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Raw Deathseeker's Boots
Slot: FEET
Charges: Unlimited
Required level of 100.
Effect: Transform Raw Armor (Any Slot, Casting Time: 2.0) at Level 100
Recast Delay: 5 seconds, Recast Type: -1
WT: 1.3 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL
Dropped by:Drops:Drop %:
TBM - Anashti Sul
Damsel of Decay 511%
TBM - Anashti Sul
Enslaver of Souls 1521%
TBM - Anashti Sul
Lady of Life 3564%
TBM - Emollious 919%
TBM - Fear - Cazic-Thule 110%
TBM - Fear - Dracoliche 18%
TBM - Fear - Golems - -
TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam 920%
TBM - Grummus! 514%
TBM - Hate - Innoruuk 210%
TBM - Hate - Maestro 210%
TBM - High Bokon Boromas 1420%
TBM - Stem the Tide 26%
TBM - Vim and Vigor 54100%
TBM - Wither and Decay 1120%

Looted by:Event:WHEN?!:Attendance:
Syvia (42.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2017-05-1642
Stell (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2017-05-0850
Shammanron (92.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2017-04-1847
Gryning (92.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2017-04-1058
Dekabos (92.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2017-03-2751
Jeneric (92.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2017-02-2058
Biltene (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2017-02-1359
Nman (180.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2017-01-0864
Stell (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay2016-12-0463
Ezlano (180.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-11-2858
Ezlano (free)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-11-2858
Sorious (180.00)TBM - Grummus!2016-11-2065
Ikira (180.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay2016-11-2065
Dolomitte (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-11-1358
Apollu (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-11-1358
Shammanron (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-11-0648
Jamazar (36.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-11-0243
Fumyen (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-10-3050
Kokapelle (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-10-2349
Shammanron (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay2016-10-1746
Jamazar (36.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-10-1644
Jamazar (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-10-1644
Taein (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-10-1644
Darkrez (36.00)TBM - Emollious2016-10-1052
Terces (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-10-0947
Kokapelle (92.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-10-0257
Darkrez (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-10-0257
Stell (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-10-0257
Dekabos (92.00)TBM - Grummus!2016-09-2550
Jeneric (92.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-09-2550
Ranonman (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-09-2550
Maellmord (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-09-1844
Xanwarriah (36.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-09-1844
Xdevlx (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-09-1844
Xanwarriah (36.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-09-1146
Syvia (92.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-09-1146
Dekabos (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-09-1146
Xanwarriah (720.00)TBM - Grummus!2016-09-0543
Farzi (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-09-0441
Bursting (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-08-2848
Terces (36.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-08-2848
Chalter (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-08-2147
Kryxius (36.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-08-1450
Gryning (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-08-0752
Derresh (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-08-0752
Fenshar (36.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-07-3148
Gaarbage (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-07-3148
Salvado (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-07-2454
Ellir (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-07-2454
Terces (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-07-1840
Kryxius (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-07-1047
Kryxius (36.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-07-1047
Seeringx (92.00)TBM - Emollious2016-07-0341
Tanksum (36.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-06-2652
Chalter (92.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-06-2652
Spiffy (36.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-06-2652
Tinyenea (92.00)TBM - Stem the Tide2016-06-2048
Clannus (36.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-06-1949
Sphynx (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-06-1949
Seeringx (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-06-1443
Elnoche (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-06-1443
Tanksum (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-06-1443
Glynna (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-06-1443
Slayum (92.00)TBM - Hate - Innoruuk2016-06-1249
Kongfoo (92.00)TBM - Hate - Maestro2016-06-1249
Glynna (36.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-06-0646
Clannus (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-06-0646
Jambandz (720.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-06-0554
Arahgorn (720.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-05-3050
Spiffy (92.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-05-3050
Fenshar (92.00)TBM - Grummus!2016-05-3050
Syvia (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-05-2947
Kokapelle (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-05-2256
Syvia (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-05-2256
Shammanron (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-05-2256
Syvia (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay2016-05-1653
Tinyenea (92.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-05-1554
