Whispering Boots of Shadows
Whispering Bracer of Shadows
Whispering Gloves of Shadows
Whispering Hat of Shadows
Whispering Pants of Shadows
Whispering Tunic of Shadows
Whisperwind, Kertrasia's Voice
White Dragon Scale
White Dragon's Tooth
White Dragonscale Cloak
Whitemetal Gorget
Whiteshoals' Doll
Whiteshoals' Drape of Purity
Widow's Fang
Wind Borne Totem
Windfury Katana
Windwatcher Sash
Winged Gem of Command
Wis'Ena, Cloudcutter
Wisplit Lantern
Wispy Deathknell Drape
Wither and Decay
Withered Totem of Widdershins
Woljnar, Mask of Zek
Wondrous Silver Gauntlets
Worked Granite of Sundering
Worker's Waistbelt
Worn Blue doll
Worn Iron Rallosian Relic
Worn Mentation Focus Idol
Worn Pauldrons of the Cliknar Soldier
Woven Belfry Wristcuff
Woven Cloak of Darkest Night
Woven Ice Pantaloons
Woven Shadow Stone
Woven Shawl of Rage
Woven Strand of Unstable Materials
Woven Wrap of the Bleak
Wraithguard Lord Commander's Cloak
Wrap of the Fear Beast
Wrap of the Wild
Wrap of Unreality
Wrapped Glass Shard
Wrathbringer's Chain Boots of the Vindicator
Wrathbringer's Chain Chestguard of the Vindicator
Wrathbringer's Chain Gloves of the Vindicator
Wrathbringer's Chain Helm of the Vindicator
Wrathbringer's Chain Leggings of the Vindicator
Wrathbringer's Chain Sleeves of the Vindicator
Wrathbringer's Chain Wristguard of the Vindicator
Wrext Mal Cape
Wrext Mal Citizen's Insignia
Wrext Mal Martyr's Ring
Wrext Mal Mesmerist's Focus
Wrext Mal Mundunugu Coif
Wrext Mal Mundunugu Rank Insignia
Wrext Mal Mundunugu Signet Ring
Wristbands of Burning Rage
Wristcuff of Phenomenal Power
Wristcuff of Whispered Death
Wristcuffs of Burning Rage
Wristguards of the Vampire Hunter
Wristplates of Burning Rage
Wristplates of the Fallen Saint
Wristwraps of Burning Rage
Wulfgar's Resolution
Wuran's Staff of Decay
Wyrmband of the Devoted
Wyvern Signet of Doctrine
Wyvern-Crafted Adornment
Xaendar's Brain
Xau Kaas, Blade of Souls
Xau Tekar, Blade of Night
Xenu Xakra, Staff of Unlife
Xin Xakreum, Baton of the War Spirit
Xorbb's Insight
Xorbb's Resolution of Vengeance
Xorbb's Rod of Retribution
Yarusha, the Storm's Fury
Yelnia's Tunic
Young Dragon Mask
Ythalym's Token
Ytta's Third Eye
Yymp's Research Cleaver
Zalifur's Focused Stone
Zealator's Ambition
Zealots Collar
Zen Master's Focus
Zomm's Wand
Zulaqua's Cloak
Zulaqua's Necklace
Zun'Muram's Scepter of Chaos
Zun'Muram's Signet of Command
Zun'Muram's Spear of Doom
Zurel's Battle Mask
Zurel's Weighted Chain
Acrylia Mines
A Restless Burrower
Bile Coated Codex
Bile Stained Robes
Talisman of the Burrower
Wormhusk Harness
Ring of Fire Quest
Armband of Serenity
Axe of the Warmaster
Bone Bladed Scimitar
Bone Collar of the Possessed
Crown of the Undead Warmaster
Earring of Death
Earring of Fond Memories
Feather Lined Bag
Fungus Covered Vial
Gauntlet of the Fire Ring
Seer's Orb of Power
Vile Rib of War
Warmaster's Ribcage
Warmasters Mask of Battle
Charred Shroud of Denial
Forlorn Hero's Bracer
Tattered Fur Boots
Itraer Vius
Collar of Tavuel Xakreum
Crown of the Itraer Vius
Fist of Acrylia
Fist of Glowing Acrylia
Itraer Insignia
Light Woodsman's Blade
Sunbeam Staff
Vex xi Vius
Vius Short Sword
Wito xi Tetoracu
Shei Vinitras
Akhevan Shadow Sheers
Crys`Va Mask
Flowing Gossamer Cloak
Frizznik's Robe of Tinkering
Ishinaear Xiall
Leggings of Serenity
Mantle of Fortitude
Shadowed Storm Sphere
Shadowed Torment
Shadowsong Cloak
The Insanity Crawler
An Insanity Crawler Fang
Insanity Crawler hide shield
Mind Worm hide belt
The Va`Dyn
Aleje's Ceremonial Cudgel
Gold Inlaid Ulak
Shaderock Amulet
Shaderock Bracer
Shaderock Crown
Shaderock Girdle
Shaderock Robe
Shield of Infused Power
Barindu, The Hanging Garden
Ikaav Ivxet Pox
Crozier of Venom
Crystal Rod of Control
Face Mask of the Vile
Fractured Obsidian Band
Lightly Polished Ikaav Scale
Sanative Truncheon
Snakescale Girdle of Rage
Stave of the Slavers
Tympan of Shrieking Anguish
Bastion of Thunder
Agnarr the Storm Lord
Amulet of the Rain
Crystallized Rain
Double Edged Stormblade
Karana’s Tear
Longbow of the Stormlord
Orb of Thunderous Spirits
Stormriders Guantlets
Auliffe Chaoswind
Blackblade of the Rain
Greatstaff of the Four Winds
Wand of the Ice Storm
Bryniju Thunderclad
Cap of Drowned Souls
Wicked Shank
Eindride Icestorm
Great Blade of Storms
Mantle of the Rainmaker
Stormrider Carapace
Gaukr Sandstorm
Eye of the Sandstorm
Wind-worn Chestplate
Hreidar Lynhillig
Tear of the Rainmaker
Kuanbyr Hailstorm
Stormriders Signet
Laef Windfall
Hammer of the Wind
Staff of Flowing Water
Thundering Mace
Oreen Wavecrasher
Mask of the Hailstorms
Shortblade of Lightning
Random Zone Drops - Bastion of Thunder
Belt of Thunderous Auras
Mask of Thunder
Pants of the Storms
Twice Forged Steel Bulwark
Windriders Trinket
Cazic Thule
Ring of Slime
Acid Pocked Mithril Blade
Acid Scarred Chain Tunic
Bracer of Viscous Ooze
Crystallized Acid Bracer
Crystallized Acid Pauldrons
Forlorn Hero's Blade
Robe of Viscid Slime
Viscid Slime Gloves
Crypt of Decay
Circle of Rotting Flesh
Decayed Shoes of the Plaguebringer
Radiant Mask of the Disease Lord
Symbol of the Plaguebringer
The Rotting Fist
Carprin Deatharn
Blazing Eye Skull Mask
Festering Earlobe
Twelve Kings of Lxanvom
Band of Flayed Flesh
Blood Defiance
Darwol's Cleaver
Drape of Wings
Kavlis’ Mosquito Lance
Meedo's Glaive of Terror
Torch of Lxvanvom
Doomfire, The Burning Lands
A Sweltering Mephit
Necklace of Flame Marked Links
Babnoxis the Spider Queen
Mask of the Insightful
Battle with Fennin Ro
Band of Elder Understanding
Blaring Horn of Fire
Bracer of Flickering Flames
Cord of the Pyre
Fire Crested Rune
Fire Marked Rune
Flame Idol of Ro
Sable Shoes of Flame
Blazzax the Omnifiend
Cape of Flames
Captain of Fire / Sorcerer of Fire
Basalt Bulwark
Charm of Defense
Criare Sunmane / Jaxoliz Dawneyes
Drape of the Agile
Fang of Flame
Shimmering Sleeves of Flame
Shining Crimson Shawl
Staff of Eternal Flames
Doomfire Firecharmer
Circle of Blue Flame
Doomfire Warlord
Manacle of the Wise
Fennin Ro
Essence of Fire
Earring of Eternal Flame
Gleaming Mesh Girdle
Great Mask of Flame
Ifir, Dagger of Fire
Immaculate Vest of the Fire Tyrant
Fiery Spirit Equine
Flame Gilded Cloak
Flame Overlord
Black Rage of Flame
General Druav Flamesinger
Burning Mask of Terror
Lava Forged Face Guard
Ornate Greatblade
General Reparm
Fiery Staff of Zha
Jopal Seer
Knight's Gleaming Mace
Elemental Boot Mold
Elemental Bracer Mold
Elemental Chain Boots Pattern
Elemental Chain Bracer Pattern
Elemental Chain Coif Patter
Elemental Chain Gauntlet Pattern
Elemental Chain Vambraces Pattern
Elemental Gauntlet Mold
Elemental Helm Mold
Elemental Leather Boot Pattern
Elemental Leather Bracer Pattern
Elemental Leather Glove Pattern
Elemental Leather Sleeves Pattern
Elemental Plate Greaves Mold
Elemental Silk Boot Pattern
Elemental Silk Bracelet Pattern
Elemental Silk Glove Pattern
Elemental Silk Pant Pattern
Elemental Silk Sleeve Pattern
Elemental Silk Turban Pattern
Elemental Vambraces Mold
Necklace of Reflected Flames
Blackflame Sphere
Quavonis Firetail
Cloak of Combustion
Phoenix Claw Talisman
Random Zone Drops - Doomfire
Flame Buckled Belt
Ivory Candle Skull
Mantle of Flame Wisdom
Silver Flame Bauble
Spear of Fire
Dragon Necropolis
Runed Bolster Belt
Shield of the White Dragon
Drunder, Fortress of Zek
Glykus Helmir
Blood Runed Battle Wand
Split Blade of Destruction
Rallos Zek
Black Collar of Boundless Might
Blade of War
Boots of the Warmaster
Grimfaced Visor
Red Eyed Mask of Rage
War Charm of Crossed Blades
Random Zone Drops - Tactics
Ear Symbol of the Veteran
Gladiator's Jereed
Glowing Golden Band
Golem Forged Bracer
Heavy Tooled Weapon Belt
Wand of the War Wizard
Tagrin Maldric
Black Plated Collar
Veil of War Wise Eyes
Tallon Zek
Battle Fists
Tallon’s War Charm
Veteran's Battle Charm
Visor of Endless Sight
Warmaster's Recurved Longbow
The Diaku Overseer
A Blood Bladed Dagger
War Disciple's Focus
Vallon Zek
Furious Hammer of Zek
Girdle of the Tactician
Obsidian Scimitar of War
Pendant of the Triumphant Victor
Resplendent War Maul
Eryslai, The Kingdom of Wind
An Elemental Masterpiece
Bejeweled Dagger of Summoning
Tethered Air Cape
Arch Mage Alchtonion
Radiant Feather
Avatar of Dust
Bulwark of Shimmering Steel
Ivory Hilted Cleaver
Mystical Essence of Dust
Rune Stamped Blade
Avatar of Mist
Band of Swirling Air
Heavy Bludgeoner
Mystical Essence of Mist
Whispering Air Bangle
Avatar of Smoke
Alabaster Hilted Wind Bow
Mystical Essence of Smoke
Puremetal Band
Woven Steel Sash
