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Amorphous Velazul's Wristguard
Charges: Unlimited
Required level of 70.
Effect: Use Ability (Any Slot, Casting Time: 2.0)
Recast Delay: 5 seconds, Recast Type: -1
WT: 0.8 Size: TINY
Class: NONE
Race: NONE
Dropped by:Drops:Drop %:
EoK - An Ancient Dragon 550%
EoK - Atrebe Sathir 110%
EoK - Atrebe's Vault 16%
EoK - Doorstep of War 27113%
EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok 524%
EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar 735%
EoK - The Kar`Zok 218%
EoK - The Summoning of Droga 27113%

Looted by:Event:WHEN?!:Attendance:
Kokapelle (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-04-2350
Arthion (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-04-1753
Ranonman (540.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-04-1058
Isabot (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-04-1058
Donaskz (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-04-0962
Ikira (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-04-0358
Jaggax (720.00)EoK - An Ancient Dragon2017-04-0260
Jamazar (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-03-2057
Sirenea (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-03-2057
Baniana (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-03-2057
Sirenea (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-03-2057
Nman (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-03-1356
Glynna (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-03-1356
Zendikar (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-03-1259
Sorious (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-03-0654
Seeringx (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-03-0654
Seeringx (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-03-0654
Jumvapace (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-03-0557
Ikira (720.00)EoK - The Kar`Zok2017-03-0557
Sorious (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-03-0557
Seeringx (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-02-2755
Modalex (540.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-02-2755
Baniana (720.00)EoK - Atrebe's Vault2017-02-2661
Garwyn (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-02-2661
Jamazar (720.00)EoK - An Ancient Dragon2017-02-2661
Apollu (720.00)EoK - An Ancient Dragon2017-02-2661
Apollu (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-02-2058
Ranonman (540.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-02-2058
Oread (720.00)EoK - An Ancient Dragon2017-02-1959
Jeneric (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-02-1959
Spudly (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-02-1959
Spudly (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-02-1359
Cecil (720.00)EoK - Atrebe Sathir2017-02-1359
Khalimari (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-02-1359
Zendikar (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-02-1260
Jumvapace (720.00)EoK - An Ancient Dragon2017-02-1260
Ryino (720.00)EoK - The Kar`Zok2017-02-1260
Kokapelle (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-02-0751
Ryino (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-02-0751
Fenshar (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-02-0751
Terces (540.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-02-0660
Camaroon (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-2964
Niteshaid (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-01-2965
Darkrez (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-01-2965
Darkrez (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-01-2659
Clannus (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-01-2261
Orby (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-01-2261
Timbu (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-2261
Krinni (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-2261
Timbu (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2017-01-2161
Niteshaid (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2017-01-2161
Fenshar (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-01-1559
Maxxbuff (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-1559
Gryning (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2017-01-0864
Maellmord (540.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-0864
Samirah (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-0258
Dekabos (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2017-01-0258
Elnoche (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-12-2656
Razorbeast (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-12-2656
Samirah (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-12-2656
Camaroon (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-12-2656
Mibix (720.00)EoK - Queen Velazul's Sokokar2016-12-1960
Clannus (720.00)EoK - Prince Selrach Di`zok2016-12-1859
Chalter (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-12-1752
Elnoche (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-12-1752
Slayum (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-12-1261
Rorcex (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-12-1261
Tinyenea (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-12-0759
Derresh (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-12-0254
Tinyenea (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-12-0254
Oread (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-11-2763
Glynna (720.00)EoK - Doorstep of War2016-11-2159
Gbath (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-11-2159
Slayum (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-11-2159
Gbath (720.00)EoK - The Summoning of Droga2016-11-1663

Last 10 raids:

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Anniversary Raid: Hate's Fury
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Last 10 items:

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Planebender's Ring
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Myrmidon's Guard
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Dral, Edge of Life

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