Jeneric (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-05-1554
Dekabos (92.00)TBM - Grummus!2016-05-1554
Baniana (36.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-05-1554
Ryino (92.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-05-1047
Shammanron (720.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-05-1047
Slayum (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-05-1047
Bonefork (36.00)TBM - Stem the Tide2016-05-0953
Razorbeast (92.00)TBM - Emollious2016-05-0252
Baiana (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-05-0156
Donaskz (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-05-0156
Taein (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-05-0156
Favreon (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-04-2456
Wilbus (92.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-04-2456
Razorbeast (92.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-04-2456
Datsda (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls2016-04-2456
Dalef (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-04-2456
Pixiepuffles (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-04-1754
Signarius (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-04-1159
Biltene (720.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-04-1059
Dredger (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-04-0460
Gryning (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-04-0460
Razorbeast (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-04-0460
Maxxbuff (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay2016-04-0360
Ellir (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-03-2953
Stell (36.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-03-2953
Croydan (720.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-03-2856
Onald (720.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-03-2160
Rorcex (92.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-03-2160
Fehnris (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-03-2061
Lujayne (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-03-2061
Spiffy (92.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-03-2061
Cecil (720.00)TBM - Emollious2016-03-1461
Clannus (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-03-1364
Raswa (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-03-0854
Tanksum (720.00)TBM - Emollious2016-03-0764
Kongfoo (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-02-2868
Dereni (540.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-02-2868
Tinyenea (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-02-2868
Spiiritum (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-02-2868
Flametwister (720.00)TBM - Emollious2016-02-2267
Offensive (720.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-02-2166
Ranonman (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-02-2166
Purexhale (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-02-2166
Maellmord (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-02-2166
Sirenea (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-02-1660
Razorbeast (720.00)TBM - Fear - Cazic-Thule2016-02-1559
Spiffy (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-02-0961
Dalef (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-02-0961
Samirah (720.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-02-0865
Pikn (720.00)TBM - Fear - Dracoliche2016-02-0261
Chalter (720.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-02-0169
Wilbus (720.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2016-01-3173
Zabasilarx (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-3173
Grand (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-3173
Jumvapace (720.00)TBM - Hate - Innoruuk2016-01-2751
Greymask (720.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-01-2461
Seeringx (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-2461
Grogers (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-2461
Signarius (720.00)TBM - High Bokon Boromas2016-01-1859
Sphynx (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-1756
Aazien (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-1756
Donaskz (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-01-1756
Maxxbuff (720.00)TBM - Grannus of the Cleansing Steam2016-01-1358
Stell (720.00)TBM - Emollious2016-01-1358
Zythaxx (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-1063
Niteshaid (720.00)TBM - Emollious2016-01-0855
Devance (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-0461
Baniana (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-01-0461
Ryino (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2016-01-0461
Oread (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2016-01-0461
Dartaniun (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-12-2055
Fenshar (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2015-12-2055
Orby (720.00)TBM - Emollious2015-12-2055
Gbath (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-12-1465
Spudly (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2015-12-1360
Elnoche (540.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-12-0957
Slayum (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-12-0957
Cookeez (720.00)TBM - Wither and Decay2015-12-0957
Khalimari (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2015-12-0664
Farzi (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-12-0456
Nitsuj (540.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-12-0456
Glynna (720.00)TBM - Hate - Maestro2015-12-0456
Zehn (540.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2015-11-3060
Syvia (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2015-11-2550
Tarkus (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-11-2456
Rorcex (720.00)TBM - Anashti Sul, Lady of Life2015-11-2056
Theriou (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-11-1859
Garwyn (720.00)TBM - Vim and Vigor2015-11-1859

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Last 10 items:

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Darkened Elder Spiritist's Breastplate
Darkened Mana Robe
Darkened Tunic of Wrath

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