Avatar of Wind
Air Fetish
Ensorcelled Metalcloth Cape
Fine Hammered Faceguard
Mystical Essence of Wind
Baltaldor the Cursed
Sparkling Shortsword
Prismatic Belt of Queztocatal
Chamberlain Escalardian
Defender of the Ancestral Spirit
Gakamenial Fir`Disralsi
Crystal Tipped Onyxwood Staff
Exquisite Leather Cap
Inokher the Warlord
Symbol of the Swirling Maelstrom
Spiked Toe Boots
Melernil Faal`Armanna
Puresteel Mantle
Resplendant Epaulets
Pherlondien Clawpike
Band of Fortitude
Crow Footed Lance
Queen Silandria
Scintillating Feather Mask
Rinturion Windblade
Sparkling Satin Pantaloons
Sigismond Windwalker
Gleaming Pendant of Xegony
The Rhythm of Xegony
Essence of Wind
Exquisite Phoenix Feather Mantle
Exquisite Puresteel Fistwraps
Simple Ring of Purity
Vest of Phoenix Feathers
Xephyrus, Wand of the Flowing Wind
Ferubi, Forgotten Temple of Taelosia
Hexxt Gkon
Ebony Ore of Revenge
Ritual Totem of Hope
Hexxt N`Vak Tkan
Irestone Ring of Fright
Kelp-String Lute of Tide Rituals
Packmaster Skoiat Pizak
Collar of the Rav Lord
Mace of Fallen Heroes
Mantle of the Rav Lord
Muramite Linked Bracer
Nihil Ring of Sorrow
Polished Skull Bone Cap
Rampart of Fallen Heroes
Turban of the Rav Lord
Pxet Elite Blademaster
Irestone of Might
Pxet Elite Brawler
Daunting Opaque Orb
Pxet Elite Hammermaster
Bone Shard of Rigidity
Pxet Elite Spearmaster
Cloudy Jewel of Growth
Pxet Vzanki Kzan
A Taelosian Child's Toy
Diamond-Link Chainmail
Gilded Ixt Spear
Gray Mesh Legbands
Scaled Leggings of Dark Dreams
Random Zone Drops - Ferubi
Mantle of Ferociousness
Stone Idol of Storm Rites
Rav Hunter
Diregem Earring of War
Layered Scale Chestguard
Rav Ptvin
Scaled Sash of Battle Hunger
Statuette of the Currents
Weapon Master Vtiink Vzaan
Aegis of Discordant Matter
Blade of Ornate Symbols
Dark Hide Belt
Gleaming Metal Cuffs
Muramite Plated Bracer
Soft Scale Cap
Veil of Forgotten Heroes
Zun'Muram Votal
Glyphed Ritual Belt
Muramite Linked Coif
Scissor Bladed Dagger
Shawl of Chaotic Energy
Thick Scarred Bracer
Unadorned Silver Visor
Votal's Femur
Votal's Ornate Blade
Great Divide
Narandi the Wretched
Choker of the Wretched
Crown of Narandi
Earring of the Frozen Skull
Eye of Narandi
Faceguard of Bentos the Hero
Narandi's Lance
Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV
Greig's End
Grieg Veneficus
Attuned Spire Shard
Belt of Virility
Boots of Stability
Etched Bone Ulak
Geomantic Fingers of Focus
Geomantic Focus
Jenniy's Two-tone Cuirass
Praetorian Myral
Divine Hammer of Consternation
Scythe of Sundering
Servitor of Luclin
Lurid Dagger
Mask of Pulchritude
Sombrous Claidmore
Spined Chain Mail
Wand of Musing
First Witness
Enhanced Gem of the First Witness
Focus Shard of Enhanced Protection
Focused Prism of Accuracy
Gloves of the Cauldron Cursed
Glowing Stone of Agility
Mossy Enchanted Stone
Guk Hard Adventure
Eyeball of the Cursed
Frayed Froglok Robe Threads
Fungus-Smeared Bracer
Long Sword of the Ykesha
Spectral Earring of Froglok Essence
Ykeshan Spirit Bow
Halls of Honor
Alekson Garn Trial
First Sergeants Insignia
Guard Captains Faceguard
Hand of Honor
Intricately Inscribed Band
Platoon Leaders Pauldrons
Staff of Swiftness
Warder's Ornate Broadsword
Mithaniel Marr
Blade of the Tempest
Bow of Contortion
Cloak of the Wrulons
Dart of Immobility
Gemstone Choker
Signet of the Advisor
Valiant Belt of Fallen Heroes
Rydda`Dar Trial
Elven Bow of Mysticism
Grandmasters Mace
Ivory Etched Aegis
Icewell Keep
One-eyed Satan
Aegis of Ice
Frostreaver's Embroidered Cloak
Frostreaver's Velium Crown
Head of Dain Frostreaver (for Belt of Dwarf Slaying)
Ring of Winter
Tri-Plated Golden Hackle Hammer
Ikkinz, Antechamber of Destruction
Altar Overseer
Ring of the Brutish Beasts
Chambers of Glorification
Aegis of Blackscales
Blackstone Buckler
Blackstone of Radical Thought
Bloodlink Chestmail
Bloodstone Sword
Coldstone of Continuance
Cranial Bludgeoner
Dark Belt of Wrath
Darkglint Blade
Deathcaller's Stonewind
Deathwrap of Rites
Flamestone of the Arcane
Fleshthreader's Mace
Incantor Mask of Death
Irestone Band of Rage
Jagged Onyx Staff
Jointed Scale Greaves
Mantle of Mending
Onyx Ring of Prayer
Rageshale of Bolstering
Ritual Spinesplicer
Runed Flesh-Banded Leggings
Shale Shoulderpads
Shining Bloodstone
Keeper of the Altar
Bauble of the Forlorn
Blazing Stone of Demise
Bloodied Ritual Trinket
Bloodstone of Force
Darkened Coldstone
Gem-Inlaid Ritual Cloak
Glyph-Lined Vrex Cloak
Robe of Destruction
Sharp Irestone Fragment
Stone-Worked Pauldrons
Tome of Tainted Axe of Hatred
Veil of Entrancement
Inktu'ta, the Unmasked Chapel
Jomica the Unforgiven
Segmented Staff of Ceremony
Kelekdrix, Herald of Trushar
Demerix the Painsipper
Earhoop of the Eighteen Eyes
Kelekdrix's Sandstone of Fortitude
Loop of Endless Insanity
Onyx Shard of Enlightenment
Shimmering Jade Axe of Vengeance
Whispering Amice
Cerulean Painted Veil
Effigy of Kelekdrix
Jeweled Stud of Madness
Lustrous Shimmering Band
Noqufiel's Wand of Infinite Enmity
Pikebladed Ripper of the Arch-Thief
Relic of the Unremembered
Sash of Enveloping Quiescence
Shard of Dark Matter (Inktu`ta)
Soothing Earstone of Striated Clay
Stained Threadbare Cape
Random Zone Drops - Inktu'ta
Cracked Sandstone of Fortitude
Fragment of Glowing Shale
Imperfect Onyx Shard
Misshapen Bronze Sphere
Pebble of Minor Disruption
Tiny Orb of Defense
Uncut Pristine Ruby
Uncut Shimmering Emerald
Kael Drakken
Derakor the Vindicator
Boots of the Vindicator
Chestplate of Vindication
Head of Derakor the Vindicator
Living Thunder Earring
King Tormax
Axe of the Kromzek Kings
Boots of the Storm
Crown of the Kromzek Kings
King Tormax's Head
Ring of Lightning
The Horn of Hsagra
Velium Encrusted Gauntlets
White Dragon Scale Sash
Wrist Guard of Thunder
Statue of Rallos Zek
Breastplate of Eradication
Cloak of Falling Stars
Hammer of Battle
Iron Scroll of War
Shard of Hsgara's Tailsman
Swiftblade of Zek
The Avatar of War
Blade of Carnage
Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask
Flayed Barbarian Skin Leggings
Helmet of Rallos Zek
Ring of Destruction
War Bow of Rallos Zek
Karnor's Castle
Venril Sathir
Blood Ember Greaves
Cobalt Greaves
Deepwater Greaves
Donal's Leggings of Mourning
Elder Spiritist's Greaves
Jaundiced Bone Greaves
Mrylokar's Greaves
Singing Steel Greaves
Tolan's Darkwood Greaves
Kod`taz, Broken Trial Grounds
Ageless Relic Protector
Gaunt Veil of Purification
Pixtt Grand Summoner Ring
Achromatic Aneukian Orb
Aneukian Battleworn Armplates
Aneukian Gorget of Eradication
Aneukian Sole Linings
Cape of Aneukian Amelioration
Dusty Mudstone of Life
Fleshbound Mask of Ire
Fleshbound Shroud of Aggression
Manacles of Impudence
Muramite Death Shroud
Muramite Flurry Armcovers
Nebulous Pixtt Oculus
Pixtt Brow Mesh
Pixtt-Emblazoned Plated Gauntlets
Staunch Pixtt Chain Wrappings
Tempered Pixtt Skull Cap
Miragul's Menagerie
Miragul's Hard Adventure
Boots of an Aged Mystic
Cape of Broken Enchantments
Hammer of Corrupted Enchantments
Lost Ancient Elven Ring
Mana-Threaded Bone Bracelet
Stolen Shawl of Hidden Heretics
The Synarcana
Enchanted Jewel of Shielding
Frozen Gloves of the Feral Lord
Gauntlet Stone of Fortitude
Icy Orb of Frozen Time
Jagged Froststone of Enchantments
Jagged Shard of Rejuvenation
Jeweled Sentinel's Broken Aura
Shard of Enchanted Visions
Synarcana's Jewel of Timeless Alacrity
Vambraces of Fractured Bone
Mistmoore Catacombs
Halusant the Nightblood
Bloodied Gravestone Fragment
Bloodstone of Enhanced Protection
Enchanted Chunk of Graying Flesh
Gargoyle's Stone of Vitality
Gem of Burning Rage
Girdle of the Souless
Glowing Ring of Eternal Slumber
Gravestone Fragment of Protection
Helm of Bloodlust
Mummy´s Bone Earring
Mummy´s Stone of Fury
Ruby of Bloody Vengeance
Scion's Shard of Death Chants
Sharp Gravestone Shard
Shield of Restlessness
Translucent Orb of Trapped Mana
Mistmoore Hard Adventure
Bloodied Boots of Dark Rites
Gravedigger Arm Straps
Preserved Flesh Mantle
Scion Bloodstained Mask
Shadowed Bracer
Trueborn Elite Ring
Trueborn's Dagger of the Dark
Vampire's Lute of Bone
Vampiric Coif of the Grave
Valdoon Kel`Novar
Bloodbond Stone
Bloodied Shard of Kel`Novar
Bloodstone of Blinding Strikes
Bracer of Forbidden Paths
Enchanted Orb of Defense
Faded Gloves of the Shadows
Guardian's Stone of Enhanced Protection
Nightstone of the Vampire Slayer
Reflection Shard of Kel`Novar
Scion Stone of Disruption
Sharp-Edged Pearl Shard
Stone Guardian’s Conjuration Shard
Valdoon's Bloodstone of Power
Valdoon's Immortal Blood Gem
