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Amorphous Velazul's Gauntlets
Charges: Unlimited
Required level of 70.
Effect: Use Ability (Any Slot, Casting Time: 2.0)
Recast Delay: 5 seconds, Recast Type: -1
WT: 1.1 Size: TINY
Class: NONE
Race: NONE
Dropped by:Drops:Drop %:
EoK - An Ancient Dragon 29%
EoK - Atrebe Sathir 313%
EoK - Atrebe's Vault 414%
EoK - Doorstep of War 617%
EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok 39111%
EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar 413%
EoK - The Kar`Zok 521%
EoK - The Summoning of Droga 719%

Looted by:Event:WHEN?!:Attendance:
Taein (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-08-0653
Sirenea (92.00)EoK - Atrebe's Vault2017-08-0653
Zarake (92.00)EoK - Atrebe's Vault2017-08-0653
Spiffy (92.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-07-3152
Tokies (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-07-3055
Jamazar (92.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-07-3055
Garwyn (92.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-07-2448
Ikira (92.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-07-2448
Nitsuj (720.00)EoK - The Kar`Zok2017-07-2354
Arahgorn (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-07-2354
Alatone (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-07-1753
Heartfire (720.00)EoK - An Ancient Dragon2017-07-1657
Dalef (92.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-07-0955
Terces (92.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-07-0955
Itus (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-06-2555
Darkrez (92.00)EoK - Atrebe's Vault2017-06-2555
Sphynx (720.00)EoK - Atrebe Sathir2017-06-2555
Stell (92.00)EoK - Atrebe Sathir2017-06-1952
Wilbus (92.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-06-1848
Eldukay (720.00)EoK - The Kar`Zok2017-06-1246
Orby (92.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-06-1154
Mibix (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-06-1154
Cecil (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-06-0457
Krinni (92.00)EoK - Atrebe Sathir2017-05-2248
Fenshar (92.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-05-1550
Zarake (540.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-05-0758
Jumvapace (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-05-0758
Jaggax (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-05-0758
Seeringx (92.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-05-0758
Elnoche (92.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-05-0150
Arthion (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-04-1847
Nman (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-04-1847
Isabot (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-04-1754
Jeneric (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-04-0962
Ranonman (540.00)EoK - The Kar`Zok2017-04-0962
Sorious (720.00)EoK - An Ancient Dragon2017-04-0963
Gryning (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-04-0358
Baniana (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-04-0260
Apollu (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-03-2657
Gbath (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-03-2657
Sirenea (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-03-1965
Samirah (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-03-1965
Lisard (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-03-1259
Ikira (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-03-1259
Spudly (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-03-0557
Krinni (720.00)EoK - The Kar`Zok2017-03-0557
Orby (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-02-2755
Oread (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-02-2661
Fumyen (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-02-2661
Spiffy (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-02-1959
Niteshaid (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-02-1260
Donaskz (720.00)EoK - The Kar`Zok2017-02-0660
Elnoche (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-3150
Camaroon (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-3150
Darkrez (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-2964
Kokapelle (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-2161
Maellmord (540.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-1656
Syvia (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-1656
Garwyn (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-01-1559
Timbu (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-1156
Modalex (540.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-1156
Glynna (720.00)EoK - Atrebe's Vault2017-01-0864
Clannus (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-0659
Fenshar (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-01-0659
Rorcex (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-0161
Maxxbuff (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2016-12-2656
Tinyenea (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2016-12-1859
Razorbeast (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-12-1752
Derresh (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2016-12-1261
Seeringx (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2016-12-1261

Last 10 raids:

RoF - The Queen's Decree
EoK - Doorstep of War
TBM - Anashti Sul, Enslaver of Souls
EoK - The Summoning of Droga
Raiding Event - Empires of Kunark
EoK - Atrebe Sathir
EoK - An Ancient Dragon
EoK - The Kar`Zok
EoK - Atrebe's Vault
EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar

Last 10 items:

Darkened Trakanon's Malleus
Darkened Cobalt Breastplate
Darkened Jaundiced Bone Breastplate
Darkened Singing Steel Breastplate
Darkened Trakanon's Claw
Darkened Trakanon's Femur
Darkened Trakanon's Tooth
Darkened Elder Spiritist's Breastplate
Darkened Mana Robe
Darkened Tunic of Wrath

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