Valdoon's Stone Beast Shard
Muramite Proving Grounds
Trial of Adaptation
Belt of Inevitable Conversion
Boots of Altered Perception
Boots of Shifting Time
Matchless Silvery Claymore
Ring of Fluid Perception
Sandals of Constant Change
Sapphire Choker of Adaptation
Supple Slippers of Transformation
Veil of Intense Evolution
Trial of Corruption
Bracelet of the Corrupter
Bracer of Corrupted Souls
Bracer of the Debauched
Cloak of the Faithless
Cord of the Malcontent
Fangs of the Serpent
Howling Blood-Stained Bulwark
Screaming Skull of Discontent
Wristband of Spectral Corruption
Trial of Destruction
Eye of the Lightninglord
Horn of Doomcalling
Tri-Spined Spaulders of Destruction
Trial of Efficiency
Eyepatch of Expert Archery
Girdle of Efficiency
Rime-Encrusted Pikestaff
Trial of Endurance
Armplates of Endless Fortitude
Battleworn Dented Aegis
Brazier of Endless Flame
Clawed Earring of Determination
Cloak of Flinty Resolve
Darkiron Bow of Betrayal
Mantle of Iron Will
Relentless Guardian's Staff
Shawl of Nefarious Favor
Silken Sleeves of Persistence
Sleeves of the Steadfast
Two-Toned Fur Cape
Vambraces of Perseverance
Worldwalker's Staff
Trial of Fear
Facade of Fright
Supple Crimson Choker
Trial of Foresight
Band of Eternal Gaze
Belt of Intangible Clairvoyance
Cudgel of the Watchful Dragorn
Hammered Helm of Foresight
Helm of Inventive Perception
Mask of Uncanny Sight
Misty Globe
Pendant of Stilled Time
Twisted Crown of Consciousness
Trial of Hatred
Bloodband of Malice
Envenomed Leggings of Enmity
Greaves of Seething Rage
Leggings of Fearsome Deeds
Legplates of Abhorrent Memories
Muramite Aggressor's Bulwark
Ring of Ire Intent
Seething Fists of Slaughter
Totem of Shattered Hope
Warped Mask of Animosity
Trial of Ingenuity
Bane of the Stonegazer
Clockwork Talisman of Invention
Indigo Cloak
Trial of Specialization
Brute's Gaudy Shoulderspines
Chain Gauntlets of Adroitness
Gauntlets of Singular Mastery
Gloves of the Adept
Jagged Pureblade
Laced Gloves of Superiority
Specialist's Green Earstone
Stud of Focused Aptitude
Trial of Subversion
Bauble of Premonitions
Emblem of the False Priestess
Stalker's Shoulderguards
Trial of Weaponry
Painbringer's Velvet Pelisse
Sash of the Battlemaster
Signet of the Armsman
Natimbi, The Broken Shores
Cragbeast Queen
Lizardscale Plated Girdle
Lizardscale Woven Sash
Loop of the Lizard Slayer
Visage of the Brute
Nobles' Causeway
Alpha Feran
Face of Envy
Murkglider School Leader
Slime-Etched Epaulets
Oiled Cloak of Dissolution
Tarlang's Head
Omens of War - Misc
OoW Spell Runes
Ancient Muramite Rune
Glowing Muramite Rune
Greater Muramite Rune
Lesser Muramite Rune
Minor Muramite Rune
Muramite Rune
Raiding Event - Epics
Adorned Earring of Hope
Blood Smudged Crimson Cape
Collar of Fleeting Courage
Dirt Covered Belt of Divinity
Dull Icon of Redemption
Frayed Cap of Patience
Hollowed Bone Plated Mask
Iron Ring of Futility
Linked Scale Boots
Longbow of Chaos
Muramite Plate Helmet of War
Muramite Silk Bracer of Contention
Muramite Silk Sleeves of Contention
Ring of the Serpent's Eye
Silver-Inlaid Iron Wrap
Stone of Tainted Health
Studded Mace of Contemplation
Veil of the Cynic
Plane of Disease
Aramin the Spider Guardian
Bracer of Rotting Bile
Disease Imbued Greatstaff
Gooey Boots
Orb of Unidentifyable Pulp
Signet of Withering Flesh
Bone Spiked Crusher
Chunk of Decaying Cloth
Diseased Rat Skin Mask
Malarian Leg Ear Stud
Pus Covered Beetle Carapace
Ring of the Pox-bearer
Runed Lance of Gryme
Rallius Rattican
Arachnid Antennae
Cursed Armplates
Decomposing Wristband
Gloves of Flowing Ooze
Oozing Quarterstaff
Pox Ridden Carapace
Plane of Fear
Cazic Thule
Bile Etched Obsidian Choker
Brain of Cazic Thule
Cloak of the Fearsome
Eye of Cazic Thule
Halo of the Enlightened
Pauldrons of Ferocity
Robe of Inspiration
Berserker's Ring
Fearsome Shield
Grotesque Girdle
Shawl of Protection
Zombie Flesh Bracer
Amulet of Necropotence
Barbarian Spiritist`s Hammer
Blood Fire
Bone Clasped Girdle
Crimson Robe of Alendine
Darkwood Trunk
DawnFire, Morning Star of Light
Lyssa's Darkwood Piccolo
Shield of Rainbow Hues
Slime Blood of Cazic Thule
Plane of Growth
Braid of Golden Hair
Essence of Nature
Girdle of Living Thorns
Golden Leaf Earring
Massive Heartwood Thorn
Nature's Melody
Petrified Heartwood Flamberge
Sap Encrusted Branch
Plane of Hate
Bloodstar Pendant
Brewer's Mesh Cloak
Cloak of Scales
Darkbrood Mask
Earring of Bashing
Engineer's Rings
Hotof's Bracer
Leatherfoot Sandals
Pauldrons of Power
Ring of Pureblood
Skinners Belt
Triumphant Mask
Plane of Hate II
Innoruuk II
Beacon of Loathing
Constricting Cuirass
Corrupted Valorium Bracer
Darkfelt Noose
Manual of Malady
Maestro of Rancor II
Accursed Pantaloons
Cracked Bone Ornament
Cracked Bone Shinguards
Darkfelt Robes
Marrow's Song
Ragged Felt Cloak
Tallow-smeared Crown
Twelve Tone Earstone
Plane of Innovation
Junk Beast
Broken Drivebelt
Corroded Steel Plate
Flickering Powersource
Half Spiked Sprocket
Junk Beast Power Source
Lined Burlap Sleeves
Metal Flecked Wirespun Cape
Pile Driver
Manaetic Behemoth
Coil of Twisted Platinum Wire
Glowing Steel Shim
Innovator’s Hammer
Protective Dust Drape
Self Contained Force Barrier
Manaetic Prototype
Cog Encrusted Epaulets
Double Wrapped Wide Belt
Polished Smoothmetal Torque
Xanamech Nexmirthafen
Cord Hilted Spike Driver
Innovators Ring
Pulsing Phase Emitter
The Weapon's Driveshaft
Woven Shim Choker
Plane of Justice
The Seventh Hammer
Faith Wrought Two Handed Sword
Headsman's Apron
Knife of Justice
Mantle of the Accused
Precious Cameo Pendant
Warden's Buckler
Plane of Knowledge
Elemental Chain Boot Pattern
Askr's Thunderous Boots
Bidilis' Boots of the Elusive
Galladan's Stormwrath Boots
Rosrak's Boots of the Primal
Elemental Chain Bracer Pattern
Askr’s Thunderous Bracer
Bidilis' Bracer of the Elusive
Galladan's Stormwrath Bracer
Rosrak's Bracer of the Primal
Elemental Chain Coif Pattern
Askr's Thunderous Helm
Bidilis' Helm of the Elusive
Galladan's Stormwrath Coif
Rosrak's Helm of the Primal
Elemental Chain Gloves Pattern
Askr's Thunderous Gauntlets
Bidilis' Gauntlet of the Elusive
Galladan's Stormwrath Gloves
Rosrak's Gauntlets of the Primal
Elemental Chain Leggings Pattern
Askr's Thunderous Greaves
Bidilis' Greaves of the Elusive
Galladan's Stormwrath Leggings
Rosrak's Greaves of the Primal
Elemental Chain Tunic Pattern
Galladan's Stormwrath Tunic
Elemental Chain Vambraces Pattern
Askr's Thunderous Armplates
Bidilis' Sleeves of the Elusive
Galladan's Stormwrath Sleeves
Rosrak's Sleeves of the Primal
Elemental Leather Boot Pattern
Dumul's Boots of the Brute
Kerasha's Sylvan Boots
Ton Po's Sandals of Composure
Elemental Leather Bracer Pattern
Dumul's Bracer of the Brute
Kerasha's Sylvan Bracer
Ton Po's Wristwraps of Composure
Elemental Leather Cap Pattern
Dumul's Cap of the Brute
Kerasha's Sylvan Cap
Ton Po's Helm of Composure
Elemental Leather Gloves Pattern
Dumul's Gloves of the Brute
Kerasha's Sylvan Gloves
Ton Po's Gloves of Composure
Elemental Leather Pants Pattern
Dumul's Leggings of the Brute
Kerasha's Sylvan Leggings
Ton Po's Leggings of Composure
Elemental Leather Vambraces Pattern
Dumul's Sleeves of the Brute
Kerasha's Sylvan Sleeves
Ton Po's Sleeves of Composure
Elemental Plate Boot Mold
Grimror's Boots of the Plagues
Raex's Boots of Destruction
Rizlona’s Fiery Boots
Trydan's Boots of Nobility
Ultor's Boots of Faith
Elemental Plate Bracer Mold
Grimror's Bracer of the Plagues
Raex's Bracer of Destruction
Rizlona's Fiery Bracer
Trydan’s Bracer of Nobility
Ultor's Bracer of Faith
Elemental Plate Gauntlet Mold
Grimror's Gauntlets of the Plagues
Raex's Gauntlets of Destruction
Rizlona's Fiery Gauntlets
Trydan's Gauntlets of Nobility
Ultor's Gauntlets of Faith
Elemental Plate Greaves Mold
Grimror's Greaves of the Plagues
Raex's Greaves of Destruction
Rizlona's Fiery Greaves
Trydan's Greaves of Nobility
Ultor's Greaves of Faith
Elemental Plate Helm Mold
Grimror's Helm of the Plagues
Raex's Helm of Destruction
Rizlona’s Fiery Helm
Trydan's Helm of Nobility
Ultor's Helm of Faith
Elemental Plate Vambraces Mold
Grimror's Sleeves of the Plagues
Raex's Armplates of Destruction
Rizlona’s Fiery Vambraces
Trydan's Armplates of Nobility
Ultor's Vambraces of Faith
Elemental Silk Boot Pattern
Maelin's Shoes of Lore
Magi`Kot's Shoes of Convergence
Miragul's Shoes of Risen Souls
Romar's Slippers of Visions
Elemental Silk Bracer Pattern
Maelin’s Bracelet of Lore
Magi`Kot's Bangle of Convergence
Miragul's Bracelet of Risen Souls
Romar's Bracer of Visions
Elemental Silk Cap Pattern
Maelin's Skullcap of Lore
Magi`Kot's Tiara of Convergence
Miragul’s Crown of Risen Souls
Romar's Circlet of Visions
Elemental Silk Gloves Pattern
Maelin's Gloves of Lore
Magi`Kot's Gloves of Convergence
Miragul's Gloves of Risen Souls
Romar's Gloves of Visions
Elemental Silk Leggings Pattern
Maelin's Leggings of Lore
Magi`Kot's Pants of Convergence
Miragul's Greaves of Risen Souls
Romar's Pantaloons of Visions
Elemental Silk Vambraces Pattern
Maelin's Sleeves of Lore
Magi`Kot's Sleeves of Convergence
Miragul's Sleeves of Risen Souls
Romar's Sleeves of Visions
Essences of the Gods Quest
Cord of Invigoration
Frizznik's Endless Coin Purse
Jade Hoop of Speed
Mace of the Ancients
Ring of Farsight
Ornate Boot Mold
Boots of Vengeful Fury
Composers Boots
Jaylia's Boots of the Valiant
Kizrak's Boots of Battle
Ornate Bracer Mold
Bracer of Emblazoned Souls
Composers Bracer
Jaylia's Valiant Bracer
Kizrak's Bracer of Battle
Wristplates of Vengeful Fury
Ornate Breastplate Mold
Breastplate of Emblazoned Souls
Breastplate of Vengeful Fury
Composers Chestplate
Jaylia's Valiant Chestplate
Kizrak's Chestplate of Battle
Ornate Chain Boots Pattern
Stanos' Wicked Boots
Ornate Chain Bracer Pattern
Planestriders Wristguard
Scaled Avatar's Bracer
Stanos' Wicked Bracer
Ornate Chain Gauntlet Pattern
Planestriders Gauntlets
Scaled Avatar's Gloves
Stanos' Wicked Gauntlets
Ornate Chain Pants Pattern
Planestriders Greaves
Scaled Avatar's Leggings
Stanos' Wicked Leggings
Ornate Chain Tunic Pattern
Planestriders Hauberk
Scaled Avatar's Hauberk
Stanos' Wicked Breastplate
Ornate Chain Vambraces Pattern
Planestriders Vambraces
Stanos' Wicked Sleeves
Ornate Greaves Mold
Composers Greaves
Greaves of Emblazoned Souls
Greaves of Vengeful Fury
Javia's Legplates of the Valiant
Kizrak's Greaves of Battle
Ornate Helm Mold
Composers Helmet
Helm of Emblazoned Souls
Helm of Vengeful Fury
Jaylia's Helm of the Valiant
Kizrak's Helmet of Battle
Ornate Leather Boot Pattern
Boots of the Khati Sha
Slippers of Enlightenment
Wanderer's Sylvan Boots
Ornate Leather Bracer Pattern
Bracer of Enlightenment
Wanderer's Sylvan Bracer
Ornate Leather Glove Pattern
Gauntlets of Enlightenment
Gloves of the Khati Sha
Wanderer's Sylvan Gloves
Ornate Leather Pant Pattern
Leggings of Enlightenment
Leggings of the Khati Sha
Wanderer's Sylvan Leggings
Ornate Leather Sleeves Pattern
Armguards of Enlightenment
Wanderer's Sylvan Sleeves
Ornate Leather Tunic Pattern
Chestwraps of Enlightenment
Tunic of the Khati Sha
Wanderer's Sylvan Tunic
Ornate Plate Gauntlet Mold
Gauntlets of Vengeful Fury
Jaylia's Valiant Gauntlets
Kizrak's Gauntlets of Battle
Ornate Plate Vambraces Mold
Composers Vambraces
Jaylia's Valiant Vambraces
Kizrak's Armband of Battle
Vambraces of Vengeful Fury
Ornate Silk Boot Pattern
Arantir's Sandals of Discovery
Ornate Silk Bracer Pattern
Arantir's Bracelet of Discovery
Elemental Bracelet of the Prime
Silken Augmenter's Bracelet
Vorshar's Manicle of the Blight
Ornate Silk Glove Pattern
Arantir's Gloves of Discovery
Ornate Silk Hat Pattern
Arantir's Circlet of Discovery
Silken Augmenter's Cap
Ornate Silk Pant Pattern
Arantir's Leggings of Discovery
Elemental Leggings of the Prime
Silken Augmentor;s Pantaloons
Vorshar's Pants of the Blight
Ornate Silk Robe Pattern
Arantir's Robe of Discovery
Elemental Shroud of the Prime
Silken Augmentor's Robe
Vorshar's Robe of the Blight
Ornate Silk Sleeves Pattern
Silken Augmenter's Sleeves
Timeless Chain Tunic Pattern
Askr's Thunderous Chainmail
Bidilis' Hauberk of the Elusive
Rosrak's Hauberk of the Primal
Timeless Chain Tunic Pattern
Timeless Leather Tunic Pattern
Kerasha's Sylvan Tunic
Timeless Leather Tunic Pattern
Ton Po's Chestwraps of Composure
Timeless Plate Breastplate Mold
Grimror's Guard of the Plague
Raex's Chestplate of Destruction
Rizlona's Fiery Chestplate
Timeless Breastplate Mold
Trydan's Chestplate of Nobility
Ultor's Chestguard of Faith
Timeless Silk Robe Pattern
Maelin's Robe of Lore
Magi`Kot's Robe of Convergence
Miragul's Shroud of Risen Souls
Romar's Robe of Visions
Timeless Silk Robe Pattern
Plane of Mischief
Ensorcelled Great Sword of the Night
Flowing Cloak of Deceit
Mystical Robe of the Zenith
Pendant of Cryptic Omens
Plated Boots of Ill Fates
Ruinous Blade of Annihilation
TriXim, Dagger of the King
Plane of Nerfed Drops
Sleeves of Flowing Time
Avatar of Nerfed Drops
*Askr's Thunderous Hauberk
*Dumul's Chestwraps of the Brute
*Earrin g of Temporal Solstice
*Grimror's Breastplate of the Plagues
*Rizlona’s Fiery Chestplate
*Ultor's Breastplate of Faith
Bard Rapier
Crystal Tipped Onyxwood
Hammer of Righteosness
Hobart's Ring of Rage
Jagged Axe of Uncontrolled Rage
Pal/SK 1hb
Ring of Superior Health
Shaded Turban
Star Weave
Tunat'Muram's Chestplate of Agony
Plane of Nightmares
Deyid the Twisted
Mujaki the Devourer
Cloak of Daggers
Recurved Wormwood Bow
Terris Thule
Carved Bone Ring
Fearsome Midnight Cloak
Indigo Snake Bracelet
Knucklebone Beaded Veil
Nightmarish Bone Ring
Sable Lined Mantle
Terror Matriarch
Black Sleeves of Night
Ribbon Choker
Curved Claws
Sharp Claw Ahlspiess
Plane of Storms
Faruek the Bold
Waning Light Katar
Gurebk, Lord of Krendic
Earring of the Stormcloud
Enameled Giant's Finger Ring
Falchion of Storms
Idol of the Tempest Storm
Writ of Karana
Jeplak, Lord of Srerendi
Circlet of the Victor
Crackling Ring of Lightning
Girdle of the Storm Giant
Raintraveler’s Overcloak
Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor
Bulwark of Storms
Cobalt Ring of the Squall
Dirk of the Ravaging Wind
Earring of the Raging Typhoon
Paruek the Strong
Crashing Wave Earring
Tome of the Wind's Wisdom
Ston Ruak, Ancient of the Trees
Black Cloak of the Midnight Storm
Stormrider Ear Charm
Plane of Time
Bertoxxulous (Time)
Belt of Temporal Bindings
Boots of Despair
Celestial Cloak
Collar of Catastrophe
Eye of Dreams
Greatblade of Chaos
Leggings of Furious Might
Pulsing Onyx Ring
Symbol of Ancient Summoning
Timespinner, Blade of the Hunter
Veil of the Inferno
Cazic Thule (Time)
Belt of Tidal Energy
Cloak of Retribution
Earring of Unseen Horrors
Greaves of Furious Might
Mask of Simplicity
Padded Tigerskin Gloves
Staff of Transcendence
Timestone Adorned Ring
Wand of Impenetrateable Force
Wristband of Echoed Thoughts
Zealot's Spiked Bracer
Innoruuk (Time)
Barrier of Freezing Winds
Bracer of Timeless Rage
Earring of Celestial Energy
Girdle of Stability
Gloves of Airy Mists
Jagged Timeforged Blade
Mantle of Pure Spirit
Necklace of Eternal Visions
Serrated Dart of Energy
Shroud of Survival
Songblade of the Eternal
Bracer of the Inferno
Cord of Temporal Weavings
Earring of Influxed Gravity
Earthen Bracer of Fortitude
Ethereal Silk Leggings
Hammer of the Timeweaver
Prismatic Ring of Resistance
Shawl of Eternal Forces
Shroud of Eternity
Silver Hoop of Speed
Spool of Woven Time
Stone of Flowing Time
Talisman of the Elements
Whorl of Unatural Forces
Wristband of Icy Vengeance
Rallos Zek (Time)
Band of Primordial Energy
Darkblade of the Warlord
Greatstaff of Power
Pants of Furious Might
Pauldrons of Devastation
Platinum Cloak of War
Ring of Thunderous Forces
Sandals of Empowerment
Shield of Strife
Ton Po's Mystical Pouch
Visor of the Berserker
Saryrn (Time)
Cap of Flowing Time
Edge of Eternity
Girdle of Intense Durability
Gloves of the Unseen
Ring of Evasion
Runewarded Belt
Shroud of Provocation
Symbol of the Planemasters
Time's Antithesis
Veil of Lost Hopes
Tallon Zek (Time)
Amulet of Crystal Dreams
Band of Prismatic Focus
Bracer of Precision
Circlet of Flowing Time
Cloak of the Falling Skies
Mantle of Deadly Precision
Serpent of Vindication
Tactician's Shield
Winged Storm Boots
Terris Thule (Time)
Armguards of the Brute
Cape of Endless Torment
Coif of Flowing Time
Cudgel of Venomous Hatred
Earring of Corporeal Essence
Hammer of Hours
Orb of Clinging Death
Talisman of Tainted Energy
Vanazir, Dreamer's Despair
Time Trials - Stage One
Mask of Conceptual Energy
Pulsing Emerald Hoop
Ring of Force
Smooth Onyx Torque
Wristguard of Keen Vision
Time Trials - Stage Three
Cloak of Wishes
Dagger of Distraction
Earring of Xaoth Kor
Ethereal Destroyer
Faceguard of Frenzy
Fiery Crystal Guard
Mask of Strategic Insight
Necklace of Celestial Energy
Pauldrons of Purity
Protective Sleeves
Timeless Coral Greatsword
Timetravellers Abandoned Notebook
Time Trials - Stage Two
Cloak of Ferocity
Cudgel of Wrecking
Drape of the Unending
Gauntlets of Disruption
Girdle of Restoration
Glowing Chains
Hoop of the Enlightened
Shield of the Vortex
Tiny Jade Ring
Veil of Warmth
Wand of the Vortex
Vallon Zek (Time)
Bow of the Tempest
Cord of Potential
Earring of Temporal Solstice
Globe of Mystical Protection
Hammer of Holy Vengeance
Helm of Flowing Time
Shinai of the Ancients
Shoes of Fleeting Fury
Temporal Chainmail Sleeves
Wand of Temporal Power
Plane of Torment
Freeing of Tylis Newleaf
Band of Miserable Souls
Great Lance of Grief
Horrific Neckguard
Pained Leggings
Maareq the Prophet
Battlecloak of Lost Souls
Lesser Eye of Insanity
Shadow-woven Sleeves
Salczek the Fleshgrinder
Aegis of Gloom
Baton of Torment
Tormented Flute
Cape of Embroidered Runes
Greater Poleaxe of Sorrow
Greatstaff of Misery
Longblade of Ethereal Terror
Miserable Bauble
Orb of Infinite Terror
Twin-blade of Sorrow
Unadorned Cloak of Battle
Withering Staff of Agony
Ta`Grusch the Abomination
Girdle of the Tormentor
Shield of Unimaginable Horrors
Staff of Primordial Ooze
Tormented Stone of Souls
The Acolyte of Affliction
Adorned Soulstone Mask
Black Cloak of Malise
Staff of Agonizing Battle
The Keeper of Sorrows
Band of the Adorned
Crowned Staff of Anguish
Great Blade of Malise
Shaded Cloak
Tormentor's Chain Collar
Plane of Valor
Double-edged Greatsword of Visions
Honorable Longsword
Honorary Amulet
Ring of Nobility
Shoulderpads of the Visionary
Valorous Quarterstaff
Wrath of Mithanial
Qvic, Prayer Grounds of Calling
Cynosure Kvanjji
Divine Crystal Ring
Flowing Stone of Discord
Glowing Spiritstone Necklace
Handwraps of Captured Magic
Shard of Dark Matter (Qvic)
Shawl of the Void
Shroud of Corruption
Hexxt Jkak Miq
Broken Shard of Chaos
Bulwark of the Blind Eye
Embalmed Eye
Lute of Ill Harmony
Totem of Elitist Rites
Hexxt Pvin Nki
Totem of the Sightless
Iqthinxa Karnkvi
Band of Dark Auras
Chaotic Black Scimitar
Forgotten Greatstaff
Glowing Hammer of Disdain
Irestone of Sharp Sight
Prism of Dark Hues
Serpent's Girdle
Mnat M'sha
Glyph of Souls
Pixtt Invi Mal
Mask of the Chaotic Void
Ring of Perfect Sight
Trinket of the Archfiends
Pixtt Llan Kvish
Honed Trinket of Protection
Mask of the Sacred Evil
Obsidian Orb of Bedlam
Pixtt Sho`Val Kqi
Ethereal Bijou
Ring of Chaotic Vision
Pixtt Tting Val
Hooked Scale Necklace
Hoop of Tormented Magic
Ptav M'sha
Jewel of Focus
Tiv Ashmmi
Maul of Stonemending
Orb of Trushar's Breath
Trushar's Guard
Trusik Necklace of Destruction
Ragrax, Stronghold of Twelve
Avatar of Earth
Chestguard of Enchanted Marble
Earthen Bile
Earthspined Staff
Essence of Earth
Leaf-twined Guards
Ring of Flowing Stones
Sword of Primordial Power
War Chieftian Awisano
Twisted Twig Charm
War Chieftian Birak
Cudgel of Glowing Clay
Elemental Leather Helm Pattern
War Chieftian Galronar
Clawed Earthcrafter's Hoop
Warlord Gintolaken
Bands of Earthen Energy
Reinforced Mephit Talon
Reef of Coirnav
A Toughened Anglerfish
Abalone Earring
Coirnav, Avatar of Water
Double Woven Kelp Cord
Earring of Embedded Coral
Essence of Water
Hammer of Crushing Waves
Kelp-lined Mantle
Mail of Storms
Sharkbone Plated Shoulderpads
Fishlord Craiyk
Amulet of the Starfish
Ornate Coral Armguards
Putrid Chunk of Moss
Grioihin the Wise
Lute of the Flowing Waters
Ring of Algae
Seaweed Woven Leggings
Abalone Engraved Tribal Mask
Moss Encrusted Band
Krziik the Mighty
Gem Encrusted Axe
Ornate Abalone Recurve Bow
Monstrous Sea Turtle
Coral Hilted Shortsword
Ofossaa the Enlightened
Algae Covered Stiletto
Intricately Etched Seashell
Random Zone Drops - Coirnav
Algae Covered Chainmail
An Oblong Seashell
Coral Shard
Kelp Hilted Mace
Mantle of Seascales
Opalescent Seascale
Pearlescent Gemstone
Phosphorescent Kelp-lined Cloak
Coral Headed Mace
Shield of Coral
Rogrua Overlord
Coral Hilted Tulwar
Savage Deepwater Kraken
Phosphorescent Sleeves
Sharkspine Club
Triloun Seer
Plankton Laced Greatsword
Riftseeker's Sanctum
Chailak Hide Mask
Chailak's Fang
Eye of Chailak
Red Crystal Ring
Fang of Feratha
Feratha Hide Belt
Frozen Bow of the Gelidin
Frozen Feratha Eye
Frozen Silk Wristband
Riwwi, Coliseum of Games
Officiator Keviazh
Crimson Director's Boots
Scaled Gloves of the Director
Random Zone Drops - Riwwi
Baleful Blood Soaked Cuirass
Reluctant Gladiator
Dried Clay Armguards
Taskmistress Krisz
Block of Jade-flecked Clay
Braided Horsehair Handbag
Broken Blade Hilt
Chiseled Jade Figurine
Choker of Centaur Slaying
Fur of Taskmistress Krisz
Taskmistress Krisz's Head
Ruined City of Dranik
Zun`Muram Volklana
Buckled Leather Neckpiece
Executioner's Cincture
Muramite's Shield of Legend
Petrified Splinterstaff
Shroud of Haunting Visions
Volklana's Wristplate
Wristwraps of Puresilk
Rujarkian Hills
Flawless Experimental Battlelord
Anomalous Rock of Alteration
Experimental Gem of Haste
Experimental Smoldering Stone
Polished Gemstone of Aggression
Ringed Stone of Advantage
Singing Stone Bracer
Weighted Stone of Prowess
Rujarkan Hills Hard Adventure
Archaic Shield of Stone
Battle-Torn Cloak of the Ages
Girdle of Bloodstained Stones
Granite Halberd of Chance
Necklace of the Troglodyte
Ornate Stone Battle Hammer
Spiritbound Stone Sleeves
Stone Bracelet of Battle Mastery
Warlord's Steel Gauntlets
Warden Neyremal
Chainmail of the Training Arena
Cherished Compansion Shard
Dokorel's Renewal Stone
Enchanted Orb of Matter
Enchanted Shard of Unrivaled Vengeance
Neyremal's Shard of Prowess
Sharp Edged Pearl Shard
Steelslave Earthen Boots of Strategy
Taskmaster's Enchanted Stone of Pain
Velrek's Shimmering Thought Stone
Warden's Peculiar Gem of Thought
Warden's Stone of Enhancement
Warden's Stone of Prowess
Warlord Imal Ojun
Battle Fervor Stone
Earring of Spirited Mind
Hoop of Fighting Focus
Rujarkian Meditation Gloves
Sanctus Seru
Lord Inquisitor Seru
Black Ornate Chain Bridle
Bloodied Berserker's Blade
Bow of Storms
Glowing Amber Band
Head of Seru (For Sigil Earring of Veracity)
Heavy Yttrium Chestplate
Seru's Torque
Starred Yttrium Ring
Sword of Truth
Yttrium Studded Leather Boots
Yttrium Studded Mantle
Yttrium Studded Veil
Yttrium Wrapped Leggings
Yttrium Wrapped Sleeves
Praesertum Bikun
Massive Girdle of the Forge
Shard of the Shoulder
Praesertum Mapta
Mace of Prescience
Shard of the Heart
Praesertum Rhugol
Arms of Augmentation
Shard of the Eye
Praesertum Vantorus
Axe of Reckoning
Shard of the Hand
Blood Ember Breastplate
Cloak of Piety
Cobalt Breastplate
Deepwater Breastplate
Donal's Chestplate of Mourning
Elder Spiritist's Breastplate
Jaundiced Bone Breastplate
Mana Robe
Mrylokar's Breastplate
Poisoned Mantle
Singing Steel Breastplate
Tolan's Darkwood Breastplate
Lord Yelinak
Ayill's Aged Stone Shield
Celestial Essence Robe
Dragon's Blood Earring
Dragon's Eye Sage Ring
Dragon's Tear Earring
Head of Lord Yelinak (for GoDS)
Large Coin Purse
Mask of the Dragon Slayer
Outrider's Taming Whip
Soul Defiler
Yelinak's Talisman
Sleepers Tomb
Kildrukaun the Ancient
Besmirched Mask of Conception
Surreptitious Broach
Sleepers Tomb
Clawed Guardian Bracer
Mask of Tinkering
Priceless Weapon
Primal Bow
Primal Hammer
Primal Spear
Primal Twohander
Primal Warsword
Prismatic Dragon Scale
Resistance Stones
Sceptre of Destruction
Tjudawos the Ancient
Clawed Coat of Tyro
Despondent Shroud
Opalescent Gold Dragon Scale
Primal Gold Dragon Fang
Tyro's Manuscript
Vyskudra the Ancient
Boots of the Ancients
Eye of Vyskudra
Lungi of the Forbidden
Prismatic Storm Dragon Claw
Zeixshi-Kar the Ancient
Fascia Secundae
Fedora Secundae
Ssraeshza Temple
Arbiter Khorazhk
Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune
Azaliil's Ring of Anger
Ebony Armguards
Faded Skull Medallion
Great Helm of True Vision
Hoop of Emptiness
Keen Edged Cleaver
Lava Infused Bludgeon
Platinum Mesh Guard
Polished Bone Collar
Pristine Jade Idol
Savage Lord's Pitchatka
Shield of Auras
Shield of Holy Vigor
Spell: Mask of the Stalker
Sword of Lost Crusades
Blood of Ssraeshza
Blood Veil of the Shissar
Imperial Symbol of the Shissar
Mace of Confusion
Ssraeshzaen Blood Cord
Ssraeshzaen Honor Guard Bracer
Emporer Ssraeshza
Acrylia Handled Broadsword
Azaliil's Ring of Analogies
Caen's Bo Staff of Fury
Envenomed Moccasins
Garrison's Superior Sunder
Gebron’s Demented Cloak
Knotted Knuckles
Koadic's Robe of Heightened Focus
Shawl of Awakenings
Shield of Mental Fortitude
The Sword of Ssraeshza
Torque of the Wyrmlord
Velvet Slippers of Harmony
White Ornate Chain Bridle
Glyphed Covered Serpent
Black Runed Talisman
Corrupted Skull Earring
Dusty Blue Shawl
Hammer of the Sun
Rancorous Skull of Szaldrezh
Ssraeshzian Longbow
Tainted Scale Belt
Venemous Eyepatch
High Priest of Ssraeshza
Belt of Mystical Protection
Bone of Bertoxxulous
Earring of Dissention
Halo of Enlightening Barriers
Ivory Crystal Greaves
Pearlescent Armlet
Sapphire Studded Mantle
Shield of Ssraeshza
Shroud of Emerald Vines
Supple Onyx Chains
Wrath's Edge
Bone Golem Greaves
Burning Scepter of Elements
Crystal of Interpretation
Gloves of Control
Rei`s Battleworn Dirk
Scimitar of Oak
Serpent Skin Leggings
Shadowed Silk Pants
Sword of Nochular
Talisman of Evasion
Bone Golem Vambraces
Earring of Resistance
Focus Crystal
Khashek's Katar
Mana Twined Staff
Scale Mesh Vambraces
Serpent Skin Armlet
Silver Lined Sleeves
Vyzh`Dra The Cursed
Black Runed Pants
Breastplate of the Void
Circle of Smoke
Claw of Vyzh'dra
Cloak of Dark Shadows
Cloak of Mourning
Crystallized Serpent Eye
Fangs of Vyzh`dra
Nocnivin's Small Book of Logic
Nocnivin's Tiny Book of Logic
Opaline Charm
Savage Lord's Eitchatka
Vengeful Mail of the Void
Vyzh`dra's Render of Souls
Wistful Tunic of the Void
Vyzh`Dra the Exiled
Band of Disrupted Auras
Blasphemous Blade of the Exiled
Blazing Rapier
Braided Strands of Corrupted Mana
Elphorn`s Cleaver
Fist of Mithril
Gleaming Serpent Tooth Choker
Jade Skull Ring
Scepter of Paralysis
Scorched Silver Pauldrons
Shroud of Unholiness
Xerkizh the Creator
Adamantite Wristguard
Blade of Angles
Cudgel of Cowardly Death
Dagger of Entrapment
Glowing Mithril Ulak
Grey Dusted Wraps
Hammer of the Ironfrost
Harnessed Flame Dirk
Headband of Many Visions
Shield of the Creator
Shiny Trinket of Speed
Singed Petrified Leaf
Soft Scale Slippers
Wilful Dirk of Domination
Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver
Pixtt Xxeric Kex
Bracer of Grievous Harm
Ragestone of Hateful Thoughts
Shimmering Granite
Wristguard of Chaotic Essence
Xxeric's Battleworn Bracer
Xxeric's Warbraid
Pixxt Riel Tavas
Aegis of Midnight
Glyphed Sandstone of Idealism
Mask of the Void
Ring of the Serpent
Ruby of Determined Assault
Tome of Discordant Magic
Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik
Bloodstone Blade of the Zun'Muram
Brutish Blade of Balance
Pauldron of Dark Auspices
Scepter of Incantations
Weighted Hammer of Conviction
Zun`Muram Yihst Vor
Dagger of Death
Deathblade of the Zun'Muram
Discordant Dagger of Night
Pendant of Discord
Rapier of Somber Notes
Xxeric's Matted-Fur Mask
Quintessence of Sand
Geomantic Compact Chanting Stone
Ledanne’s Jewel of Cessation
Quintessence Jewel of Fiery Pain
Tarnished Vambraces of Dark Magic
Tweyne's Condensed Tidal Sands
Tweyne's Stone of Evocation
Unala's Jewel of Life
Unala’s Stone of Enhanced Protection
Takish Hard Adventure
Battle-Worn Circlet of Sickness
Earring of Sand Tides
Eroded Royal Face Mask
Geomancer's Petrified Slippers
Geomantic Compact Writings
Golden Wraps of the Compact
Pristine Jeweled Gloves
Tome of Eternal Preservation
Temple of Veeshan
Amulet of the Dreadgazer
Circlet of Summer
Hand of the Master
Katana of Pain
Mask of Fall
Reaper's Ring
Whitestone Shield
Blackstar, Mace of Night
Cekenar's Claw
Frosted Ice Spike
Meljeldin, Bane of Giants
Silver Dagger of Destruction
Wurmscale Fistwraps
Dagarn the Destroyer
Ancient Wurm Hide Greaves
Ancient Wurm Hide Robe
Belt of the Destroyer
Boots of the Destroyer
Bow of the Destroyer
Dagarn's Tail
Shining Metallic Pantaloons
Wurm Claw Pauldrons
Dozekar the Cursed
Black Tear
Emerald Tear
Flame Kissed Tear
Glowing Orb
Platinum Tear
Poison Tear
Ruby Tear
Runed Tear
Serrated Tear
Silver Tear
White Tear
Eashen of the Sky
Bracelet of the Sky
Claw of Lightning
Cloak of the Sky
Fists of Lightning
Mask of the Sky
Onyx Chain Sleeves
Ring of the Sky
Twisted Steel Bastard Sword
Twisted Steel Gauntlets
Bracelet of Protection
Circlet of Silver Skies
Cloak of Silver Eyes
Eye of the Rigtorgn
Rekeklo's War Sword
Shovel of Harvest
Unopenable Box
Wand of the Black Dragon Eye
Ikatiar the Venom
Ancient Wyvern Hide Boots
Ancient Wyvern Hide Leggings
Ancient Wyvern Hide Sleeves
Ancient Wyvern Hide Tunic
Cloak of Venom
Ikatiar's Stinger
Mask of Venom
Poison Soaked Tunic
Blydreln's Bane
Crown of Resiliance
Earring of the Icecaster
Helmet of the Crawler
Onyx Chain Leggings
Silver Chains
Sprinkler of the Spirits
Lady Mirenilla
Ebony Headband
Mithril Boots
Mithril Gauntlets
Mithril Helm
Orb of the Crimson Bull
Shawl of Perception
Lady Nevederia
Cloak of Thorns
Girdle of Dark Power
Mask of Terror
Medal of Deep Thought
Nevederia's Claw
Nevederia's Horn
Nevederia's Left Eye
Nevederia's Right Eye
Lendiniara the Keeper
Boots of Superiority
Breastplate of Superiority
Gloves of Stability
Lendiniara's Talisman
Mask of Superiority
Ring of Relkententinar
Silver Girdle of Stability
Truesight Helm
Velium Blade of Superiority
Velium Mace of Superiority
Lord Feshlak
Amulet of the Storm
Beldron's Vambraces of Impiety
Boots of the Dead Dream
Chestplate of Fiery Might
Sky Watcher's Monocle
Staff of the Silent Star
Vambraces of Discontent
Lord Koi'Doken
Ancient Pirate's Eyepatch
Bracelet of the Deep Sea
Greaves of the Deep Sea
Helm of the Deep Sea
Net of the Deep Sea
Orb of the Deep Sea
Siren Song, Dagger of the Sea
Trident of the Deep Sea
Lord Kreizenn
Ancient Fire Etched Flamberge
Dawncaller, Blade of the Morning
Flame Etched Short Sword
Kreizenn's Flame
Shiny Metallic Gloves
Shiny Metallic Sleeves
Silver Disc
Verlekarnorm's Horn of Disaster
Lord Vyemm
Dragonrib Club
Gaudralek, Sword of the Sky
Onyx Gauntlets
Silver Bracelet of Rage
Silver Whip of Rage
Sledge of Smashing
Vyemm's Fang
Vyemm's Left Eye
Vyemm's Right Eye
Axe of Resistance
Great Spear of Dawn
Shield of Midnight
Shield of the Dawn
Black Rock Maul of Crushing
Circlet of Suffering
Emerald Bastard Sword of Purity
Lance of Thunder
Necklace of Nightstalking
Pauldrons of Blight
Transparent Eyepatch
True Mithril Breastplate
Abashi's Rod of Disempowerment
Akkirus' Mask of Warfare
Brother Xave's Headband
Camii's Bracer of Vigor
Crystasia's Crystal Ring
Do'Vassir's Gauntlets of Might
Feeliux's Cord of Velocity
Gharn's Rock of Smashing
Hobart's War Helmet
Jaelen's Katana
Kelsiferous' Armband of Artistry
Maclaer's Boots of Silence
Mrylokar's Dagger of Vengeance
Palladius's Axe of the Slaughter
Rowyl's Metal Arm Guards
Sal'Varae's Robe of Darkness
Sirran's Boots of Insanity
Solist's Earrings of Insight
Ssra's Bloodstone Eyepatch
Tolan's Longsword of the Glade
Valtron's Necklace of Wonder
Viik's Pauldrons of Pain
Vyrinn's Earring of Insanity
Yakatizma's Shield of Crafting
Baton of Flame
Dragon Skin Bracelet
Spinning Orb of Confusion
Tvenken's Slippers of Silence
Windraider's Belt
_ToV Armor and Random drops
Barrier of Sound
Black Symbol
Chain Breastplate
Chain Leggings
Emerald Symbol
Flame Kissed Symbol
Glowing Drake Orb
Leather BP
Leather Legs
Melodic Charm
Plate Arms
Plate Bracer
Plate Breastplate
Plate Greaves
Plate Helm
Platinum Symbol
Poison Symbol
Ring of Superiority
Ruby Symbol
Runed Fang Necklace
Runed Symbol
Serrated Symbol
Shadow Fang Necklace
Shield of Dragonkind
Shield of Fury
Shield of the Protector
Shield of the Wurms
Shield of Thorns
Silent Fang Necklace
Silk Leggings
Silk Robe
Silk/Chain Arms
Silk/Chain Bracer
Silk/Chain helm
Silk/Chain/Plate Boots
Silk/Chain/Plate Gloves
Silver Symbol
White Symbol
The Abysmal Sea
Muramite Boot Armor
Dakkamor's Boots of the Divine
Gaelin's Woodland Sandals
Harlad's Boots of Fury
Jennu's Sandals of Creation
Kanleku's Boots of Spirits
Kizash's Savage Heart Sandals
Lelyen's Sandals of Entrancement
Luvwen's Boots of Melody
Muramite Boot Armor
Nadien's Boots of the Archer
Nodnol's Boots of the Scoundrel
Nolaen's Lifereaper Sandals
Nunkin's Sandals of Pure Elements
Pressl's Sandals of Balance
Rayin's Boots of Abhorrence
Trimdet's Boots of Chivalry
Vadd's Boots of Elite Combat
Muramite Bracer Armor
Dakkamor's Bracer of the Divine
Gaelin's Woodland Bracer
Harlad's Bracer of Fury
Harlad's Vambraces of Fury
Jennu's Bracer of Creation
Kanleku's Bracer of Spirits
Kizash's Savage Heart Bracer
Lelyen's Bracer of Entrancement
Luvwen's Bracer of Melody
Muramite Bracer Armor
Nadien's Bracer of the Archer
Nodnol's Bracer of the Scoundrel
Nolaen's Lifereaper Bracer
Nunkin's Bracer of Pure Elements
Pressl's Bracer of Balance
Rayin's Bracer of Abhorrence
Trimdet's Bracer of Chivalry
Vadd's Bracer of Elite Combat
Muramite Chest Armor
Dakkamor's Chestplate of the Divine
Gaelin's Tunic of Woodlands
Harlad's Chainmail of Fury
Jennu's Robe of Creation
Kanleku's Chainmail of Spirits
Kizash's Tunic of Savage Heart
Lelyen's Robe of Entrancement
Luvwen's Chestplate of Melody
Luvwen's Legplates of Melody
Muramite Chest Armor
Nadien's Chainmail of the Archer
Nodnol's Chainmail of the Scoundrel
Nolaen's Lifereaper Robe
Nunkin's Robe of Pure Elements
Pressl's Tunic of Balance
Rayin's Chestplate of Abhorrence
Trimdet's Chestplate of Chivalry
Vadd's Chestplate of Elite Combat
Muramite Glove Armor
Dakkamor's Gauntlets of the Divine
Gaelin's Woodland Gauntlets
Harlad's Gauntlets of Fury
Jennu's Gloves of Creation
Kanleku's Gauntlets of Spirits
Kizash's Savage Heart Gloves
Lelyen's Gloves of Entrancement
Luvwen's Gauntlets of Melody
Muramite Glove Armor
Nadien's Gauntlets of the Archer
Nodnol's Gauntlets of the Scoundrel
Nolaen's Lifereaper Gloves
Nunkin's Gloves of Pure Elements
Pressl's Gloves of Balance
Rayin's Gauntlets of Abhorrence
Trimdet's Gauntlets of Chivalry
Vadd's Gauntlets of Elite Combat
Muramite Greaves Armor
Dakkamor's Legplates of the Divine
Gaelin's Leggings of Woodlands
Harlad's Greaves of Fury
Jennu's Pantaloons of Creation
Kanleku's Greaves of Spirits
Kizash's Leggings of Savage Heart
Lelyen's Pantaloons of Entrancement
Muramite Greaves Armor
Nadien's Greaves of the Archer
Nodnol's Greaves of the Scoundrel
Nolaen's Lifereaper Pantaloons
Nunkin's Pantaloons of Pure Elements
Pressl's Leggings of Balance
Rayin's Legplates of Abhorrence
Trimdet's Legplates of Chivalry
Vadd's Legplates of Elite Combat
Muramite Helm Armor
Dakkamor's Helm of the Divine
Gaelin's Woodland Cap
Harlad's Helm of Fury
Jennu's Circlet of Creation
Kanleku's Helm of Spirits
Kizash's Savage Heart Cap
Lelyen's Circlet of Entrancement
Luvwen's Helm of Melody
Muramite Helm Armor
Nadien's Helm of the Archer
Nodnol's Helm of the Scoundrel
Nolaen's Lifereaper Circlet
Nunkin's Circlet of Pure Elements
Pressl's Cap of Balance
Rayin's Helm of Abhorrence
Trimdet's Helm of Chivalry
Vadd's Helm of Elite Combat
Muramite Sleeve Armor
Dakkamor's Vambraces of the Divine
Gaelin's Woodland Sleeves
Jennu's Sleeves of Creation
Kanleku's Vambraces of Spirits
Kizash's Savage Heart Sleeves
Lelyen's Sleeves of Entrancement
Luvwen's Vambraces of Melody
Muramite Sleeve Armor
Nadien's Vambraces of the Archer
Nodnol's Vambraces of the Scoundrel
Nolaen's Lifereaper Sleeves
Nunkin's Sleeves of Pure Elements
Pressl's Sleeves of Balance
Rayin's Vambraces of Abhorrence
Trimdet's Vambraces of Chivalry
Vadd's Vambraces of Elite Combat
Reyfin Malakwa
Chaos Runes
Taelosian Geomancy Stone Eril
Taelosian Geomancy Stone Jelki
Taelosian Geomancy Stone Yiktu
The Bloodfields
Gazz the Gargantuan
Dreamweaver's Dark Wand
Harmonic Lute of Incineration
Malachite-Etched War Signet
Mallaforge Mask
Mud Covered Shoulder Pads
Girplan Slasher
Muramite Leather Bracer of Conflict
Grinbik the Fertile
Muramite Leather Wraps of Conflict
War Caller Kaavi
4th Piece of the Staff
Decrepit Hilt
The Deep
A Burrower Parasite
Ancient Burrower Flesh Cap
Ancient Burrower Hide Tunic
Ancient Burrower Spine
Bile Drenched Flesh Robe
Brilliant Stone Ring
Ring of Living Ore
Ring of the Depths
Shard from Unfathomable Depths
Thought Horror Overfiend
Belt of Marvelous Visions
Helm of Grim Blessings
Horns of Chaos
Horns of Ferocity
Orb of the Lost Souls
Scepter of Channeled Lightning
Sleeves of Elemental Auras
Tor' Vignus
Veil of Hidden Thought
Tipt, Treacherous Crags
Enraged Maternal Cragbeast
Bauble of Rejuvenation
Gem of Bolstered Power
Sparkling Gem of Protection
Stone of Recovery
Kyv Heartstriker Jhirj
Bracer of Exploration
Bracer of the Heartstriker
Bracer of the Stoutheart
Braided Wristband of Light
Reinforced Sandstone-Hilt Sword
Whimsy of the Masters
Tower of Solusek Ro
Collar of Corrupted Flame
Hooded Sanguine Mantle
Ornate Silke Robe Pattern
Flameforge Hammer
Sanguine Slippers
Black Basalt Band
Jagged Shard of Frozen Flame
Ornate Broadsword
Rune Etched Bamboo Bo
Sanguine Cap
Random Zone Drops - Sol Ro
Burnished Kite Shield
Fine Ivory Beaded Veil
Flame Hardened Longbow
Gilded Tome of Burning Blood
Hands of Immobile Flame
Huntsman's Cleaver
Obsidian Greatblade
Padded Leather Tunic
Regal Staff of the Court Mortician
Resplendent Leather Guards
Sol Ro Emblazoned Cloak
Basalt Plated Pauldrons
Flame Encased Earring
Mithril Shod Staff
Obsidian Plated Pauldrons
Sun Flare Ear Bob
Solusek Ro
Baroque Half Mask of Solusek Ro
Gauntlets of the Burning Prince
Gold Runed Mithril Knife
Raiment of the Fire Son
The Orb of the Sun
The Protector of Dresolik
Basalt Greatsword of the Protector
Gleaming Obsidian Shard
Mithril Battle Hammer
Sphere of Encased Flame
Wand of the Firestorm
Circular Shield of the Blaze
Lance of the Flame Knight
Txevu, Lair of the Elite
Ancient Cragbeast Matriarch
Azure Trinket of Despair
Flayed-Skin Spiked Boots
Globe of Dancing Light
Hardened Scale Vambraces
Headband of the Endless Night
Lizard Skin Wardrums
Shroud of Pandemonium
Silken Gloves of the Chaos
Aneuk Nyrt Ymosa
Dark Chain Circlet
Great Maul of the Mighty
Ixt Bone Scepter
Ruby of Steadfastness
High Priest Nkosi Bakari
Barrier of Serenity
Bow of the Whispering Wind
Bulwark of Living Stone
Caduceus of Retribution
Jade Effigy of Trushar
Jade Inlaid Key
Lute of False Worship
Mask of Eternity
Ring of Celestial Harmony
Staff of Revealed Secrets
Verge of the Mindless Servant
Ikaav Nysf Lleiv
Armguards of Envy
Bloodfire Cabochon
Crown of the Forsaken
Earring of the Starless Night
Scepter of Forbidden Knowledge
Silken Slippers of Discordant Magic
Staff of Shattered Dreams
Suede Gloves of Creation
Ixt Hsek Syat
Chain Wraps of the Dark Master
Earring of Incessant Conflict
Forlorn Mantle of Shadows
Halberd of Endless Pain
Shadowy Coif of Condemnation
Sleeves of Cognitive Resonance
Stained Fur Mask
Steel Boots of the Slayer
Ixt Kial Ivesi
Sapphire of Capricious Magic
Ixt Quall Nalnn
Gem of Peace
Jagged Blade of Ice
Random Zone Drops - Txevu
Fine Shimmering Onyx
Fragment of Crumbling Jade
Star Rose of Focused Disruption
Tiny Pristine Diamond
Uncut Quartz of Defense
Ukun Bloodfeaster
Carved Bone Gauntlets
Cloak of the Penumbra
Golden Half Mask of Convalescence
Hardened Bone Spike
Skullcap of Contemplation
Woven Chain Boots of Strife
Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
Aegis of Discord
Band of Solid Shadow
Blackstone Figurine
Cape of Woven Steel
Edge of Chaos
Gem-Studded Band of Struggle
Gemstone of Dark Flame
Kaftan of Embroidered Light
Longsword of Execration
Muramite's Heavy Shackles
Shard of Dark Matter (Txevu)
Shroud of Ceaseless Might
Spiked Steel Baton
Wristband of Chaotic Warfare
Umbral Plains
Bow of Doom
Earring of Endless Speed
Flaming Dirk
Hoarfrost Hammer
Longsword of Freedom
Mithril Edged Short Sword
Pebble Crusher
Petrified Rod
Rod of Virtue
Belt of Scintillation
Black Velvet Pants
Breastplate of Integrity
Calamity's End
Chooser's Cap
Cloak of Destruction (RC Version)
Ethereal Silk Sleeves
Grand Shield of Faith
Iron Silk Sandals
Necklace of Wishes
Ring of the Ages
Seared Bone Mask
Shawl of Ice
Soft Satin Gloves
Threaded Platinum Bracelet
Totem of Shadows
Tunic of Kinship
Uqua, The Ocean God Chantry
Devastating Construct
Gemless Pristine Loop
Random Zone Drops - Uqua
Stone of Portal Calling
Tqiv Araxt the Enraged
Aranini's Rage
Aranini's Sandstone of Fortitude
Bulwark of Uqua
Eye of the Onyx Guardian
Flanged Prayer Mace
High Priest Riwirn's Rejuvenating Pebble
Lavender Cloak of Destruction
Onyx Pebble of Learnedness
Polished Ceremonial Mask
Statuette of Trushar
Vrex Barxt Qurat
Blade of Annihilation Anthems
Bone Mask of Shadows
Carved Stone-Link Greaves
Ceremonial Jade-Inlaid Cuirass
Crescent-Emblazoned Jerkin
Diamond-Tipped War Javelin
Quinoni's Stud of Righteous Fury
Silversilk Pantaloons of Conflict
Spiked Fists of Annihilation
Swirling Fire Diamond Stud
Tentric's Band of Endless Wisdom
Weighty Spined Shoulderguard
Veeshans Peek
Blood Orchid Katana
Sarnak Summoners Staff
Shissar Deathspeaker Staff
Shissar Focus Staff
Skullcrusher of Kragg
Grey Suede Boots
Katana of Endurance
Robe of Burning Rage
Shissar Apothic Staff
Shissar Elementalist`s Cane
Sword of the Shissar
Veldrak's Shortblade
Blackstone Maul
Bo Staff of Trorsmang
Howling Cutlass
Pulsating Gem
Robe of Adversity
Sprinkler of Suffering
Star of the Guardian
Phara Dar
Claw of Phara Dar
Crown of Rile
Katana of Flowing Water
Robe of the Azure Sky
Shield of Elders
Shroud of Veeshan
Sword of Rile
Yunnb's Earring
Blade of Falling Stars
Blued Flower Katana
Dragon Claw Main Gauche
Dragon Spine Staff
Executioner's Blade
Hammer of the Dragonborn
Lyran's Mystical Lute
Robe of Smothering
The Scimitar of Lifestealing
Left Eye of Xygoz
Malevolent Runeblade
Razor Fang of Xygoz
Razor Sharp Short Sword
Robe of Invocation
Smoldering Cudgel
Spear of Constriction
Staff of Null
Ykeshan Broad Axe
Vegarlson, The Earthen Badlands
A Korascian Warlord
Cloak of Earthen Twine
A Monsterous Earthwalker
Rock Adorned Stud
A Monsterous Mudwalker
Bone Silver Ornament
Bracers of Earthen Energy
Essence of Mud
Stone Etched Mallet
Stone Etched War Sword
A Mystical Arbitor of Earth
Aegis of the Earth
An Earth-Infused Crystal
Cloak of Flickering Flame
Earring of Living Earth
A Perfect Rock Formation
Glowing Chunk of Molten Earth
A Perfected Warder of Earth
Circular Crystalline Formation
Entropy Pendent
Leaf-jointed Cloak
Wristband of the Rathe
A Prismatic Basilisk
Precious Gemstone Adorned Mask
Whip of the Earthcrafter
A Pristine Gem Golem
Primal Mask of the Earthcrafter
Sharp Gem Formation
An Ancient Vekerchiki Champion
Earthen Fist
Calris Bristlebranch
Large Chunk of Ent Bark
Great Lance of Stone
Peregrin Rockskull
Clay Bracers of the Golem
Flowing Moss Mantle
Girdle of Earthen Stability
War Drums of the Rathe
Random Zone Drops - Vegarlson
Entwined Ring of the Ent
Tantisala Jaggedtooth
A Gem-Etched Key
Manacle of Disruption
Shroud of the Stonecrafter
Spiked Skull Shoulderpads
The Living Earth
Earthtoned Band
Tribal Leader Diseranon
Ent Leaf
Velketor's Labyrinth
Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar
Efreeti Ice Staff
Frost Covered Tome
Frozen Efreeti Boots
Frozen Turban
Icicle Bracer
Icicle Tunic
Ring of the Frozen Flame
Velketor the Sorcerer
Bone Bracelet of Condemnation
Bone Ring of Condemnation
Boots of Bladecalling
Bracelet of Frostbite
Crystal Crown of Confusion
Crystal Rod of Confusion
Gloves of Bladecalling
Shield of the Freezing Winds
Silver Sword of Yalrek
Snow Storm Mask
Velketor's Spell Book
Vermillion Orb of Torrefaction
Vermillion Robe of Torrefaction
Vex Thal
Aten Ha Ra
Aegis of Judgement
Armguard of Shadows
Crimson Ring of Judgement
Crimson Runed Mask
Earring of Eradication
Gloves of the Crimson Sigil
Great Shadow Platemail
Leg Guard of Shadows
Leggings of Judgement
Leggings of Secrets
Mail of Judgement
Mask of Judgement
Mask of Secrets
Orb of Secrets
Robe of Secrets
Silver Band of Secrets
Soul Essence of Aten Ha Ra
Tome of Secrets
Torch of Judgment
Wristband of Judgement
Wristband of Secrets
Diabo Xi Va
Bow of Shadows
Elder's Armbands of Ro
Gauntlets of View
Grimore of Enchantment
Helmet of Shadow
Leggings of the Fiery Star
Ring of Immobilization
Rune of Judgement
Scepter of Calekor
Scythe of Shadows
Shield of Spiked Energy
Staff of Lost Rituals
Thorny Chain Sleeves
Wand of Turning
Zevfeer's Shroud of Despair
Diabo Xi Va Temariel
Armguard of Piety
Armguard of Purity
Cerulean Sleeves
Crystal Shadow Cloak
Dagger of Thought
Lightbringers Earring
Scimitar of Shissar Slaying
Shroud of Vigor
Twilight Shroud
Umbral Vambraces
Umbricite Swarm Orb
Diabo Xi Xin
Amulet of Xuzl
Bone Chill Shield
Cloak of Destruction
Great Maul of Slaughter
Halberd of Destruction
Orb of the Sky
Pendant of Malosini
Silver Skin Gauntlets
Stein of Falling Tears
Tiny Bone Bracelet
Veil of Flames
Wand of Deflection
Diabo Xi Xin Thall
Belt of Dark Thought
Book of Contemplation
Boots of Warding
Bracelet of the Shadow Hive
Dark Mace of Thought
Howling Orb
Obsidian Necklace
Ring of Flame Warding
Ring of the Crimson Bull
Robe of Luring Shadows
Shimmering Black Greaves
Tiny Cap of Sight
Kaas Thox Xi Ans Dyek
Dark Wind Shroud
Darkened Claw Amulet
Earring of Vigor
Floating Rune
Guantlets of Dark Embers
Orb of Evasion
Sandals of Contemplation
Seething Mantle
Shadestone Amulet
Shadow Tendril
Shroud of Patience
Steel Skin Cloak
Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra
Belt of Mastery
Bracelet of Darkness
Bracer of Black Blood
Circlet of Disguise
Cloak of the Black Wind
Crown of Ambivalence
Crown of Energy
Mark of Shadows
Mask of Dark Thoughts
Mask of Piety
Nightcaller Leggings
Orb of Satisfaction
Ring of Resistance
Shield of Energy
Silver Steel Cloak
Spiked Chain Leggings
Spiked Shoulderpads
Staff of Assault
Thorny Chain Helm
Umbracite Plate Leggings
Wand of Everlasting Water
Wand of Tranquility
Thall Va Xakra
Boots of Silent Dreams
Bracer of the Silent Star
Cap of the Silent Star
Cloak of Icy Shadows
Cord of Midnight
Gorget of Superiority
Living Symbol
Ring of Rage
Shaded Amice
Shadow Footpads
Steel Skin Armplates
Umbracite Bracer
Thall Va Kelun
Boots of Kylthorn
Cloak of Frozen Flames
Cloak of Glowing Embers
Cloak of Maneuvering
Denon's Drums of Declivity
Earring of Falling Stars
Girdle of Focus
Gloves of Dark Summoning
Gloves of Warding
Great Sword of Pestilence
Leggings of Fiery Might
Sanguine Eyepatch
Sanguine Gloves
Trident of Slaughter
Thall Xundraux Diabo
Boots of the Wind
Bow of Flames
Breastplate of Speed
Cord of Insight
Great Bow of Slaughter
Great Cloak of Shadows
Hoop of Chaos
Horn of Shadows
Mask of Resiliance
Shadow Pearl Earring
Shadow Wind Leggings
Short Sword of Slaughter
Va Xi Aten Ha Ra
Bone Earring of Evasion
Bone Necklace of Battle
Cloudy Mark
Cloudy Steel Mask
Crimson Headband
Dark Hand Wraps
Earring of Battle
Eye of Darkness
Fervid Gloves of the Warder
Great Sword of Slaughter
Karn's Armplates of Retribution
Lunar Fungus Covered Tunic
Necklace of Endless Concepts
Pauldrons of Seething Darkness
Pearls of the Frozen Wind
Sanguine Robe
Slippers of Dark Whispers
String of Beaded Slime
Umbracite Hoop
Vxed, The Crumbling Caverns
Chavoor the Trickster
Black Enchanted Amulet
Burnished Antique Greaves
Polished Garnet Loop
Pulsing Gem of Refreshment
Ikaav Firecaller
Shard of Fleeting Thoughts
Kyv Hunter
Etched Flesh Tunic
Seamless Spiked Leggings
Ukun Bloodbeast
Circlet of the Muramites
Cudgel of the Oppressor
Nihil Bone Charm
Cloak of the Sharp Eye
Robe of Forgotten Paths
Wakening Lands
Crescent Blade of Luclin
Emerald Dragon Scale
Scimitar of the Emerald Dawn
Tanglewood Shield
Wall of Slaughter
Belt of Twisted Iron
Discordant Gloves of Betrayal
Dragorn Scale Cloak
Glyphed Breastplate of Conflict
Glyphed Greaves of Conflict
Shadowed Amulet of Anarchy
Tattered Incantation
Discordling Warfiend
Desecrated Gloves of Order
Muramite Chain Bracer of Battle
Tainted Cloak of Treachery
Dragorn Champion
Gleaming Crystal Band
Stone of Eternal Power: Northeast Eye
Dragorn Nightwalker
Soles of the Wallwalker
Dragorn Turretkeeper
Mordant Sleeves
Feran Bloodkeeper
Terror Chain Ring
Girplan Guardian
A Fluxing Staff
Etched Boots of Antipathy
Ancient Dragorn Signet
Dragorn Runemark
Hulcror Hide Cloak
Hulcror Hide Collar
Hulcror Pearl
Hulcror's Whisker
Muramite Bow of Discord
Muramite Signet Orb
Pyrique Redwing
Dark Crystal Blade
Dragorn City Ember
Crystal Shield of Remembrance
The Murkglider Hivequeen
Murkchitin Greaves
Murkchitin Shard
Murkglider Eye
Murksilk Leggings
Bazu Hide Tunic
Dragorn Elder Scepter
Muramite Chain
Muramite Chainmail
Velitorkin's Femur
Western Wastes
Klandicar's Talisman
Sontalak's Talisman
Cowl of Mortality
Cracked Claw of Zlandicar
First Brood Talisman
Frakadar's Talisman
Gauntlets of Mortality
Massive Dragonclaw Shard
Zlandicar's Heart
Zlandicar's Talisman
Yxtta, Pulpit of Exiles
Pixtt Suir Mindrider
Blood-Glazed Boots
Blood-Glazed Bracer
Blood-Glazed Collar
Blood-Glazed Helm
Hex-Linked Boots
Hex-Linked Bracer
Hex-Linked Helm
Ikaav-Scale Cape
Ikaav-Scale Collar
Ikaav-Scale Gloves
Ikaav-Scale Sleeves
Muramite Fife of Battle
Scarified Ukun-Skin Gloves
Scarified Ukun-Skin Shawl
Scarified Ukun-Skin Sleeves
Stone of Pure Discord
Transparent Aneuk Mask
Veil of Scars
Weighted War Cloak
Primal Arachnid
Blessed Shard
Heart of the Beast
Illuminated Hammer
Legion Issue Bow
Primal Eye
Ra'Tuk Halberd
Rod of Discord
Shield of Living Souls
Xounii's Journal Page 1
Random Zone Drops - Yxtta
Attuned Discord Earring

Last 10 raids:

RoF - The Queen's Decree
EoK - Doorstep of War
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EoK - The Summoning of Droga
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EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar

Last 10 items:

Darkened Trakanon's Malleus
Darkened Cobalt Breastplate
Darkened Jaundiced Bone Breastplate
Darkened Singing Steel Breastplate
Darkened Trakanon's Claw
Darkened Trakanon's Femur
Darkened Trakanon's Tooth
Darkened Elder Spiritist's Breastplate
Darkened Mana Robe
Darkened Tunic of Wrath

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